Gout last night, followup

I was in a lot of pain last night and I was also nauseous. My guess is that the nausea came from the pain. Anyone who has ever had a gout attack might know what I am talking about. It’s like having a migraine only it’s elsewhere in your body. It often shows up in toes or ankles. It’s not in the joint but in the surrounding flesh. They say it’s similar to rheumatoid arthritis. I don’t see how it can be since it’s not a joint problem, though often it does show up where bones intersect.

What happens is that the area swells, turns red and heats up, and is excruciatingly painful. The skin gets leathery, or it has for me. You can get an accompanying fever or migraine. I got the migraines first, starting about a month ago. I never had migraines before. I haven’t had that many, fortunately. Typically, gout strikes at night. They say it comes from overload of uric acid.

For me, the gout is undoubtedly a result of kidney disease. I assume the uric acid isn’t being filtered out as it should. I’ve consulted many forums on this and I see that people are saying that their are medications for this that have terrible side effects and aren’t effective. Still, their doctors insist that no way could any tried and true home remedy work, and only drugs are powerful enough to be effective. Does this sound familiar?

Yep, Big Pharma is taking over. “Ask  your doctor” is the modern day mentality that is poisoning the USA and the countries it acts like it owns (such as Canada and much of Europe). USA loves to impose its idea of health on the rest of the world that in fact does not agree with these ideas. Those of us who do not agree and have found alternative healing are forced into silence or persecuted.

“That is snake oil. It doesn’t work.” You will hear this from your doctor even if it’s obvious it does.

In med school, doctors are made well aware of the power of suggestion. I was told this by a doctor who was recently out of med school. They were taught not to tell patients side effects of meds since this would cause patients to be more likely to develop these side effects. Likewise, they were also taught not to tell a patient his/her diagnosis because the patient would take on more characteristics of the given diagnosis. If you give a patient a pill and say, “It’s not likely to work,” guess what happens? They are well aware of the power of the placebo effect and this is why “double-blind” studies are usually considered more reliable. Does this make sense?

Given this, when I went to forums to see what worked for folks and what didn’t, I found that many were saying drinking a solution of a small amount of baking soda in water provided far more relief than the pills people had been prescribed. They were even able to quit the pills and stop limiting their food. Why am I not surprised?

By the time I took some, the pain was already unbearable. I hoped for fast relief. I am not sure if that’s what did the trick, or maybe this other wonderful thing I am about to describe to you:

I felt so nauseous and wanted to get to bed right away, though I wasn’t sure I could lie comfortably. As I did the other night, I lay on my back, which I rarely do. I almost always sleep with the gout side down, that is, on my left side. I’ve slept that way since I was a child. I don’t toss and turn.

So last night, I knew I’d have to lay on my back so the gout in my ankle wouldn’t have contact with my mattress. I had showered only hours ago and had put on a pair of cheap socks I had purchased locally. I have yet to find a decent pair of women’s socks here. They are all low cut, and never made of cotton. You can easily find terrific men’s socks made of cotton, as well as cotton men’s underwear. You will have a very hard time finding cotton anything for women or anything designated for women that is good quality. When I’ve needed clothing I usually find something decent in the boys’ stuff.

At any rate, I was sorry I had put those socks on. The left sock hurt so much coming off. After that, I put salve on the area that I made myself by mixing magnesium chloride and hand cream. I wasn’t sure if this would do anything for me but it is said to relieve pain rather well. I have a pair of “diabetic socks” I brought with me from USA. You can buy these socks in CVS, their brand, for relatively cheap, and I highly recommend them. I have seen diabetic socks here but so far, only for men. My feet are too small to wear men’s socks.

I lay down on my back, hoping the nausea would go away. Puzzle joined me as usual. Let me tell you this dog amazes me. She lay across my belly as follows: Her shoulder and her rib cage area just below were directly on top of where I estimate the top of my bladder to be. Most of her was right on top of me, but her back legs draped off on my left side. Her head was around the area of my right side groin. So I’d say most of her weight was smack in the middle, on top of my lower abdomen.

Her body provided heat, and also, pressure. I am wondering if the exact spots where her weight was pressing on were acupuncture points. I recall one of my acupuncturists did this heat treatment right below my belly button. At the time, I didn’t find it particularly effective, but I happen to have kept this in my memory.

You would not believe this. Or perhaps you would. I felt better! The nausea went away gradually, but the pain in my ankle immediately subsided. Puzzle! Jeepers, girl, you are so amazing!

This is not the first time this has happened. You may have read my MIA article where I describe how Puzzle helped me in Miami when I was suffering terrible edema. What’s with this dog? I still feel fairly okay. I even slept some, until my neighbor’s boyfriend woke me up. Actually, he’s shouting again, nonstop. Crap. So damn loud. It’s 3:21 in the morning.  I wish Puzzle would eat him, but she’s too friendly and I tend to feed her so she’s not so inclined.

Photo of Puzzle coming up in next entry.


I have tried to find out more about gout. In my travels I have come across varying opinions. Most sites I checked out said about the same thing as far as uric acid and purines went. Since a couple of days ago when I had an excruciating flareup, I’ve been religious about staying away from salt. Most sites state that meat must be eaten only sparingly if you do eat it. I haven’t had any meat either. I would like to learn more. Tonight I feel a flareup happening again. It’s in my left ankle. Apparently this is a common place for it to occur. I don’t have joint pain nor stiffness, just reddening and swelling, and wicked bad pain in the skin. It turned bright red the other night. I also feel that the skin is warmer in that area. I get headaches with it, too.  Basically, it’s inflammation caused by some kind of accumulation of uric acid in the area simply because the body doesn’t know what to do with the excess. I believe that too much uric acid is also what causes itchiness among people like me with kidney disease. When a person sweats, the sweat stings like a bug bite. Or that’s how I perceive it. I haven’t had that problem for a while.

The literature won’t tell you this, but the best way to relieve itchiness from too much uric acid is to hop into the shower and wash the sweat off. I never got itchy while exercising but it sure bothered me to sit still in the sun. I am thankful that when I was outdoors with my friends, they were always considerably kind, saving the shady spot for me.

I am not bothered by gout while walking or running. They say a flare-up is worst mostly at night. I find this is true. The other night, it hurt so badly that I was unable to sleep all night, and could only sleep in the morning, once the pain had subsided. It hurts so much now that I cannot concentrate.