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No, we haven’t reached peak wellness

While I agree that many of us are extremely spoiled because we have our basic needs met, many do not. Many are struggling to obtain decent housing, clothing, food, and basic commodities like diapers. In many parts of the world people are displaced by war or by natural disasters or plagues.

Now for the rest of us, including many of my readers here, we have the roof over our heads, we have clothing and basic food to eat. I agree that the peripheral needs, the ones that go beyond basic, are less important and shouldn’t be marketed as they are.

However, there’s one flaw to the article, the assumption that psychiatry and counseling meet a basic need. I don’t see these practices as having much of a role where you have people starving or homeless. How can a homeless person benefit from counseling, and why would he/she waste time and money that way?

They only type of counseling, or remotely close to that, that a homeless person might benefit from might be to get a donated haircut or to be able to go to a clothes closet to get nice clothes to be presentable to a landlord. Real estate brokers, if they don’t charge, would also be a great help. None of these are mental health counselors, because MH is irrelevant when you are desperate for a place to call home. Even a donated manicure, trivial as it is, will help a person make a good impression on a future landlord, and would be far more useful than a paid fake friend.

Psychiatry is also useless. Who wants to go apartment-hunting while feeling antsy or having the urge to pace? Who wants to have shaky hands while trying to sign paperwork? Or show up supervised because your court-appointed guardian (that the psych institution insists on) has to go along for the ride?

And so on.


I just had my final training for an in-person, contract position. They had us sign many papers and also we quickly went through a PowerPoint about how to sign up and how to make necessary reports to the agency. They are very flexible and I have pleased with their overall organization and format. What is cool is that I will get a certification out of this.

In September I will get tax training courtesy of my workplace. I will be juggling two contract positions with two companies at that point. It should all work out. There will be a few weeks when I will need to not do one job or another. It will work out. I hope to make piles of money. I lost out in May, June, and July. Catching up is in sight but I gotta focus my eyes am on it and know it’s not some mirage.

I am thrilled to be getting my foot in the community at last. I am thrilled because this position, in itself, means authority. Not in the boss sense but I am seen as credible and educated ajust by being hired and making it through the zillion screenings and training exams. Now I have to play my cards right. No confessions The old world is part of the past.

Can we truly remake ourselves? Of course! When changing names, the most important thing is to call yourself by the new name. I am not an MP anymore. I am me.

Good morning!

Today I do not work because I have a training. It won’t take all day. Probably a few hours.

Yesterday I went thrifting, taking advantage of senior discount. Some seniors show up every week to get a thing or two. The person behind the counter said sometimes people come and buy 60 items. This is hard for the cashiers, apparently, since they have to ring stuff up by hand and also apply various discounts depending on color of tag. I think I purchased 10-12 items. Coincidentally, some cellular accessories I’m selling and also more kids’ clothes arrived. I need to photo all this stuff, list it on Ebay, and box it up to store it properly till it sells.

This, of course, is pocket money only. I’d have to work full-time if I wanted to make anything significant on Ebay, just to get the business off the ground.

I worked my regular job yesterday but they were so overbooked that I was hardly getting any calls. I traded off my last 90 minutes and got to work on other things.

Right about when my publicist called me yesterday, I received an email saying my video channel is live. I am not providing a link right now. I need to prevent trolls from showing up (people whose aim is to bash the messenger without hearing the message). I’m able to watch them for free while I am logged in but I don’t think anyone else can.

My publicist says my show is going to take off. I don’t know how to react because I’m nobody. I’m just a peon. I’m not famous or rich. Plus I’m over 60! Every now and then I watch those talent shows on YouTube where people come from nowhere and then, suddenly, make it big. Think of Susan Boyle, who was about 40 and unemployed when she was discovered.

Of course it’s an illusion. A dream that not everyone wants because it’s a responsibility. I know in my heart that I have an important message and the more people I can reach and help, the better.

When I do my videos I put in a plug for my book at the end. But I will be doing more than that. Just wait.

