What to do if your doctor inquires about your writing?

This tip is a follow-up on the previous one. What should you do if the doctor you are seeing inquires, “Hey, how’s the writing going?” or, perhaps asks, “What do you write about?”

Or maybe you see a new doc, and he asks, “Are you published? and you happen to have a piece out on psych abuse. Uh oh…..What do you say?

Here is my advice: Never mix the two. Don’t mix writing and medical stuff. Just think of them as a bad combo. Two things that just don’t jive. Your other choice is to avoid doctors and medical personnel altogether, and don’t ever get sick or injured.

No matter how nice that “cool” new orthopedist or “cute” physical therapist is, do not tell. Sorry to say, you cannot trust these folks. Ever. As soon as you mention you wrote an article for MIA, or for some activist organization out there, they’ll pick up their cell phones and right while you’re talking to them, they’ll pretend they’re scheduling your next appointment but really, they’re looking you up! Seriously! You’re already flagged as an activist by the time you’ve left.

If you use a pseudonym, don’t tell them your fake name. I know it might be tempting to share the joy the day you get published, but you can’t. Sorry to say, you have to keep it to yourself. Privacy will allow you all the Freedom of Speech you need to continue writing as much as you want without the fear of retaliation. Or being “found out.”

Last time I let slip out that I was published, I was awfully lucky. I had just taken my book off the market. The doc asked me if my book was available on Amazon. I told him it wasn’t. And that was that. It was true.