Memoir Writing Class

In these pages I am inserting tips and pointers that I have gleaned over many years that might be helpful to the psychiatric survivor community and to anyone wishing to write about the mental system and mental prisons in general. If you were ever imprisoned in a mental “hospital,” perhaps you would be interested in writing about the experience, but you don’t know where to begin. So I’ve gathered some tips here to start. I’m adding pages as I think of them, not in any particular order of importance.

My experience (that is, my qualifications, if you could call it that) are as follows:

30+ years as psych slave and inmate.
Prior to that, I was an outstanding music composition student and trumpet player, on the verge of graduating from Bennington College, an exckusive liberal arts college in Vermont.
I sought help for my eating disorder. I was falsely diagnosed with a number of psych disorders I never had. My eating disorder was completely disregarded for decades.

Against medical advice, I earned my BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing in 2003 from Emerson College and my MFA from Goddard College in 2009.

Finally, I was abused badly while inpatient. I was disgusted and left the mental health system in 2014, realizing I had been harmed far more than helped. I left the USA and learned to live on my own abroad. To my delight, I got better. Since then I have become an activist, encouraging others to leave the System, too.

I have been widely published. I know now that writing about what happened to me is one of the most powerful things I can do. I invite anyone to join me on this journey. To make the decision to write about one’s life is not a decision one takes lightly. Simply writing it down is an act of power.

I remember. And with that, I am.

I will add pages as I think of them. Please join me.

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