Happening now as we speak in Ohio

Protest in Ohio for John Rohrer in Columbus against forced “medication” and forced “hospitalization.”

I believe in what we are doing with all my heart.

Go, folks. I am with you. Many are.

A second protest and OPEN MIC is planned for February 5, also in Columbus.

Stay tuned.

Ohio Breaking News!



Medical and legal malpractice complaints were filed November 24, 2014 in the Ohio Court of Claims and November 28, 2014 in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court by the attorney for John J. Rohrer, a 34 year old author and musician who is currently confined at a state psychiatric facility. According to the suits, Rohrer has been confined since September 1, 2009 in state facilities where he has been subjected to assaults and forced drugging – without there first being evidence that he was mentally ill.


Named in the suits are two public defenders, a handful of government psychiatrists, two common pleas court judges and several government agencies, including the former Ohio Department of Mental Health. Rohrer’s attorney, David L. Kastner, states in the complaints that he only discovered earlier this year that the original order confining his client in January, 2010 was not a lawful commitment order because, among other rights violations claimed, it was based on a proceeding in which no evidence was presented.


The complaints state that Rohrer was forcibly injected with Risperdal Consta for more than 3 ½ years although the drug is known to cause irreversible brain damage. The manufacturer of Risperdal has been found in several other multi-million dollar lawsuits around the country, to have been criminally responsible for having fraudulently marketed the drug. The Rohrer suits claim that the forced drugging with Risperdal and other drugs was done without legal or medical justification.


In November, 2011 Ohio voters approved Sec. 1.21 of the Ohio Constitution, which bans health care services by force. The United States is a signatory to a United Nations treaty, the CRPD [Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities] which considers forced drugging to be a form of torture. Federal law also defines psychotropic drugging by force to be a form of torture.


The Rohrer suits attack the former Department of Mental Health, now known as OMHAS, for promoting non-scientific theories to justify excessive drugging of patients and medicare billings. The suits cite published studies and an affidavit from Pulitzer prize-winning science reporter Robert Whitaker, to conclude


“more than half of people studied who continue to take psychotropic drugs as prescribed, will become permanently physically and/or mentally disabled and a burden to taxpayers.”


The 25 studies cited in the suits suggest that patients who reduce their pharmaceutical drug intake fare significantly better than those who take them as prescribed.


The Rohrer suits contain more than 400 paragraphs of allegations, including statements accusing two state hospitals, Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare and Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare [ABH], of refusing to provide a safe treatment environment, leaving patients prey to assaults by others. ABH has been a named defendant in two other recent lawsuits filed by patients. In 2010 Amy and David McCualsky initiated litigation against ABH for improperly drugging Mrs. McCualsky and then negligently leaving her vulnerable to being raped. The McCualsky matter is going to trial in the Court of Claims in March, 2015. In 2011, attorney Richard V. Zurz filed a complaint in Athens County Common Pleas Court naming ABH and several of its employees in connection with an alleged sexual assault and excessive drugging at ABH. One of the defendants in that case pled guilty to a lesser felony after he was charged with sexual misconduct at ABH.


Unlike the other patients who sued ABH after they left the institution, John Rohrer is still a patient there. According to one of the Free John Rohrer supporters, “we are very concerned about more retaliation while the suit is pending, but his attorney was forced to file it now because of the statute of limitations.” Judge Leonard Holzapfel, one of the named defendants in the Rohrer suit, issued decisions on November 3, 2014 in Ross County Common Pleas Court in which he terminated the forced drugging against Rohrer but declined to order his release from ABH confinement. An appeal is expected.

