Calls from political candidates and their appeal to the lonely or socially-isolated voter

Hi again.  I am bursting with writing ideas I want to share with you all on this Thanksgiving Day.  I promise I won’t bore you with a gratitude list unless it’s something completely different from what everyone else is putting up there. As you know, or you may not, there’s no big table here, no kiddies, no turkey, no mom and pop, no football afterward, no family arguments, no family to argue with.  So I’m quite happy NOT to be boring you today with any tales of the usual Thanksgiving nuisance.   I’ve been spared that for about 10 years now.

I want to mention briefly that for a while my local online paper, which the locals do read I suppose, stopped sending me emails and I have no clue why.  Then, the e-mails just as mysteriously resumed.  I was out of touch with local politics for a while and I don’t own a TV.  By coincidence, the gap coincided with our local election.

It’s difficult for me to relate to many issues here in town that families with kids face, cuz I’ve never had any.  I can’t relate to people who have lots of money and want even more money.  I see both sides of the fence sometimes, but mostly, it makes want to cry when low-income people and people without jobs, adequate housing, and healthcare are disregarded.  I see the stigmatization of the poor as a growing problem here as there is so much emphasis on beautifying our town.

So one evening, I got a personal phone call.  This caller saying her “brother-in-law” was one of the candidates.

My Google Voice spams the recorded calls from the autodialers, which I appreciate.  I can look back in my phone records, but I believe this call was indeed from Watertown, or at least appeared to be.

So this lady told me all about her brother-in-law.  You guys know how lonely I am.  We’d been on the phone about 45 seconds, maybe less, when I said, “I’m so touched that you called me personally.  No one bothers with me anymore.’  I told her about my political concerns.  She said, “I’ll tell him right away.”

Was she really his sister-in-law, or some hired person?  If she was hired, she was a good faker.  She was a nice person, too, and seemed to know what I was talking about when I mentioned certain local issues.  Not only that, she touched my heart that night.  But I feel taken advantage of.

They sure know who’s lonely in Watertown.