Boston Globe report: Hospital Retaliates Against Whistleblower ATTN: Liz Kowalczyk

Please read:

I was on the mailing list. I have read the emails sent out by Amy Reed’s husband, Hooman Noorchashm. Not once did Dr Noorchashm threaten or state any violent intent. He spoke of legally pursuing the hospital for extremely serious harm. These hospitals are run by bureacrats who put profits before people. While on one hand I personally thought Dr Noorchashm was sending out his emails a little too frequently, other than that, I found nothing offensive about the emails, no threats of violence, no indication that he was violent. Anger is fine by me! Here is a person seeking justice through a malpractice claim and by mobilizing the public to promote change and more safety for patients. He speaks of access to information about medical equipment and procedures and about all alternatives.

I don’t see the connection here with potential violence. How did the Brigham decide this man was a violent threat? Well, he is a legal threat to them, but that is not justification for treating him as if he is carrying a weapon and planning violence. This is a classic example of a hospital retaliating against a person, terrorizing him as a way of stopping him from telling the truth.

It is also an example of speculation gone too far, although I rather think this was retaliation and intent to terrorize Noorchashm.

Readers of this blog are well aware of what happened to me. I was abused at Massachusetts General Hospital, then, because I spoke out about it, the hospital retaliated. First, I was illegally denied care and lied to about the reasons. Then, I was threatened numerous times by my MGH outpatient psychiatrist, then, after I ended up in another hospital with kidney failure, the hospital personnel abused me, KNOWING I WAS A RISK, NOT TO MYSELF, BUT TO THEM.  They knew I was not violent, nor was I a danger to myself. They knew my pen was the threat. Telling the truth is not a crime!

Any investigative reporters want to take this up? I’m game.

Were you abused? If you report the abuse, expect RETALIATION! Beware!

What’s abuse?  It’s assertion of power. That’s what any kind of abuse is. Power.

Rape is power.  Verbal assault is power. Dominance is power.

The tendency is for the more powerful people to abuse the weaker, smaller, more vulnerable ones.  The sadists in our society are insidious. Actually, you can see this happen in miniature right in my memoir, This Hunger Is Secret.  When I was in high school I was dominated over by another teen girl.  She was known to be manipulative and bossy.  Actually, her manipulation was so powerful and trust me, she was thorough. She made sure I could do nothing, that I was rendered powerless. She even took measures to see to it that I couldn’t speak out, by not allowing me to have other close friendships.  If she found out I was close to another person, she’d find any way she could to stop this relationship.  She did give me permission to have a boyfriend during that time, though, but this relationship had to meet her prior approval.

Anyway, I survived it all. Walked out.  I HAD to.  I had no other choice.  What I did, to suddenly take off the way I did, I knew would baffle folks, but it was entirely necessary, and no one knew how bad it had gotten.

An abuser WILL see to it that you, the victim is squelched. Silenced. These abusers are scared if you are a squealer. They WILL retaliate if you speak up. This is seen often in our society.  Victims so often get locked up and otherwise persecuted or pursued in some way.

If you were to apply this to my current situation, I guess it all explains why I am so paralyzed, that is, stuck in my situation. Why my medical care is nonexistent, that is, on paper only. Why I am squelched here in my community. People don’t like squealers.

Well, tough.  I am a writer. I don’t intend to stop writing anytime soon.  If you speak out about abuse, bravo!  Just know that the perps are gonna give you a darned hard time about it.  Abuse is power. Remember that.