I made the calls, can you? Results…..

I first called the governor’s office. My connection was poor and the person said she could hardly hear me. It took a while, but i got a better connection and tried again. This time, I reached the governor’s office and spoke with one of his aides. She took note of what I was saying. We spoke for a number of minutes. She kept what sounded like a rather neutral stance.  It was rather early in the day and it sounded like I must have been one of the first callers. She asked me several times to repeat Gloria’s name, leading me to believe word hadn’t reached the Governor’s office or at least not this aide.  I hope the office has been flooded with calls by now and is sick of hearing from us….keep it coming!

The second call I made was to Ruth Lowenkron of Disability Rights. An operator directed my call to Ruth’s voicemail. The VM message said I had 30 seconds to leave a message. So I did. I thought folks should be aware of this time limit and plan accordingly.

Now, I did that from South America and it was a snap. It will be even easier for anyone reading this to pick up the phone and call!

Here are the two numbers.

609-292-6000 Gov Christie’s office
609-Ruth Lowenkron, NJ Disability Rights.

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