Audio Post: Excerpt from my memoir, This Hunger Is Secret: My Journeys Through Mental Illness and Wellness

note: This book is available in e-book form from Chipmunkapublishing.  See sidebar for details (above my photo).  Paperback version will be coming out soon!  You can find out more information and read more excerpts at

The reading was a success

I consider the reading at the Summer Slumberfest to have been a success!  Immediately after the reading, I received feedback from three people who said they could understand me perfectly via the stream, and that I read clearly and passionately.

My preparations were extensive.  I spent a long time getting the piece together, making appropriate cuts and making certain that it fit within time guidelines.  I practiced a number of times, but the out-loud reading didn’t need extensive work, as it came together rather easily.  This section of “Walking the Line” has a flow that lends itself well to reading aloud.  David and I got together via Skype ahead of time to make sure everything was okay technically.  It was complicated on his end to get the broadcast just right.  I can’t begin to imagine all the work that went into the Slumberfest project.  You can still view it at

until 12pm Eastern Time, 9pm California Time.

I didn’t have a chance to turn on my recorder, but after thinking about it, it would work out better if I recorded directly into my webcam, anyway, so I’ll do that. It won’t be nearly as exciting as a live recording.  I’ll try to get it posted on here for everyone to hear.

I am very proud of myself for giving my first public reading of THIS since my announcement of its acceptance for publication!  Yippee!

NOTE: The Reading of This Hunger Is Secret tomorrow is at 8am tomorrow Eastern Time, 5am California Time

Summer Slumberfest is an all-night event.  Yes, I will be reading at 5am California time.  That’s 8am Eastern Time tomorrow.  See the previous entry for the link to the online site where my reading will be streamed in.

Public Reading of This Hunger Is Secret–Watch Online Tomorrow 8am EDT sharp

I am reading from This Hunger Is Secret: My Journeys Through Mental Illness and Wellness at the Summer Slumberfest tomorrow at 8am Eastern Time.  The event will take place in California.  It is mostly an in-person event, but I am being Skyped in, as are a handful of poets and writers from all over the country.  The event is coordinated by poet and writer David Perez. Tune in from  11pm Friday until 12am Saturday night Eastern Time to watch the entire event.

I am reading from my chapter “Walking the Line” at 8am Eastern Time Saturday morning.  I will be tape-recording my reading.  I will try to post the recording as an MP3 file here afterward.

Be there!

Here’s the URL: