Jabari Bird…likely psych drugs! Again!

Check out this Boston Globe article:


Looks like he had panic attacks and had been getting treatment for them. Note my comment on the bottom in the comments section.

In case you cannot access the article, here is my comment:

“If he had sought mental health treatment, which it looks like he has, look no further than psychiatric drugs. Many such pharmaceuticals can cause erratic behavior and even violence. Many of these drugs also can cause seizures. Look on the labels of these drugs, all carry black box warnings issued by the FDA. Maybe Jabari Bird needs to recover from psychiatry, as do thousands of others who were harmed.

“I also agree that MH screenings should never be a requirement in any workplace including an NBA team. Most of these screenings are grossly inaccurate. A person’s thoughts and feelings are private property.”

What is drug addict?

I’d say there are several types of drug addicts. One is the person who goes to a doctor, says they cannot sleep or feel depressed and they leave with drugs. These drugs are prescribed by a doctor, so they seem legit. The doctor might tell the patient the drug is addicting, or promise it isn’t.  However, what people find is that they cannot get off the drugs! What does that tell you? The shrinks call it “dependency” but that’s just a eupemism for “addicted.” Did you know that one of the the hardest drugs to get off of is Effexor! Yep, Effexor is like heroin since once you start it……Good luck getting off! Yet psychiatrists will  promise a patient that these drugs aren’t addicting drugs. You are hooked for life. And what about the jittery or uneasy feeling that antidepressants produce?  It’s really an akathesia-like reaction but instead of taking you off the drug, the medical harm caused by it is labeled “anxiety.” I know so many who are convinced they have anxiety and almost all of those people take antidepressants. It’s a scam.

So I hear the argument that a drug is okay if it is a certain “Schedule” in the pharmacist rankings. What are these rankings? They aren’t rankings of how addicting a drug is, nor how “safe” it is, but how easy they are ranked legally, that is, who can obtain them and what channels a person has to go to get them and have them in their possession without getting arrested. A lot of politics goes into that. Not only that, these rankings are only relevant in one country, the USA. Never mind folks in the USA have no conception of other places.  The pharmacy rankings have no relevance to how “healthy” a drug is. They only make you a criminal in USA if you have certain drugs in your possession without “doctor permission.” If a drug is unsafe, it’s unsafe regardless of FDA claims. We already know the FDA rulings are based on bribery from the drug companies.

So I used to hear a lot from people, “I need to go to the doctor.” I’d ask why, and they’d say, “I really wish my appointment was sooner. I need those drugs so badly.” I don’t feel too sorry for these folks who have little understanding of what healing means.

I even know people who would rather be sick or in pain and stay that way just so they can get more drugs. They love it when they break a tooth because that means easy access fo painkillers. So when they go to the dentist, they’d rather take the pills for as long as possible and have little interest in getting their painful teeth pulled or fixed. The more medical maladies they get, the more they rejoice since this means easy access to the drugs they want so badly.

The same goes for so-called anxiety. I do believe that anxiety can be crippling and painful. Of course I do. Yet some folks would rather stay anxious, or, perhaps show their doctors that they are anxious and cannot manage their lives just to get drugs. They have no interest in other ways to deal with it simply because they need to stay anxious permanently to justify taking the drugs. It’s called “anxiety disorder.” Yes, I am well aware that there’s such thing as anxiety, but to call a normal human response, even an extreme response or crippling one a “disorder” is insulting Mother Nature who deliberately designed these reactions for our benefit. These folks who have love affairs with their disorders or use them as their identity would rather keep them so they can get drugs.

And yet all these folks look down on street drug addicts. They don’t even know there’s no difference.

What about the street drug addicts? It’s so sad that they are forcibly taken to “rehab,” where they get labeled, told they have permenent disorders, then given “legitimate” drugs. The justification is that these are “necessary” and “approved” and “prescribed.” Yet these drugs aren’t any safer, more likely more dangerous, and the problem is that now, the person is under the control of “doctor” and possibly the legal ho hum. I’d rather stay a street drug addict! The only drug rehab that has any usefulness is one that doesn’t assign psych labels and cause worse addictions, but instead, safely takes a person off drugs or alcohol and gives the person good advice as to how to remain clean and sober. A good rehab won’t keep you there forever nor kick you out suddenly, leaving you stranded, lost, or homeless.

I truly wish there were such thing as rehab for psych abuse. So many people suffer alone with this and feel there’s no answer. Truth is, there aren’t any government-sponsored programs or hospital-sponsored programs that help people abused in treatment and almost all trauma centers refuse to acknowledge that such abuse is even possible. Take a look at who funds these centers and you will get your answer.

Such a  place must be independent of government funding and independent of any of these money-making “hospitals.” I am skeptical of anything that receives goverment funding and would be more likely to trust a small nonprofit dependent only on private donations free of Big Pharma’s influence. The government isn’t, not anymore. I don’t understand why these so-called empowerment centers are whining about lack of goverment funds. It seems hypocritical to me. We need to think and act much more outside the box, in my opinion. Nothing mainstream is going to help very many people. The times they are a changin’.

So what can a person do if they are stuck on drugs and want to get off? I don’t know about these doctors that puff themselves up and charge insane fees to get a person off. To me, this is just another scam. I was shocked and dismayed to hear how much Peter Breggin charges. It’s so disappointing to hear this since I think he has such good ideas. Why do these otherwise terrific doctors charge anything at all? I lose all faith in them when I hear that they are literally ripping people off. Sad to say, this includes a lot, but not all, of the doctors currently writing for MIA. Why do they do this? Why assume such airs of self-importance?  If you want “doctor” that much to help you get off drugs, go to one that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.

I believe a person should get off drugs responsibly, and if this means a slow taper, then I respect that. I also know people who love their insanely slow tapers, and after a while, I see through all that, too. They only want to stay in the System and cannot bear to leave it. Or their doctors want to keep them in so they can continue to “monitor” (control) the person.  There’s a fine line here, too. This is why self-controlled slow taper is undoubtedly a better idea.

People can be trusted and self-control their drugs more than doctors want to admit. Doctors aren’t as necessary as people think they are. It saddens me that in USA, doctors have so much power. It saddens me that on USA TV the mantra is drilled into people’s heads, that you can’t do a darned thing without “doctor” approval. If you follow orders, you are good. If you don’t, you are bad.  I know so many people that are paralyzed by this. They claim they can and should take these “needed” drugs since they follow “doctor” orders and never miss a dose or take more than prescribed. They think that since they stay within these guidelines, they aren’t addicts. I don’t believe that for a minute.

Sadly, there are folks that aren’t capable of taking drugs responsibly, if they are still on them. They cannot seem to control their intake themselves. I think if a person cannot take a drug responsibly, then the responsible thing to do is to not take any at all. Many know they have this self-regulation problem and wisely stay away.

People like me who break free from the System need to remain responsible and autonomous. This means doing for yourself as much as possible. We need to show the world that we are strong and don’t need shrinkage, not their drugs, not their programs, and not any of their personnel. I think we need to show shining examples not only of freedom from their “care,” but examples of responsible behavior in society, acting respectfully and honorably. It doesn’t mean dependency on yet more psych treatment by another name. Sadly, not everyone is ready for this. While we were in the System we learned dependency, and in that way, our growth was stunted. However, we need to be patient and gentle with those that cannot break out of the mold just yet. This will come in time, as more and more of us gain freedom.