John Rohrer Finally gets a day in court and a chance at LIBERTY! Please share! Ohio!



After almost 5 years of being locked away in state facilities without the state having to put on any evidence first to prove him “mentally ill”,  John Rohrer is finally getting to see the Judge.  After 3+ years of forced drugging and almost 8 months of having his attorney’s motions for his release ignored, John will be entitled to a public pre-trial hearing at 1 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, on July 30, 2014 at the first floor courtroom of  the Ross County Courthouse, Chillicothe, Ohio before Judge Leonard Holzapfel.


Judge Holzapfel is not the judge who originally ordered John confined and forcibly drugged on the basis of two hearings in neither one of which was any evidence  presented.  If Judge Holzapfel decides to correct the constitutional rights violations that happened  4 ½ years ago and only uncovered earlier this year, this could mean John’s immediate unconditional release from Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare, Athens, Ohio where he continues to be tortured with forcible injections of the drug Risperdal Consta.  If Judge Holzapfel decides that it is acceptable to conduct “hearings” without any evidence at all, which result in a citizen losing his liberty, he is expected to then decide whether to continue the illegal forced drugging order, and to schedule either a jury trial or a judge trial in September to determine whether John is now “mentally ill” and “subject to hospitalization by court order” according to Ohio law.


All are invited to attend, show their support for justice, and see the legal system in action as it decides the liberty rights of those labeled “mentally ill”.  Briefs are being filed in the case by two human rights organizations – the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights, and the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry.  For more information contact Katherine at 614-633-0215. For driving instructions to the courthouse in Chillicothe, Ohio, at the corner of Paint and Main Streets, go to maps/place/Ross+County+ Courthouse/@39.333303,-82. 982312,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6! 1m3!3m2!1s0x88470939e40ba3ef: 0x431d1c35a7f8793e!2sRoss+ County+Courthouse!3m1.  To learn more about the case and John’s long-standing efforts to be free, read the pleadings in his habeas corpus and mandamus case, which is captioned State ex rel Rohrer v. Holzapfel, and which is still pending in Ohio Supreme Court Case No. 2014-0268:
Supreme Court of Ohio – Case Number 2014-0268