Mouthful! Open Mic Reading in Cambridge, MA tonight–I will be reading!

I received this in my e-mail today reminding people of tonight’s reading.  I plan to be there, reading from The Starvation Transformations.

Hello lovely Mouthful friends!

Just a reminder that tonight, the dynamic Megan Thoma will be the featured reader at the last Mouthful of the season!  Join us at 99 Bishop Allen Drive in our lovely reading space in the Cambridge Community Services Building (it’s the door closest to the corner of Bishop Allen Drive and Essex Street).  You can learn more about Megan by checking out her bio on our Features’ page.

Doors will open at 7 pm, so come by to sign up to read, nosh on delicious snacks and meet our amazing community of writers.  Bring your work to read at the open mic; we’ll need an extra big helping of your wonderful writing to get us through the summer!  A $3 donation is appreciated as your generosity allows us to pay for delicious snacks, our website and we donate all remaining proceeds to the Sudan Reach Women’s Foundation, an organization that helps Sudanese women and girls get access to education, medical care and entrepreneurial opportunities.

So join us for Mouthful’s kick-off to the summer!  We’ll see you tonight!

The Mouthful Collective
Dawn, Laura, Lisa and Meghan

Audio Post: Excerpt from my memoir, This Hunger Is Secret: My Journeys Through Mental Illness and Wellness

note: This book is available in e-book form from Chipmunkapublishing.  See sidebar for details (above my photo).  Paperback version will be coming out soon!  You can find out more information and read more excerpts at

Another Mouthful Reading Coming Up

There will be another mouthful reading on May 13, 7:30pm at 99 Bishop Allen Drive in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The featured readers will be the Cozy Street Writers: Mary Ashford, Margie Bleichman, Karin Downs, Margaret Kelner, Elsa Lichman, Elaine Schear and Aren Stone, who have been writing and reading together for 8 years.  Learn more about Cozy Street’s history and members by checking out their bios on Mouthful’s Features page.

I hope to be reading at the open mic at the Mouthful reading.  The reading opens its doors at 7pm.  I believe sign-up for the open mic is at 7:15.  There are five-minute and 10-minute slots for open mic readings.  A suggested donation is $3 to benefit the Sudan Reach Women’s Foundation.

I am not sure what I will read.  Maybe I will read from my Nano book, I am So Cold, and Hungry in My Soul.  This will be the first public exposure that the book gets.  Of course, I will be reading from an entirely unedited manuscript, but I don’t care!  Plenty of readers there read “hot off the press” stuff.

Last month, I read from the It Notebook,  my journal from this winter that I wrote during my relapse.  I was rather nervous while reading.  I don’t expect to be nearly as nervous this time.  It is tough reading from a journal.  I found this out quickly.

See you there.

Reading on Friday

I hope to be reading from the It Notebook this coming Friday, April 8, 2011, at the Mouthful Reading Series, 99 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, MA at 7:30pm, which is an open mic.  There will be a featured reader and then the rest is open mic.  I will be signing up for the open mic section.  I hope to get a ten-minute slot.  I will be reading a brief introduction followed by some excerpts.  I already have my reading planned out.  I timed it and it’s eight minutes, meaning that I will plan for ten (just in case I’m slow).  I will bring the actual It Notebook, just for show, but will read off a paper printout, not from the Notebook itself, in the interest of time.  There will be maybe 10 open mic readers, I’m guessing.

It’s very brave of me to be doing this I think.  It’ll be the first time since October that I’ve participated in a reading of any sort.  That was back before I wrote I am So Cold, and Hungry in My Soul for National Novel Writing Month in November.  In October, I never dreamed any of the things that catapulted me into writing the It Notebook would happen.

When I wrote I am So Cold, and Hungry in My Soul, I never dreamed that any of the things that happened to May could possibly happen to me.  Yes, I have an eating disorder.  But I never realized that I could possibly have so many losses.  When I wrote my Nano book, I wrote about a woman who loses everything because I felt as though I had gained everything.  Then, in December, I suddenly lost my sanity, and with it, so much else.  The It Notebook is about living with the loss of my sanity, and the loss of many other things that were dear to me.

So I will be reading from the It Notebook, stating that I started the Notebook January 28th, about a month after I relapsed (December 21) and ended it March 28th.  The readings will contain several from February and then some from the end of the Notebook stating that I am now focusing on my eating disorder.  I am not ending with any kind of concluding paragraph.  The reading stands as is.

I would like to write an introduction and epilogue to the Notebook at some point, but I think I need some perspective on things first.  Maybe I need to wait a month or so before writing these pieces, but not much more, because I want the feelings to still be fresh, alive, and in my heart.

This will probably be the only time I’ll read aloud in public from the It Notebook, but you never know.  I may surprise myself.  Let’s see how it goes.  Friday is still three days away.  See you there.