Make an antipsych video!

We are asking people to make antipsych videos no longer than 3 minutes. You can make more than one video. Each should be a standalone, that is, I would not suggest making “Part One,” “Part Two,” etc. Each should be a single, complete thought, experience, or idea.

I can make a few suggestions for those of you who are stumped. Please do not try to sum up decades of your life. What is more powerful is  a closer look at a single event. Try to focus on keeping your video unified, that is, focused on a single idea or theme.

You may wish to focus, say, on being grossly misheard or misunderstood. Or focus on uncomfortable or dangerous drug effects. Or focus on how you were lied to. And so on. Or talk about something you witnessed. (Please be respectful of the privacy of fellow patients.)

Remember, if you are an ex-patient, SUCCESS is the best revenge! Show the world the positive changes in you since you stopped mental health “care.”  If there have not been positive changes, if you are suffering from trauma or drug damage, then please don’t blame your suffering on your own mental disorder. Be sure to let the world know that psychiatry or therapy caused the harm.

There is an upload link but I do not yet have that link. We’re going to need these by April 30. They will be put up on YouTube and are being used for the APA Protest. Feel free to send an edited video if you like. We will be editing them anyway to make them look professional. You can use your real name or not, that is up to you.

Mostly, be creative! Best of luck!

Shout-out to San Francisco!

Does anyone here live in San Franciso or near there? Did you know that there’s going to be an APA protest there?  Do you want to help out?

The organizers are seeking a person/people who live in the Bay Area who can help secure a protest permit, and who might help out with “local knowledge.”

I personally have not been to San Francisco since 1979, when I got abducted by the Moonies.  It’s a cool city! It can be surprisingly chilly there, but not as freezing cold as Minneapolis, Montpelier, or Juneau, AK. San Francisco also has a lot of hills, even in the city. It is right on the ocean.

Does anyone know anyone currently there? Are you interesting in attending the APA Protest? That I know of, a contingency is already organizing. It’s time that the public learned the real truth about what happens in those (ahem) “hospitals,” right?

Please contact me and I can get you in touch with those folks.