Happening now as we speak in Ohio

Protest in Ohio for John Rohrer in Columbus against forced “medication” and forced “hospitalization.”

I believe in what we are doing with all my heart.

Go, folks. I am with you. Many are.

A second protest and OPEN MIC is planned for February 5, also in Columbus.

Stay tuned.

MIA Article on John Rohrer’s lawsuit re: Torture in Athens, Ohio PLEASE READ


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Ohio Breaking News!



Medical and legal malpractice complaints were filed November 24, 2014 in the Ohio Court of Claims and November 28, 2014 in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court by the attorney for John J. Rohrer, a 34 year old author and musician who is currently confined at a state psychiatric facility. According to the suits, Rohrer has been confined since September 1, 2009 in state facilities where he has been subjected to assaults and forced drugging – without there first being evidence that he was mentally ill.


Named in the suits are two public defenders, a handful of government psychiatrists, two common pleas court judges and several government agencies, including the former Ohio Department of Mental Health. Rohrer’s attorney, David L. Kastner, states in the complaints that he only discovered earlier this year that the original order confining his client in January, 2010 was not a lawful commitment order because, among other rights violations claimed, it was based on a proceeding in which no evidence was presented.


The complaints state that Rohrer was forcibly injected with Risperdal Consta for more than 3 ½ years although the drug is known to cause irreversible brain damage. The manufacturer of Risperdal has been found in several other multi-million dollar lawsuits around the country, to have been criminally responsible for having fraudulently marketed the drug. The Rohrer suits claim that the forced drugging with Risperdal and other drugs was done without legal or medical justification.


In November, 2011 Ohio voters approved Sec. 1.21 of the Ohio Constitution, which bans health care services by force. The United States is a signatory to a United Nations treaty, the CRPD [Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities] which considers forced drugging to be a form of torture. Federal law also defines psychotropic drugging by force to be a form of torture.


The Rohrer suits attack the former Department of Mental Health, now known as OMHAS, for promoting non-scientific theories to justify excessive drugging of patients and medicare billings. The suits cite published studies and an affidavit from Pulitzer prize-winning science reporter Robert Whitaker, to conclude


“more than half of people studied who continue to take psychotropic drugs as prescribed, will become permanently physically and/or mentally disabled and a burden to taxpayers.”


The 25 studies cited in the suits suggest that patients who reduce their pharmaceutical drug intake fare significantly better than those who take them as prescribed.


The Rohrer suits contain more than 400 paragraphs of allegations, including statements accusing two state hospitals, Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare and Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare [ABH], of refusing to provide a safe treatment environment, leaving patients prey to assaults by others. ABH has been a named defendant in two other recent lawsuits filed by patients. In 2010 Amy and David McCualsky initiated litigation against ABH for improperly drugging Mrs. McCualsky and then negligently leaving her vulnerable to being raped. The McCualsky matter is going to trial in the Court of Claims in March, 2015. In 2011, attorney Richard V. Zurz filed a complaint in Athens County Common Pleas Court naming ABH and several of its employees in connection with an alleged sexual assault and excessive drugging at ABH. One of the defendants in that case pled guilty to a lesser felony after he was charged with sexual misconduct at ABH.


Unlike the other patients who sued ABH after they left the institution, John Rohrer is still a patient there. According to one of the Free John Rohrer supporters, “we are very concerned about more retaliation while the suit is pending, but his attorney was forced to file it now because of the statute of limitations.” Judge Leonard Holzapfel, one of the named defendants in the Rohrer suit, issued decisions on November 3, 2014 in Ross County Common Pleas Court in which he terminated the forced drugging against Rohrer but declined to order his release from ABH confinement. An appeal is expected.

John Rohrer Finally gets a day in court and a chance at LIBERTY! Please share! Ohio!



After almost 5 years of being locked away in state facilities without the state having to put on any evidence first to prove him “mentally ill”,  John Rohrer is finally getting to see the Judge.  After 3+ years of forced drugging and almost 8 months of having his attorney’s motions for his release ignored, John will be entitled to a public pre-trial hearing at 1 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, on July 30, 2014 at the first floor courtroom of  the Ross County Courthouse, Chillicothe, Ohio before Judge Leonard Holzapfel.