I’m going to start a suggestion box page. Here you can send me your input. What topics do you want me to cover? I’ll be setting up the page shortly.

Thanks, Ben Jackson, but your logic doesn’t add up.

Here is the article:

In case you can’t see the article, what he is saying is that guns are to blame for mass shootings. He states that the same president who is deflecting blame to “crazy people” or “sick minds” is also pulling the plug on health insurance which includes access to mental health care. “Care.”

So basically he’s assuming that the answer to mental illness is increased “care.” He is stating that the president is a hypocrite since if he really wants to wipe out mental illness, wouldn’t he increase funding for “care”?

As I see it, those in power want us invisible and voiceless. They want us locked up or sheltered in HUD ghettos or in segregated housing. They want us out of the workforce and they are determined to keep us from being fruitful and multiplying. This is how they think they’re going to wipe out not “mental illness” but to wipe out an entire segment of the population. They aim to get rid of us. Any way they can.

Now….will providing “care,” as care is now, reduce “mental illness” in society?

No. First of all, you can’t get a mental illness diagnosis unless¬† you go to “care” in the first place. Now, most of you are doomed for life, but no one wants to admit that.

Treatment invariably means drugs nowadays. Go look on the label of any psych drug, in particular the SSRI drugs…Warning: Can cause violent or erratic behavior, should not be given to minors, can cause suicidal tendencies, monitor closely. And so on.

Notice the arguments, whatever they are, skirt around the issue of psych drugs. Very few in the media are willing to talk about it. The drug companies have sponsor slots in all the major media outlets, so if any journalist dares speak out, the paper will lose their funding sources.

Now do you see what I mean? These stories regularly get pulled.

One way to wipe people off the map is to poison them. That is how they killed us Jews, with poison gas. Our society poisons elders with polypharmacy, killing them silently. The number of people who now have a mental illness diagnosis is in the hundreds of millions. A new statistic shows that a person’s chances of dying of a cardiac event TRIPLE after psych hospitalization, a couple of years down the road. Many among us will continue to die young, mostly not from suicide, and they’ll still wonder why.

They are diagnosing as many as they possibly can, at as young an age as possible, even during infanthood. Psych is rampant in foster care. Children grow up singled out and then they don’t stand a chance.

These politics, based in eugenics, are indeed succeeding, but they don’t call it that. They call it medical care.¬† Slowly, insidiously, killing us.


Homemade tortillas!

I made my own tortillas just now. The last are still baking. They came out more like flatbread than real tortillas, I must admit.

You can use a tortilla press to make these, or, alternately, a rolling pin. It occurs to me that you could press the tortillas between two heavy, hardcover textbooks, but make it some subject you disliked.

How about this? The DSM would work great to press tortillas! How about pressing one between the pages of your “favorite” diagnosis? I could say more but I have to flip them now.

Yes, squash seeds (pepitas) are fine for people with kidney disease!

You may have been warned about the high phosphorus levels in pepitas. However, there’s no need to worry. Yes, there is a lot of phosphorus in them, but it is not metabolized by humans. Same goes for winter squash flesh and many other vegetables. You really have to worry about the phosphorus in meat, though. I recommend avoiding bone broth and any type of bone-based food or supplement.

Also, with CKD you should avoid calcium supplements of any type. This includes calcium carbonate, which is often prescribed to CKD patients. Ask for an alternative.

I have heard that taking B-12, folic acid, and rehmannia, an herb, will help with anemia in CKD. These are surely more desirable than taking a fake pharmaceutical hormone. A long time ago a nurse (who was a fellow inmate) told me you could see anemia in a person’s face. My roommate was anemic and he told her so even before her blood test came back.

I read very recently that our rice is tainted with arsenic. You should rinse before cooking it. Yes, this will also wash out the fake vitamins that we obsessively add to rice here in the USA. For some of us, the vitamins can’t be metabolized and will show up as waste in our bloodstream anyway.

Life After Lithium is on target in terms of timing and is due to be released late this fall.