Lamb’s Pride Braided Dog Sweater for Female Dog–Pattern edited–again….

I found another small error in the pattern, and fixed it.  Here’s the URL, once more….

Go take a look at this free dog sweater pattern!

Typo found in Lamb’s Pride Dog Sweater Pattern….I fixed it….


Here’s the link to the pattern:

It is a stitch that I had eliminated, thinking that I had made an error, but now, upon looking at the pattern in hard copy, I realized that I was correct all along.

Puzzle’s “Coat of Many Colors” follows this pattern sort of, but doesn’t have the braid.  I am using a quilted look on the back, and, of course, many colors.  See my previous entry for the work in progress.  I am further along with it as we speak.

The matching “Varsity” hat nearly completed!

Well, I don’t need to get this hat done till the weather’s a bit cooler.  I plan to add a pom-pom.  I’m going up to NH for the day on Wednesday and plan to start LL Greene Dog Sweater #16 at that time, the Coat of Many Colors I think I’ll call it.  Eight colors.

I had a photo of me up here that I took with my webcam, but it photoed me backwards, and the J was backwards, so I took it off.

A minor change to the Lamb’s Pride Dog Sweater for Female Dog

I made a tiny change.  Click here:

If you have knitted this sweater, I’m sure you have already located the error.  It was very minor, just a psso where there shouldn’t have been one.