Soon I will walk away from psychiatric abuse

On one hand, I need to put a lid on the past, that is, on the abuse.  I do know there are those that choose to do so, to close that lid completely, and never allow anything to escape.  I’ve spoken to some who have had to make a complete break even more than what I am doing. It’s quite clear that once you walk out, you can’t go back.  Like divorce.  You get tempted, you even feel sorry for the ex sometimes, but you can’t.

However, I am a writer and for that reason, I had to make a decision.  I do know that there are many that cannot leave entirely and still keep one foot in.  Me, no, no feet in.  I feel that I must revisit, but only to write about it as a writer, and that’s it.  Then, I need to put the lid back down and close it.  It’s not me.  Not part of me, not my life.  Just this thing I take out and write about, then subject dropped.

So after I am relocated, I won’t speak of it.  You can speak of your experiences to me, and I won’t mind, in fact, I will surely listen.  But this will not be my life.  I will only speak of this in writing.  If you don’t know me as a writer, then you won’t know that part of me ever existed.  If I ever give a reading, you may see a side of me rarely shared.

So, soon I will be walking away, complete.

Check out this Facebook page: Save Anika’s mind from psychiatric abuse

If you have a Facebook account, check out this Facebook page:

I don’t think it’s possible to access the page without a Facebook account, but honestly, I don’t know.  If you don’t have an account, you can give it a try anyway.

I can’t believe the creator of the page and Anika are not being allowed to visit together in privacy.  Here in Massachusetts it is the law that patients are allowed privacy while spending time with visitors.  Staff cannot “listen in” to conversations or “monitor” these visits.  Nor can staff “monitor” phone calls between patients and ANYONE they choose to call. The only way that any such monitoring is allowed is via a doctor’s order here in Massachusetts, that is, there has to be a MEDICAL reason for such monitoring, a damn good reason.  I have no clue what the laws are in California that protect patients.  Here, we have the Five Fundamental Rights. Unfortunately, the laws are rarely followed!  The hospital staff in both psych wards and on medical floors have very little awareness of these laws and have no respect for them.  They have very little respect for patients who have any sort of “psychiatric” anything on their records, no matter what it is, period, whether it’s a “diagnosis” or even if you’ve ever taken a psych med for any reason.


Just found a link about abusive child-rearing practices…and my own commentary

Have you heard of this?  You gotta read the article.

What I want to say about this is that no, I am not a parent and no, I haven’t read the book, “To Train Up a Child.”  But I did note that the article mentioned that the book encouraged parents to COVER UP THE ABUSE, SO THAT IT IS NOT NOTICED BY AUTHORITIES.

Did you read that?  The book tells parents which instruments to beat the child with so that the marks from the beatings are less visible.

The mental health system does the same thing.  When patients do get marks (side effects of drugs, emotional trauma from repeated abuse by “staff”) these are easily covered up, because the mental health system has safely squirreled away the mental patients into halfway houses or ghettos or we are locked away in hospitals or we are safely unemployed, invisible, in “programs,” or dead.  If we are ever seen, all that society sees is some sick fuck that needs “help.”

Or, p$ychiatry just covers up the beatings marks with more drugs….

Oh, the lies…..