Upcoming Radio Show on Forced Drugging

>             Katherine Hine, Sharon Cretsinger and possibly one other guest will be speaking at 3 p.m. Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Eastern Time on Mary Neal’s daytime call-in broadcast at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/humanrightsdemand . The topic is “Forced drugging – is it ever justified?” Those of us who oppose forced drugging will be allowed to speak from 3 p.m. until 4:15 p.m. and those who oppose choice (many of Neal’s listenership) will take the last 45 minutes – until 5 p.m. Katherine Hine will be arguing for the last 5 minutes for rebuttal. It is possible that there will be another show about forced confinement.
> Speakers and guests should call to speak on air at (347) 857-3293.  If anyone wants to make sure to have his or her voice heard.
> Among the points that are expected to be made in the broadcast are 10 basic legal reasons that forced drugging in Ohio is unlawful – particularly where forced drugging is ordered as a result of hearings in which no evidence is presented. Most of these grounds apply in other states. Sharon, who is a survivor of psychiatry as well as an MSW with many years of clinical experience within the mental illness system, will address the fact that many if not most people with psychiatric histories are capable of fully recovering without drugging, and that drugging itself can pre-dispose a person to act violently. 
> Also to be addressed is the fact that as of this writing, John Rohrer, an Ohio writer and musician, continues to suffer from illegal forced drugging without recourse, because a Ross County, Ohio trial judge refuses to date to address any of the legal grounds that require forced drugging to stop in John’s case. For more information about the Free John Rohrer campaign, and to see John’s writings and hear his music, go to his websites at
> http://en.gravatar.com/jonnylucid
> Since John posted the websites about his case, the psychiatrists at Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare, Athens, Ohio where he is confined, have arranged for him to be stripped of all internet access, which keeps him from updating those sites.  Meanwhile John’s prescriber, Dr. Maida Sierra, continues to violate Ohio law by forcibly drugging John with the deadly neuroleptic drug,Risperdal Consta every two weeks. The Ohio Supreme Court declined to address forced drugging in July, 2014. The forced drugging has gone on now for more than 3 ½ years while Ross County, Ohio trial court judge Leonard Holzapfel, as of this writing, also continues to ignore the December, 2013 forced drugging objections filed by John’s attorneys.  In August, 2014 Judge Holzapfel issued a written ruling in which he decided that it was acceptable to lock up citizens without the government first putting on any evidence of the person’s “mental illness”. That decision, and the decision to deprive John of his right to a jury trial, cannot be appealed until Judge Holzapfel makes a final decision about forced drugging and involuntary confinement, as a result of the September, 2014 bench trial John’s attorneys finally managed to obtain.
> A little bit about Mary Neal’s show:
> Mary Neal’s Google+ – https://plus.google.com/u/0/115212823950444967993/posts  – Follow me at Twitter @koffietime – http://twitter.com/koffietime – Current, urgent justice issues from a laywoman’s viewpoint at my primary blog http://FreeSpeakBlog.blogspot.com Full list of MaryLovesJustice blogs and radio broadcasts: http://marylovesjustice.blogspot.com/2014/03/marylovesjustice-blogs-and-radio-shows.html email address:  MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com (I’m censored, but some emails reach my box). Try to phone me at 678.531.0262. If you receive no response within 48 hours, please email or call again.
> Mary’s primary goal is to get the “mentally ill” out of prisons and into other settings, including AOT, private homes, and mental hospitals. I think she understands that forced drugging is not for everybody. She also believes in the First Amendment. She likes to quote Frederick Douglass who once stated: “POWER concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will.”  She is a family member, not a psychiatric survivor.
> Bios of Katherine Hine and Sharon Cretsinger:
> Katherine Hine is an advocate for the rights of psychiatric patients and is currently involved in the forced drugging/involuntary confinement case of her son, John Rohrer, which is pending in Ross County, Ohio Common Pleas Court, Chillicothe, Ohio. She is an inactive attorney who does not practice law. From 1977 until 2009 she practiced law in Ohio and Oklahoma representing battered women, parents of children abused by the other parent in custody cases, foster parents, citizens charged with petty crime, citizen groups seeking to bring accountability to local government, and others. A former judicial candidate and author, Katherine had a solo practice representing clients in criminal, juvenile, municipal, trial, and appellate courts over the course of some 30 years. She continues to be involved with the Ross County Network for Children, as a board member since 1996, and as its Executive Director since 2005. [http://networkforchildren.wordpress.com/be-a-volunteer/].  She is John Rohrer’s mother.
> Sharon Cretsinger is an activist, writer, social work professor, and psychiatric survivor. She is affiliated with The Mental Patients’ Liberation Alliance and the online broadcast of www.blogtalkradio.com/talkwithtenney, writes for and facilitates demonstrations and other community events as a Hearing Voices Network Facilitator, and is the founder, organizer and director of the Kent Empowerment Center. Sharon has developed multiple education programs on the C/S/X Movement and other topics for presentation in the community and various agencies and professional organizations. Besides her lived experience as a consumer of mental health services, Sharon, who has a master’s in social work, has many years experience as a mental health clinician and supervisor inside the mental illness system.
> Earlier this year, she authored an article on John Rohrer’s confinement at Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare: “Thoughts on psychiatric incarceration when not guilty by reason of insanity: ‘If you don’t agree with your psychiatrist, make yourself at home’, available online at http://www.madinamerica.com/2014/07/thoughts-psychiatric-incarceration-guilty-reason-insanity/. In September, Sharon covered John’s trial in Ross County, and is in the process of writing about it.  
> Feel free to share this message with others.

