Oh boy. what fun at the CVS

I was such a bitch, and since I’m a bitch anyway, I really don’t care.   First of all, I had to get there before midnight cuz I had a coupon that was going to expire on the 27th.  So I got there and had to make sure I completed my purchase before the clock struck.  And I did.

I bought a bunch of contraband.  No food, just drugs that are really bad for you, or shall I say bad for me.  I got some coffee, too, cuz I’m running out and they had some on sale.  Big debate as to which type of coffee I should get, then I made my decision and went to the automatic teller.

So that got done before midnight.  Then I picked up a prescription.  The guy asked me if I wanted it on automatic refill or whatever.  I told him the following:

“No, because that means I’ll get all these calls that are nothing but recordings.  I like getting calls that are a real human voice.  It really sucks when all the calls you get are recordings, especially when you have no friends and no family.  I don’t even know why I have a phone.”

Then he asks me if I want to use my CVS card when I pay for the prescription.  I tell him, “Yes, because then I get some money back eventually.  Us folks on this Medicare and Medicaid don’t have money, contrary to the popular belief that we get our money free from the government, and that we actually get health care.  There is no care.”

He told me I should sign on the line on this thingy, which I did, and then I left.  Wow.  Guess I made his day, eh?  Or, should I say, night.