How to make a birthday cake for your dog, photos included!

I made liver cake for my little dog, Puzzle. I invented the recipe myself. Here’s how I made it.

First, I purchased the ingredients, including some beef liver:


I unwrapped the liver and rinsed it in a colander:

IMG_20141126_174831_401…and rinsed it.

Then, I put some olive oil into a pan and the liver also into the pan. I use a hotplate.


Looks, er, yummy, eh? Puzzle thought so. I put a lid on the pan and kept it at low heat. Depending on the thickness of the liver and your heating element, you may put it at higher heat.


That’s metric, not Fahrenheit. I flipped it over and then cooked it on its other side:


I cut up some raw potato into small chunks:IMG_20141126_184113_828

Then, I boiled the potato chunks in water.IMG_20141126_184311_620Here they are in my cooker.


I cut the liver into small pieces, about 1cm.  Here’s the entire liver cut up:





Hey, Puzzle, doesn’t that smell yummy?IMG_20141126_190057_113IMG_20141126_190118_648Is this a “yes”?

IMG_20141126_190240_144Is this a “mystery pic” I snapped? No, actually, I’m showing you that if you can poke the potatoes with a fork, they’re done! I added the cooked and diced liver to the mixer.


I turned on the mixer:



I emptied the extra gravy into the mixer, too!



Guess what happens when you blend these? You get liver fluff:




This is rice flour. You can find it in supermarkets, coops, health food stores, and gluten-free stores.

This is ground up flax seeds, flax seed powder:


I put roughly 1 cup of rice flour into a bowl and added about 1/4 cup of flax seed flour. I mixed the flours together. I emptied the fluff into a large bowl.  I blended the flours in by hand, also adding two eggs and a spoonful of olive oil:





Here is the mixture, now in a glass baking dish. Please oil the baking dish before putting the mixture inside.IMG_20141126_193751_440Now, since I don’t have an oven, I did the following. I put the cake into a large pot with less than an inch of water inside. I covered the pan with an empinada screen at first, then realized I’d better use a regular lid.

Then, I reminded myself that it’s Puzzle’s birthday. Just this once, I will gladly let her lick the spoon and bowl.IMG_20141126_194841_058 IMG_20141126_194851_775 IMG_20141126_194922_968 IMG_20141126_194933_212 IMG_20141126_194955_168:

Oh, what a sucker I am!

Now, while it’s cooking, I got a carrot. Guess what this is for?


Cut off a short bit of the carrot and then cut it into flat pieces:


Cut each flat piece into strips. Now, I have nine candles!

IMG_20141126_195922_444Now, you need a green pepper. Like so:


Cut the pepper to make letters for the cake! Can you guess what this says?

IMG_20141126_200839_508It’s supposed to say, Feliz. Betcha couldn’t guess. I have sloppy pepper writing.


Look! The cake is done! It’s kinda firm, but still, spongy.




Puzzle is so hungry!



What to do next? You want the cake to cool somewhat. Run a knife around the edges. Then, put a plate or cookie sheet over the pan, and flip it!

IMG_20141126_202550_012As you can see, the cake separated fine from the pan.

IMG_20141126_202633_170What’s that you say? “It was a piece of cake.”


Uh oh. Now what?IMG_20141126_203144_824IMG_20141126_203317_932IMG_20141126_204043_223
IMG_20141126_203713_616 IMG_20141126_203704_687



That’s all, folks! Happy birthday, Puzzle. I’d say, “Till next year,” but we got leftovers! Till tomorrow!