Commentary on what’s now known as “The Gilbert 23.”

I was with my friend today and we were discussing how to deal with mosquitoes. I told him I couldn’t bear to put up paper that would trap these creatures, because they’d go through the worst torturous death. I don’t have any real desire to kill them, only to send them the message to not bite me nor bother me with their whining. I might get pissed and think of killing one when I hear that “Waaaaaah,” but for whatever reason, I don’t have the heart to do so.

I came home and learned this: Twenty-three dogs died in an Arizona boarding kennel. From what I read in the reports, I see that the dogs were crowded into a hot, outdoor pen, confined, and deprived of food and water. At first, 20 died, two more died later I guess, and another escaped but was found dead. The kennel owners tried to cover it all up. They got caught. I have no clue why then, they ended up escaping the law. Now, a petition has come out. Thousands have signed.

I cried when I heard this, in fact, I bawled. I thought of the torture those dogs went through. I thought of the owners of those 23 dogs. Whether they were families with children, elderly folks, couples, or single people, they all loved their pets and most likely never imagined something like this could happen.

I am reminded of the Holocaust for whatever reason. The victims were confined and deprived of basic needs such as food and water. Many asked, “What god would allow this to happen?”

What god would allow the genocide of people with “mental illness” labels? What god would allow mass imprisonment, scorn and hatred, bloody massacres of those with labels by police, and atrocities such as theft of dignity, forced treatment/brainwashing, drugs they dare to call “medications,” and a multiplicity of other tortures?

Where are the tears for these thousands, or millions of human beings? Where’s the outrage over ruined lives, divided families, destroyed careers, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, crime, suicide, and addiction caused by “mental health care”?

It happens to your neighbor, your cousin, you best friend. Why are we standing by watching? Even cheering as another becomes victim of “treatment”?

As humans who are supposedly granted the power to reason, we now know there are no bad dogs. If a dog is aggressive, we hope an experienced handler with the best of intentions will show that dog that the world isn’t so scary and mean after all.

There are no canine psychopaths. As for humans, there are no psychopaths among us. We have a psychopathic system, with the medical regime coupled hand-in-hand with the law, all based on corporate greed.

I hope we can all work to halt the genocide. I think it’s an outrage.