Article by Phil Hickey regarding newer neuroleptic use…and my commentary

Here’s the link to the article in Mad in America by Phil Hickey:

Second Generation Neuroleptics and Acute Kidney Injury in Older Adults

Here’s my comment, as it is now, up on the site:

More fuel for the argument, Phil! Thank you!

I entered the tween stage, that is, 55-65, when we get to be halfway elderly and occasionally can take advantage of “senior discounts,” with a bang. I decided to use a slogan to describe my age: “55 and Alive!” Some seven months later, I experienced acute kidney failure. I am lucky to be alive today.

The psychiatric profession appears to be desperate to deceive patients and keep them in the dark about consequences, even if it means hiding important information regarding medical conditions from patients so that they will continue to comply. For years, my kidneys were running low, and I wasn’t told. When I arrived at an ER and I went into full code last August, a nurse blurted out to me that I was in kidney failure. I believe they hoped I wouldn’t recall this blunder. However, for whatever reason, I remember well. My electrolytes were so off at that point that it didn’t even register in my mind that I was near death. I was merely curious as to what would occur next. For over a month I’d been feeling like I was on a moving ship, or was the world just tilting back and forth the whole time?

I was up on the floor and I asked flat out what had happened. I repeated what I’d heard and they said, accusingly, “Who told you that?” as if it were a lie or my imagination. I was in the hospital 11 days. Every day, each morning, i was offered Abilify and I refused it. The doctor in charge finally told me if I didn’t take Zyrexa, he wouldn’t allow me to leave the hospital even if I was medically stable enough to leave. He’d pushed many antipsychotics on me, including Haldol, and i’d refused all of them. Their main goal, as far as I know, was to transfer me to a psych ward where I’d be started on the deconate, and court ordered to stay on it. I’m sure, had I refused, I would have been transferred to a state facility.

I told the doctor that I didn’t think Zyprexa was an appropriate medication for a person with anorexia nervosa. It had already been proven to be unhelpful for anorexia, and it’s not approved, either, as off-label use. I’d taken it before with disastrous results.

I learned that I’d gone into renal failure because the the day I went home free the discharge doc accidentally gave me papers I shouldn’t have had access to. I was alone late on Friday night when I found out I’d nearly died, and they never bothered to tell me.

I have a new slogan, “56 and Free.” I am lucky to be alive. My kidneys are roughly at 1/3 functioning. I know now that they were desperate to keep me from writing or speaking out about what happened.

Sorry, docs. I am a writer and my weapon is my pen. They were desperate to stop me even if they had to tell huge lies. You can stab yourself with a pen. But why do that, when you can put it to far more powerful use?

I love ya’ll, Julie Greene and her little dog, Puzzle

Please sign this petition to help stop forced drugging for our friends in OHIO!

I feel strongly about this.  Please sign and share!



I’ve been busy, folks, but I am certainly around!

Rethinking…and realizing that some docs will even tell horrible lies to get people to take antipsychotic drugs….

