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One problem, says Chris Richards, a beef cattle specialist with Oklahoma State University, is that modern cows have inherited a certain stoic disposition from their ancestors.

“In nature, they’re a prey animal,” Richards said. “They have developed to not show signs of illness because that increases your detection and chance of being preyed upon. When they feel danger or stress they tend to hide those symptoms.”

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Yeah, I know, cows aren’t people. You can’t really make any fair comparison. Still, don’t you love the metaphor?

Since earliest times, animal stories have been used as metaphor, in children’s books, Bible stories, and fables. Though the idea of “talking animals” is shunned by modern-day writers, for centuries they were used as teaching tools.

Metaphor can really be far, far out there, and still shine true.

Rape and sexual violence does not DIRECTLY cause an Eating Disorder

I am not defending rape. Rape is wrong and if you read anything else here in my blog you know I am a victim of rape and sexual harassment. You also know that when I finally got up the guts to report what had occurred, I was told I had “fabricated” the story.

That said, check out this link:

While it is statistically true that rape can be a catalyst (note wording), what REALLY causes an ED? Restrictive dieting. (If it’s not that, it can be caused by another form of severe malnutrition, which can happen inadvertently.)

What causes dieting? Rape can set a person off to go on a restrictive diet. However, the diet itself is what causes the body to get into certain patterns. Which will make the ED hard to stop.

The mental health system, and other forms of severe (am I using this yucky word too much?) oppression will sustain a person in a state of “illness.” The oppression could include sexual oppression. Of course, society often overlooks the oppression of the Mental System. Maybe the elephant in the room is just too big to see.

Shelf in kitchen, arranged.

The lamp is a thrift shop special. I swear the bulb for it cost more than the lamp itself! In one bowl I’ve got a pumpkin and acorn squash. In the other, organic potatoes and garlic. Below, dishes. I got the shelving from a discount market nearby for under $10, and they’re totally collapsible. Never mind the ever-present discount shelf liner, which lines our lives.

Yes, I don’t always do what my naturopath says, because…it’s MY body!

I like my naturopath as a person. He hates psychiatry, he’s got an interest in the arts and is talented, and also, in my opinion, he has a good head on his shoulders. Mostly, he’s a person I can joke around with. We can tell psych-bashing jokes and laugh over them. He dislikes psych because the field is corrupt and because he’s seen over many years the wreckage psychiatry can cause.

But do I “obey” him? Of course not. I don’t see him as God. That would be contradicting myself, wouldn’t it? I do what I want. I do ask him now and then if he’s got recommendations, or what his experience has been doing various things. But sometimes, I don’t take his recommendations 100%. Actually, he doesn’t expect me to. Why? I’m not a sheeple. He knows I am the one who decides. Sometimes he says this, too, reminding me (and all his students to use “common sense.”

There’s no one-size fits all. And we all know that, since most readers here don’t fit that one-size protocol baloney which is why you’re here, right?

So…he recommended to stop eating popcorn. I did. Oh, for a while. Then I realized I kinda wanted it. Now I have started it again because it’s a tradeoff. While the corn is not so good for you, when I eat popcorn I get the Omega-3 and healthy oils I cook it in, and also, now, the turmeric I sprinkle onto it. This is the most palatable way to ingest turmeric unless I put it into capsules. I don’t like it on rice.  Never mind that popcorn is just plain fun. I don’t salt it, of course.

He also said not to eat potatoes. “For now,” he said. However, I need the potassium, and also, I see organic potatoes easily obtainable in many stores around here, red, white, and mini. The price is affordable but higher than regular potatoes. I think it’s worth the extra dollar per sack because mass-produced potatoes are undoubtedly GMO.

I’m totally convinced that potatoes are “good for you.” I mean really, if they’re organic, yes, I am convinced.  Not overpriced health food potato chips…again, common sense!

Never mind I bought some raw peanuts in the shell and been pan-roasting them now and then. It occurs to me I could sprout the raw ones, too. I don’t think they’re organic. Oops. May the gods forgive me, folks.

