There is a difference between a problem and an inconvenience

Well, like I said, my credit card number got stolen.  This was an inconvenience, not really a problem.  It’s all taken care of and I’m still living and breathing and Puzzle is fine.  I still have a roof over my head.  Not only that, the roof didn’t even cave in.

Another inconvenience was the fact that somehow, I sat on my glasses. Just an inconvenience.  I have spares, but I’ll have to get a new pair of spares, cuz klutz that I am, the spares are likely to get broken or lost or whatever, too.

Now I’ll clue you in on a secret: You don’t have to pay a zillion bucks for a pair of glasses.  Think about it. What it really depends on is the following:

How often does your prescription change?  If you are like me, your prescription changes wildly from year to year.  I don’t know why this keeps happening.  Maybe it’s my age.  Maybe it’s that I’m extremely nearsighted.  Or maybe it’s the eating disorder.  But it’s pointless to buy a pair of glasses that is going to last me five years.  So I buy el-cheapos.  They don’t last long but nor will my prescription.  I’ll be seeing the doc (now, he’s an MD, so this gets paid for by insurance) and getting a new prescription, and getting a new pair of el-cheapo glasses and they’ll last a year or so.

However, if your eyes don’t change, if they stay the same year after year after year, go ahead and pay good money for glasses.  You want a pair that lasts. 

Above all, do NOT get that “glare-proof coating.”  Now remember, these opticians will swear up and down by this coating.  They will guarantee it for a year.  So you want your glasses to last how long?  Over a year, of course.  I’m telling you, the “coating” will get foggy after a month and you will be sorry you got it.  After a year or two, the coating will be all bubbly or something, and your glasses will be completely useless.  You won’t even be able to donate them to charity.

Okay, so much for my diversion about glasses.  Like I said, somehow, I wrecked up my other pair, and I’m wearing my “less favorite” spares and I need a new pair so I can have two pairs, in case such bad luck should happen again.

So meanwhile, more bad luck.  I made a teensy purchase on ebay.  Just a little desk item I thought I’d want, just over $10.  No communication from the company, and I thought, “Gee, this is weird.  Never happened to me before.  Maybe they just don’t send out notices and the package will magically appear in my post office box.”  But it hasn’t yet.  And no communication from the company.  A bunch of days ago I put in a claim with EBay.  I will get my money back and these guys will get into deep shit trouble, I suppose.  Or a slap on the wrist.  It’s up to EBay.   Or my package will magically arrive.  But of course, this is not a problem, this is an inconvenience.

So I ended up with again more bad luck.  I purchased a new cell phone, a refurbished one.  I am not fond of the model but it will do.  After a zillion bits of frustration with it, and communication with the cell phone provider, we together realized that the device is defective and I should communicate with the vendor.  I did so.  The vendor responded reasonably quickly and sent an RMA number.  They were quite apologetic and are even going to refund my return postage for sending the cell phone back.  I made sure to put all my addresses and pics and everything onto the little MicroSD chip I had inserted into the cell phone, and made sure I took the chip out of the cell phone before putting the cell phone into the envelope.  Again, this is an inconvenience, not a problem.

I will soon have a new cell phone delivered and hopefully the new one will work just fine.  I have the new service all set up and the number all set up and the company people are very nice.  And I am ever, ever so experienced as to how to get a REAL, LIVE customer service rep immediately, so that’s why I am sticking with this provider.  They have been quite polite with me and I am impressed so far, although the cell phone itself, the device seems to be rather mediocre, but that might be because the device I received was defective anyway.

Did I tell you I think I fractured my finger recently?  It’s on my left hand. My left index.  It seems to be healing fine.  There wasn’t much that could be done about it, so I didn’t bother seeing a doctor or anything, and I am very, very right handed.  It didn’t affect my ability to do anything, although I did not attempt to knit.  I feared that it would affect my ability to knit, so I decided I would not knit until the finger was healed.  I am so fortunate that the pain seems to be going away and I believe I will be able to knit when I decide to attempt to do so.  Again, a mere inconvenience…it was my left hand, not my right, and I am right-handed.  Oh, if you are wondering how it happened…I was walking out the door with Puzzle one day and closed the door, just the usual way I do, and somehow, my finger ended  up slammed in between the door and the door jamb.  It kinda hurt and I think I said a swear word very quietly to myself and no, the neighbors did not hear me say it. Or maybe I just said, “Ouch.”

Okay, more bad luck.  I had an expense to do, something that had to be done, and I was trying to do it via paypal.  Well, I was trying to do it online and the website had a glitch.  So I called the company.  This is a reputable honest company, no problem there, just some business I had to do.  As I have said, my BofA CC number got stolen.  I wanted PayPal to charge my other CC.  So I had that all arranged and was trying to have this happen online, but feared that it would happen twice and no way was I going to let this happen, so I made the call and got a very nice salesperson immediately.  The sale went through.

But guess what?  Paypal changed my bank account and not my CC.  There’s no money in my bank account.  It’s the end of the month, bitches.  So my bank account got wiped out and the rest of the money got charged (thankfully) to the CC that works.  Thankfully, I realized this right away, and called the company and had it all reversed.  They were very kind about it and didn’t make me go over to  PayPal, which is an impossible site to navigate, to deal with the whole thing.

Again, an inconvenience, not a problem.  I still have a roof over my head and it has not caved in.

So far, I have spoken of inconveniences.  Little things that clutter up our lives and take up our time and annoy us.  But really, life goes on, doesn’t it?

If you have an eating disorder, your life might not go on if you don’t get care.  This is what my PROBLEM is.  Thursday has now passed by and still, no medical appointment in sight.  I have made the statement that I will not go to this medical appointment until there has been voice-to-voice contact between X person, this person whom I trust, this person who knows me and knows ED and my situation with my ED and the medical danger that I may be in, and my medical providers.  Voicemailing back and forth is not acceptable communication to me, and I feel that I will not get adequate care if this communication, this real in-detail conversation does not take place.

All the above mentioned stuff, all those details, are mere inconveniences, bitches.

By the way, you folks with ED are going to see some action soon on the political front.  I promise.