I have been thinking and thinking, looking over my records. No way did Dr. P ever want me on Zyprexa or back on Seroquel or any drug that would cause ridiculous weight gain or had polyphagia as a side effect.  She acknowledged the devastating effect that Seroquel had on me.

But when I was in Mount Auburn Hospital, where I was literally imprisoned, the docs told me that Dr. P wanted me on Zyprexa and was in full support of what was amounting to forced drugging. The doc at Mount Auburn told me he refused to discharge me unless I took Zyprexa, and said for now, it would be PRN.

I took one and prayed it wouldn’t do too much harm.  I was scared to take even one pill, remembering having taken Zyprexa and the intolerable effect it had on me in 1997. Within days, I was pigging out uncontrollably, nonstop, during every waking moment I had. Sure, I was underweight and needed to eat, but not like that!  The doc I had back then took me off Zyprexa right away. Another thing it did was make me sleep 16 hours a day and during the few hours I was awake, I acted like a zombie.  If they’d kept me on it much longer back in 1997, I guess I would have ended up hospitalized very quickly, since I was too dopey, even on the lowest dose, to care for myself, and the nonstop eating was rendering me unable to function anyway.

But I took the one pill, asking myself how on earth I would get out of forced drugging once I got out of there. I had no clue what my fate would be, if they would stick me on some psych ward and then court-order me onto the deconate, or if I’d be able to get out of going to the psych unit.

As it turned out, they couldn’t get me onto the psych unit.  Finally, finally, finally, someone actually spent time with me, evaluated me, and determined that in no way am I violent or suicidal and they should never have put sitters on me in the first place. The person who took time to listen to me concluded that the sitters shouldn’t be there, since they were unnecessary, and what they were doing was stressing me out and making me pissed off.  The person who actually listened understood my need for privacy and that the sitters had not only broken patient privacy laws without good medical cause, and also that I was telling the truth about the abuse.

This evaluation done by the outside organization was done on a Tuesday I believe, and they found no medical reason for me to be incarcerated on a psych unit or tormented any further.  Unfortunately, the interview ended well after business hours and the person didn’t leave paperwork in my chart. She left and forgot.  I lay in bed and waited and waited, knowing something would happen, something had been proven, but nothing happened.  I knew somehow, something was amiss, but I had no clue the person had left without leaving paperwork.

The next morning, the med student showed up and when I inquired, she started to tell me I was completely psychotic and had imagined the interview. Told me it never happened, that this outside person didn’t exist, and that I was either lying or delusional.  I got pissed off and demanded that she go to my chart, surely, this person couldn’t have left without a trace! But the med student came back and said there was no evidence of this interview.

Thank goodness for telephone access.  I was strong and alert enough to be able to use the phone and make calls, so I remembered the name of the organization from which this person had come, and I phoned them.  It took many calls before I finally reached the correct office.  The person told me that the interviewer had most likely written up SEVEN PAGES about me, and that the fact that these seven pages were missing was an oversight.  I asked if please they could phone the unit and arrange for immediate faxing of these seven pages.  Of course, the staff was thinking all this frantic calling and arranging was some kind of delusional scheme on my part and that maybe I was “agitated” and about to off myself.  Oh, the lovely misunderstandings!

So very shortly afterward, the fax arrived. This was Wednesday, around 11.  Changes immediately happened, and 3 the sitters were finally out of my room.  Not only that, I was allowed to close my door completely to have privacy and shut out the godawful hall noise. The following day (not that I had any clue this would happen before it did) I was released and allowed to go home.  Liberated at last.

So since then, I’ve been asking myself, as I said, why on earth Dr. P would support my being forced onto Zyprexa?  Know something?  I don’t think she was at all in support of it.  I plan to get my records ASAP.  I’m sure they were completely lying that Dr. P wanted this Zyprexa deal, and were only saying it out of desperation to get me to take the stuff.

Wow, what an ordeal, and this is only part of it. I’m glad I got out of that imprisonment and am free now. Those people there were the insane and illogical ones, not me.