Computer trouble slowing me down….

My computer was a refurb when I got it, so I knew it wasn’t gonna last all that long. When I first bought it it was a huge pain. All the drivers were out of date and some of the components aren’t the right ones. To top it off, the power cord that came with it was the wrong one. It fit, and it was usable, but the output power was too high. It was designed for a different model I think. I purchased a new power cord right before I left the USA. That’s when I found out why the machine was overheating all the time.

It’s about to die now. I’m backing up, then I will do a disk check. Wish me luck.

Oh, by the way, don’t even bother with cloud storage unless you have unlimited internet. If you have limited, the cloud backup will eat up your bandwidth. Don’t even bother. You’ll be paying so much for Internet that with the money you save by not backing up, you can easily buy an external hard drive.

I have one by GoFlex. You’re not going to believe this. It survived high humidity (fog in home), three floods (it was wrapped), and it fell off my table twice about a month ago. It’s still going strong.

The cloud backup I have is called Crashplan. Don’t use them. I tried to get Crashplan to backup to my external drive. Know something? It was gonna take DAYS. I backed up by dragging and dropping, same files, and this is taking about an hour. I think I may uninstall Crashplan and see if the computer runs any better. I have to shut it off all the time anyway.