Check out this article….

Okay, first of all we know the headline is offensive. A person who poisons a dog has done a criminal act.  To poison a dog is morally despicable.  Is the person sick? I don’t know.  Whether he was sick or not isn’t relevant.  If you want to know if someone is sick, go get a stethoscope, or look into his throat.  A sick person needs rest, plenty of fluids, breakfast in bed, and a thermometer stuck in his mouth.  And tissues. But that’s not really what I wanted to discuss here.

Scroll way down and check out the comments below the article. I didn’t even want to add anything cuz what’s written there is just too disgusting.

One commenter stated that the OWNER was at fault. Really? Yeah, the commenter was cruel enough to speculate that the owner was at fault for keeping the dog alive. The dog was eleven years old.  This is a Miniature Schnauzer, folks. Puzzle is half Mini-Schnauzer. You guys know Puzzle is tiny.  Eleven years old isn’t ancient for a small dog. The dog had diabetes, sure. But to fault a dog owner for his own personal choice, to keep his dog by his side as long as possible…. The commenter stated that the dog was probably barking all day. So the commenter was thus justifying this cruel act of poisoning.

Another commenter stated that “the dog could be taking a dump in yards and not clean up after it.” Again, here is justification of a despicable act.

People are like that, aren’t they? They refuse to believe that something happened that was flat out wrong. They cannot fathom it, so they smooth it over.

Blame the victim. That’s the name of the game. Blame the dog or blame the owner. To justify what the poisoner did makes no sense, but this is typical of USA society, the same society that locks up victims of rape and child abuse, the same society that hates the poor.

Blame those that are suffering. Is this justified in any religion or spiritual principle anywhere? Is this the lack of morality to which USA society has stooped?

Didn’t Jesus say that those in a low place are to be honored and blessed? I’m sure Islamic teachings will tell us the same, as well as every major religion on the planet. Great world leaders have made similar statements. As have many great writers, artists, and scientists.

But no, they gotta beat person who is already down. Beat him to a pulp. Finish him off. And they will justify that, too.

I hope the dog is gonna be okay. I used to be scared about that stuff because I’d heard stories of people who left poison out for neighborhood dogs.

Once, I was on a bus with Puzzle, and a stranger gave Puzzle something without asking me first. The guy said nothing to me at all, just handed Puzzle something I couldn’t identify. Puzzle gobbled up whatever it was without thinking twice.  Then, the guy looked away, said nothing at all, and exited the bus a stop or two later. Weird, huh?  He never said a word to me.  I figured maybe the man gave Puzzle a few bites of something he had saved up, maybe some bread or pizza crust. Maybe the man had dog treats in his pocket. Some people do.  Or the man could have given Puzzle chocolate, not even realizing that chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Or the man could have had bad intentions. Most people wouldn’t deliberately poison a dog, though, so I had little reason to worry about Puzzle. Plus if he was really out to poison dogs, would he really do it with witnesses around?  Whatever he gave her didn’t make her sick nor did it upset her tummy in any way. I never thought about it much afterward. If I were going to give anything to a dog I didn’t know, I would ask first. The dog could have allergies. It’s best to ask the owner’s permission. But I suppose the guy just didn’t know.

Either way, the article above states that the Schnauzer owner found similar poison pieces all over his yard. Sure sounds like someone had rather vicious intentions, don’t you think? I’m sure we’ll hear more about this.

The article says it isn’t clear yet if the dog will be okay. I hope no more cruel things are said of this man who loves his dog. They are suffering enough.