Aftermath of binge eating (without vomiting), what happens?

I can only speak for myself.  If you think EVERYONE who binge eats and does not vomit up what they have eaten (either because they choose not to or because they have tried but are unable to do so) just casually goes about their lives afterward, or goes out jogging to “get rid of the calories,” you’re dead wrong.

I can only speak for myself.  I’ve been suffering with this for three and a half decades.  I’m far too sick afterward to resume normal life as if nothing happened.  I’m completely PHYSICALLY disabled afterward, and it’s been like this for decades.  That’s my life, as it is.  No, I can’t go out happily jogging.

It’s now been maybe a day and a half since the binge.  I’m still in a great deal of physical pain.  I’ve got a lot of swelling all over my body.

I guess it was an hour or two ago I had massive diarrhea two or three times.  I was also bleeding from my rear end.  It wasn’t internal bleeding, but just on the surface from irritation.  I felt tingly all over after I went to the bathroom.  I knew this meant I was dehydrated.  I’m familiar with that dehydrated tingly feeling.  Sometimes, when I’ve felt that way, I’ve immediately fainted, even right on the toilet or in the bathroom trying to get up.

I still feel tingly like that.  But never mind, no one listens to me.

I took Puzzle out.  Why?  Because she had to go out.  She had to go potty. She has to survive, too.  She needs exercise.  We did our thing.

I am sore all over my entire abdominal area, from where my pubic area starts all the way up to where my heart is.  The whole thing is tender and sore, not only if I touch it but continually.

If I were going to pass out, I think Puzzle would tell me first.  So that way, I could at least be lying down.

I hope to feel better later.

Last night, I was holding Puzzle to my tummy.  It was all I could do.  I was in so much pain.  She often lies on top of my feet, ankles, and calves, and I think she does this to keep the edema from accumulating.  It works quite well.  All last summer, while I was in a state of severe starvation, she lay very close to my heart, and the two of us, alone together, kept it beating.