Judge Holzapfel is not the judge who originally ordered John confined and forcibly drugged on the basis of two hearings in neither one of which was any evidence  presented.  If Judge Holzapfel decides to correct the constitutional rights violations that happened  4 ½ years ago and only uncovered earlier this year, this could mean John’s immediate unconditional release from Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare, Athens, Ohio where he continues to be tortured with forcible injections of the drug Risperdal Consta.  If Judge Holzapfel decides that it is acceptable to conduct “hearings” without any evidence at all, which result in a citizen losing his liberty, he is expected to then decide whether to continue the illegal forced drugging order, and to schedule either a jury trial or a judge trial in September to determine whether John is now “mentally ill” and “subject to hospitalization by court order” according to Ohio law.


All are invited to attend, show their support for justice, and see the legal system in action as it decides the liberty rights of those labeled “mentally ill”.  Briefs are being filed in the case by two human rights organizations – the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights, and the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry.  For more information contact Katherine at 614-633-0215. For driving instructions to the courthouse in Chillicothe, Ohio, at the corner of Paint and Main Streets, go to https://www.google.com.uy/ maps/place/Ross+County+ Courthouse/@39.333303,-82. 982312,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6! 1m3!3m2!1s0x88470939e40ba3ef: 0x431d1c35a7f8793e!2sRoss+ County+Courthouse!3m1.  To learn more about the case and John’s long-standing efforts to be free, read the pleadings in his habeas corpus and mandamus case, which is captioned State ex rel Rohrer v. Holzapfel, and which is still pending in Ohio Supreme Court Case No. 2014-0268:
Supreme Court of Ohio – Case Number 2014-0268

MindFreedom Shield Alert: Free John Rohrer, raising public awareness, including portions of my own e-mail to John, already sent

Here is a link to the Facebook page which contains all sorts of information:


Please help out in any way that you can.

Hi John,

You don’t know me.  My name is Julie Greene….

I heard about your nightmarish situation via MindFreedom.  I, too, have a Shield.  I have been subject to horrible psychiatric abuse myself and have escaped by the skin of my teeth.  These folks will stop at nothing.

I know how the hospitals can be.  Whatever you say is discredited. They assume you lie about everything, they will walk away shaking their heads acting like you are delusional if you try to report wrongdoing.  Complaining is a sickness.  You are an automatic dirty sinner in the Eyes of God to them. Stupid, deaf, illiterate, useless, a waste of a life.  Of all abuses, it is the lowest of the low.  It erodes your soul.  In the end, the human dignity with which you were born can be almost totally lost.

I say almost.  Because a tiny bit of it, however small, remains as long as you are alive.  Your body will fight to be alive no matter what your thoughts tell you.  After I was badly abused and battered, I came home and found afterward almost all my friends had dumped me, many friendships damaged beyond repair.  My bio family hasn’t been there for me for decades.  My surrounding community rejected me.  They refused to believe a hospital could possibly abuse a patient. I was alone with no one but my tiny dog to comfort me.  I cried alone for over a month and held onto that dog for dear life.  My mind always thought of the horror of the abuse.  I was, and still am, so angry.  I want to shake the world and ask why this injustice happened.

Where do you find any hope at all?  How does a person such as you or I regain faith in humans and ourselves?  You will never, ever find it in an office with some guy who has a zillion degrees on the wall.  If you are paying the guy for human conversation, it’s prostitution as I figure it, not love.  It’s so tempting for lonely people to go back to the “professionals.” Cuz gee, no one else will talk to us.  If “insurance” pays for the shrinks, and doctors urge us to go to them, it’s so tempting to go get therapy and get abused all over again. But I realized this was gonna be the Road to Hell.

No, hope isn’t there, no answers lie there.  I went and found others who had been abused in hospitals, and there, I found companionship and camaraderie.  I am still angry but I rant a whole lot less nowadays and I’m an easier person to be around.  I cry a whole lot less.  I find joy in reaching out to folks like you, John, and offering friendship and understanding.  Not everyone has been there.


I had to edit out a few things from what’s here.  I have stated, and I’ll state again that I believe at this point relocating out of state and ensuring none of my psych history follows me is my best option, perhaps my only option.  I’m not sure what John’s options will be once he’s out.  Everyone’s situation is different. Some folks actually have families that still love them.  I wasn’t so fortunate.  If my family members love me at all, they’ve had a weird way of showing it all these decades.