Ripping out

I am referring to the busy-looking red sweater knit with ribbon.  I unraveled it.  Entirely.  Gave up on the project.  Why?  It made me nervous just looking at it.  Too bright.  I think the ribbon needs to be knitted with black, not bright red or even dull wine, which I switched to once I realized the bright red wasn’t panning out.  Furthermore, the consistency of the fabric it created wasn’t right.  The wool itself was soft and the ribbon only softened it more, so the project curled up at the edges.  There were things I could have done to prevent curling but–it’s done with, anyway.

When a patient is “put” in a quiet room, he or she is asked to calm down.  A considerate staff person will provide the means to calm down or at least have suggestions for the patient, and will allow the patient to engage in calming activities.  If a patient wants to scream, he or she can scream into a pillow so as not to disturb the other patients.  Some people like to hold on to ice.  But the activity that has facinated me the most and that I have never tried is to rip up an old telephone book.  It is claimed to be extremely effective!

Would ripping out an old sweater do as well?  Probably.  One can appreciate all the hours of hard work the knitter (or factory worker) spent putting the sweater together, and now, it’s gone in an instant and all that is left is a pile of yarn.

I chose to salvage the yarn.  That was painstaking work.  Don’t do that when you’re angry.  Remember, the sweater was double-stranded.  That meant I had to work with two balls of yarn at once.  I needed four hands.

What now?  I’m thinking of using the ribbon with black.  I’ve got some black yarn.  But I think I won’t make it in the rectangle style this time.  Later.

Dog sweater queens – Puzzle and I

As many of you know, I love to knit sweaters for Puzzle.  I’ve got a little collection of photos of Puzzle wearing her sweaters at  Click on (what else?) Puzzle’s Sweaters to view the photos and comments on the history of each sweater.  I don’t have all the sweaters up there but I’ll add as I take the photos.

I generally have more than one project cooking at a time.  Right now I’m working on a sweater that uses two contrasting colors combined yarns, DK weight, Merino swish wool.  The pattern is modeled after the half-tube with ribbing border shown below.  Another sweater I’m working on also uses two yarns, one a cotton blend ribbon and the other worsted weight Peruvian wool.  It is very brightly colored and would do well on a dismal winter day.  The pattern is a rectangle type I’ve never tried before.  I’m worried it won’t be long enough, but the rectangle can always be extended!  No one would ever know!

This is a sweater I’m making for myself.  As you can see, I haven’t gotten very far with it.  I’ve decided, though, after a long hiatus, to pick it up again.  I’ve taken a departure from the pattern I had been supposedly following to create a pattern of my own, but that hasn’t started yet.

Here are the two dog sweaters I described.  I’m not sure if the color will come up accurately on your screen.

I foresee an essay on the horizon about knitting…….

Recent Photos

I’d like to share some recent photographs.  The men in the photos are my neighbors with their pets.  I took the photos for a project our tenants’ association is doing, and chose the best to show you all.  In the other photos, Puzzle models the sweaters designed and knitted by Yours Truly.  There is one more sweater I have to photograph but I haven’t gotten to it yet.  Yours Truly also enjoys wearing a hat that matches Puzzle’s blue sweater.

Winter Fashions by Julie

Pz7wk fashion statementI was a designer in a previous life.  This is Puzzle’s new outfit.

Okay, okay, I didn’t create the pattern.  I just crocheted it.  Here’s where you can find the pattern:

Here is my original decorated dog carrier:

home decorating

I decorated it for the purpose of keeping Puzzle warm while we travel.

Any questions, contact Puzzle, my agent.