Nuts and seeds are terrific for refeeding. So here’s a recipe.

When a person decides to stop restricting and start eating again, it’s important to eat easy-to-digest, nutrient-dense foods. I have heard that nuts and seeds are excellent for this, as are small quantities of citrus fruits. In my opinion it’s very important to eat only things you like. Please do not force yourself to eat foods that you dislike or that make you uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to try new things, keep an open mind, and make your own decisions. Gaining weight should be something you decide to do, your initiative. You can do this for your family’s sake, for your dog’s sake, for the love of God, whatever is helpful, but no matter the initial reason, this needs to be your decision.

Do you want to think clearly again? Do you desire to stop feeling faint and dizzy? Do you want to feel stronger? Do you want to stop feeling so scared of food and calories?

I heard a long time ago about the virtues of nuts and seeds. You don’t need to eat a lot to start feeling better very quickly!

Here’s a recipe I designed myself.

You will need: A cast iron frying pan (I use a six-inch one) a top for it that isn’t tight, a pair of meat scissors or knife, a spoon for stirring, and a heat source, such as a stove burner, hotplate, or other flame. This recipe isn’t written for a microwave, but maybe it can be adjusted for one.

Food (this can be adjusted to taste): Dry beans, cloves of garlic, a small amount of water, seeds (I use sunflower, in the shell, but if you are refeeding use shelled), and I also use sesame seeds. Almonds would probably be good in this but I have not tried yet to include them.

First of all, put your cast iron pan onto your stove. Turn on the burner. Add some dry beans of your choice, only a spoonful, very little. I use soy or garbanzo. I know soy tends to be GMO these days but I’ve been using the dry beans occasionally since I hear that soy is good for menopause. I figure dry beans are far better than processed soy products. Toast the beans for a bit on medium heat.

Now, take your cloves of garlic and cut them into tiny pieces, allowing the bits to fall into the pan. Lower the heat if your find it too hot while doing this. Stir, and dry toast this for a while, about a minute.

After that, add only enough water to lightly cover the pan. This will begin to boil off immediately. This is the time to stir so that the garlic gets distributed. Yum!

You will see that your beans are already nicely toasted and cooked. This is a very fast way to cook beans that take hours or a full day with the soak and boil method. You don’t really need to add the water but lately I’ve been finding that this extra step makes the mixture more palatable.

Add the sunflower seeds, and stir. Only add a very small amount, a spoonful.  I don’t suggest adding them until your water appears boiled off. I throughly toast these since I use the type in the shell. Again, if you are refeeding you will  most likely find sunflower shells tough on the system, so use the shelled kind. I never use salted ones as they might be coated with all sorts of very bad stuff.

(hint: you can actually use bird seed. I do! Be careful where you buy it, though, because some places that sell animal feed are bug-infested.)

Add a few drops of olive oil or any oil and then stir. This allows heat to distribute. You don’t have to be afraid of “calories” since you are only adding a few drops. I know at first the idea of eating “fat” is scary. For whatever reason, I find the idea of eating seeds far less scary and a very easy way to start eating again.

Sprinkle sesame seeds over everything, a small spoonful of these will do. At this point you will have to adjust the heat and find a good balance point because you won’t want to burn the whole thing! I cover the pot now. The reason is that the seeds will start to snap, and jump out of your pot otherwise. You may want to leave the lid open a bit to allow further steam to escape.

This entire recipe takes me between seven and twelve minutes. Once your mixture starts popping like popcorn, turn the heat off and wait till the popping stops so you can take the lid off without getting seeds everywhere. Poor your mixture into an appetizer bowl and enjoy!

Why drink fake Ensure when you can eat real food that doesn’t taste like fake vitamins and fake processed corn goo? Sure, your “doctor” will tell you you must drink it, but remember, the companies that make Ensure and Boost are marketing their fake foods to hospitals, nursing homes, practitioners, etc, and their reps are no less persuasive than drug reps.

A word about nuts: If you are prone to binge eating, please don’t purchase large quanties of nuts all at once. Buy a very small, non-scary amount for now.

Hope you like this! This is a great way to get non-scary but very much needed fat into yourself and have fun while you are doing it. Remember, try to be the one in control and tell anyone else to keep their comments and policies off your body! It’s yours! Take it back!