In celebration of my upcoming birthday…56 and free

56 and free.

Yep, my new slogan.  Last year, it was 55 and alive, this year, 56 and free.

This year I am more than just surviving.  More than just barely hanging on. I am more than a thread, a small flickering flame, more than a candle in the wind, that tiny bit of oil left in the lamp, that miracle.  I am a giant ball of unstoppable fire. 

Rest assured, I don’t plan to shut up anytime soon.

Amazing new way

So I wrote another new piece in my notebook after walking Puzzle.  Something I figured out.  I will share this by copying it over here, but not right away.  I need a breather.

In brief:  Okay, I was told that I’m different.  I’m far out there.  There are people who are different, right?

Some people who are different seclude themselves for a time.  Like Moses, for instance.  He went up onto a mountain by himself and then did something that no human witnessed, and then showed up with two tablets.  There are many figures who seclude themselves for long periods and then come up with the Key.

Writers seclude themselves in order to get their writing done. This is the beauty of writers’ retreats.  They are quiet places to be in a little space by yourself, such as a cabin in a place in, say, the woods, and write and write.

So I’ve been secluded all this time.  And came up with something incredible.  An answer.  Not for everyone, but just for me.

I fear going into therapy and having this Key shot down as hogwash.   I ended up on this path.  There is nothing I can do to reverse the passage of time.  I can look back but I cannot step there.  I choose my goals.  No one will force-feed me, ever.  I picked up the fork because I saw a wrong in the world and realized I had ability to change it.  Today I discovered another reason why I did this.  The fact that I stand out in a crowd and am singled out as Other, a situation for which I did not ask, gives me Power, inner strength, and amazing ability.