How to turn your WordPress blog back from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time (and vice versa)

It’s simple, but to my knowledge, in most cases WordPress doesn’t do this automatically.  You must do this by hand twice a year if you are choosing to keep your blog within your local time zone.  If your region doesn’t change the time twice a year to Daylight Savings Time (this is called by other terms in other places but that’s our term for it here) then you needn’t do anything.

WordPress gives us the option to set our blogs to any time zone we choose.  You don’t have to keep it at local time if you don’t want to because right now, it’s done manually.  So if you are on extended job leave or sabbatical and blogging remotely via cell phone or tablet, it’s rather handy to change the time zone if you so desire. Your readers might get dizzy, though.

Here’s how to do it. See on the right, sort of a sidebar in the WordPress Dashboard where it says, “Appearance”?  There’s a subcategory called “Settings.”  You might have to open up “Appearance” for “Settings” to show up.  Now click on “Settings.” Here, you’ll see a page.  You’ll see a drop-down menu where you can adjust your time zone.  You’ll have to change it by one hour, so for instance, here on the East Coast of the US, we change from GMT -4.0 hours to GMT -5.0 hours each fall.  DON’T FORGET TO CLICK ON “SAVE” AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED.  The East Coast, otherwise known as “New York Time,” is really five hours apart from London, and London also changes their time twice a year.  GMT is always the same.

Of course, the times they are a-changin’.  But maybe I shouldn’t quote anyone due to copyright infringement.