Healing from Psychiatric Abuse, embedded

I made this a month ago! It was originally a video, but it seemed that the audio and video didn’t line up properly. Rather than fuss with it, I decided to convert it to “audio only” and post to Spreaker.

With quite a bit of effort I finally got the Spreaker post up on You-Tube, and from there, to here.

I like that on the video I smile and laugh a lot. I’m not sure if you can tell in this audio that I was cheerful and felt uplifted. Surely, a year ago I didn’t look happy at all! Times have changed.

What happened to the Juliemadblogger Radio Show? Coming right up!

I kept making versions and then changing my mind!  So this version, I’m finally happy with.  Actually, I made so many versions and I finally put them all into my computer and decided I like ALL of them!  Yay!

So you all have many, many versions to be bored with. Actually, I suspect very few are listening anyway….

Well, you will be surprised shortly anyway. A certainb whole deal is blowing wide open, dudes.

Coming up as soon as I upload.

Stay tuned: Juliemadblogger Radio tomorrow night!

Yes, I’m still here, whether you like it or not! And I’ll be doing my Sunday night radio broadcast (unpopular as it is) as usual, the Juliemadblogger Radio Show tomorrow night!  I’m gearing up for it.  Oh, you bet I am!  I’ve had one helluva week!  I’ve learned many life lessons this week.  Better late than never, as they say. 

I’m still deciding on a topic,  but right now, what I’ve got on the top of the pile is: “Does the quality of your medical care really matter?”  Naw, that sounds boring, doesn’t it?  How about, “Shocking Truth About US Healthcare.”  Now, that sounds more interesting, doesn’t it?

See, what I’ve realized in the past week is this: I thought the problem was with psychiatry only.  But no, it’s the whole medical model.  We’ve gone wrong, folks. We’re doing ourselves a disservice here.  We’re swallowing a pill we don`t need to swallow.  However, you can indeed do something about it.  Sadly, those of us who don’t have much money are the ones getting the brunt off this baloney. Those who have good insurance or lots of money are still getting decent care and possibly have yet to see what I call “assembly line medical care.”

You may be wonder why on earth I am ranting about this.  I had yet another Medical Appointment From Hell this past week.  It was one of those rushed, in-and-out appointments.  I walked in, said hello, had my blood pressure taken, was told I had kidney disease, got my blood taken, and I gave a pee sample and that was it!  Get this: the doctor didn’t listen to my heart, didn’t even do any type of exam of my pelvic area, didn’t use his stethoscope at all.  He looked at his computer more than he looked at me, which royally sucked, trust me.  He answered none of my questions, lied to me about one of my blood levels, threatened me, and was dismissive.  I attempted to give him accurate information, but it was tough.  He didn’t seem to want to hear one word of it!  I tried to tell him about the cramping, again…nothing! Who are these jerks, and what’s it gonna take?

Crappy medical care will ruin your life.  It has wrecked mine, and THIS IS (of course) GONNA CHANGE!  NO WAY am I gonna live like this any longer!  Crappy medical care ruined my family life, my relationships, my body (of course) and could have killed me!  You don’t have to put up with crappy medical care. No one should.  If you live in the boondocks you might not have a choice about which doctors you see, and you bet I found that out the hard way when I lived in Vermont in the late 1980s.  Of course, I was totally convinced that moving would solve the problem, and I fell right into the hands of good ole Harvard, which may have been okay back in the late 1980’s but probably is best to be avoided these days (2014).  But I will talk about this more in my radio broadcast.

See you tomorrow night!

Hey, dudes, all new Juliemadblogger Radio EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT!

Tune in every Sunday night!

I pre-recorded tonight’s broadcast. Just a fun one tonight cuz tonight’s weather is so unfun! I will let  you know a more direct way to access these, but here’s the first broadcast, right here!


How cool is that?  I think I pasted it correctly…

Next Sunday is the National Eating Disorders Association walk. If it ends up for me and Puzzle like last year’s walk, I’m sure that the next podcast will be awe-inspiring…even if I’m the only one who believes it!  Stay tuned cuz I hope to have plenty of listener input and contributions!

Remember, Never, Ever Shut Up.

Can I have that put on my gravestone?  Better yet, please do a grassroots e-mail, phoning, and petition campaign to St. Peter on my behalf cuz I’m sure gonna need it if I don’t shut up soon. See ya later!