Alternatives to dialysis

I have noticed that various natural medicine gurus offer alternatives to dialysis, or, perhaps, ways that people can avoid it. And yet, Western Med insists that dialysis is “great” and literally lies to people about improved quality of life.

I do know folks on dialysis. These are not mental patients, they’re people mostly very sick people. They are diabetic and have breathing issues, overweight, and have multiple other health problems. Most cannot walk on their feet, they use wheelchairs or stumble around with a walker.

Wait a minute…If I’m THAT close to dialysis, why don’t I in the least resemble the folks I know who are on dialysis? Not one can work, NO WAY. They’re sick, needy, and every other day is spent in the doctor’s office! But that’s not me!

Did I not rake the yard yesterday, maybe two hours of that? Ten bags this time, did my neighbor’s sidewalk, too. I can’t think of a single person on dialysis who could come close to doing that. A little birdie is telling me dialysis isn’t “great.”

But…what about the alternatives? Western Med literally LIES to people. You can go to any kidney site out there, or go to a kidney doc, and they’ll tell you your choices are dialysis, a transplant, or, if you insist, nothing, and if you choose the latter you die in (at most) 20 days. A few choose nothing, most fall for dialysis and wait and wait for a kidney.

I don’t buy this. I don’t believe it.

Alternative medicine has come up with a few answers. And I’ve come up with some amazing things that work FOR ME.

What they don’t tell you is that each person’s kidney disease is different. That’s why dialysis sometimes totally flops (and you die). The kidney is a filter. If you have kidney disease, all it means is that your filter is letting through some things too fast, and other things, it’s sending back to the bloodstream when really it should be letting this stuff go out via your piss.

Now what? All that stuff that should have gone out is stuck in you. Ultimately, it can get so toxic inside that you get poisoned. But it’s different for each person. The flaws in the kidney can vary.

For most, their kidneys fail to excrete water. What happens? Too much fluid is in the body and gets stuck there. Of course, this will KILL YOU very fast.

This is not true of me. My kidneys are the opposite. They send out too much (so I have to drink a lot to compensate). This also means I am not being water-poisoned. However, other things might get stuck.

Remember how Lithium gives  you pimples? This is a sure sign your kidneys are eroding, slowly. Why? Because what happens is that the “stuck” stuff can’t come out, so now, where can it go? OUT YOUR SKIN. And it does. It comes out as zits. Oh fun fun. I had years of that starting around age 27.  Interestingly, my hair got more curly also. Skin and hair are made of the same stuff, so doesn’t this make sense? Interestingly, the hair-curling effect has been observed by Western Med, though I am not sure they considered it worthy of a “study.”

My naturopath says SHOWERS!!!! Yep, simply taking a shower and scrubbing yourself is a great “kidney cleanse.” I take a thick fuzzy towel and dry myself vigorously afterward. I would also not recommend using any product that clogs pores and avoid moisturizers, conditioners, etc. My naturopath says “cold showers, hot showers, saunas too…” Sweating will also get rid of “stuff” you have accumulated. If applicable.

Natural medicine has many answers to ESRD (end stage renal disease) that Western Med claims “doesn’t work.”They don’t want you to know!

I’ve been doing research. I’ve started somewhat of a dialysis alternative regime. I can’t tell you how GOOD I feel! Like a million bucks. And you don’t need to do IV’s, certainly nothing invasive nor complex.

I’m not sharing any of the particulars on here mainly because, as I explained before, everyone’s kidneys filter flaws are different. I fear if I tell you you’ll go try it. And whatever I claim I do, if you try it too, it might not work well for you. You have to do your own research…Learn what makes YOU tick, do your own body-research. HOP TO IT and LIVE.

Washington Post’s EXPOSE of the drug industry’s profit off of murdering people with opoids (link)

Here’s the link:

We kinda knew this all along, eh? Kudos to the Post for AGAIN telling it like it is. Who funds the Post and why does it repeatedly tell the truth when other papers refuse to do so?

I hope you guys can see this. Apparently they teamed up with 60 Minutes. (Which I watched sometimes when I was a kid.)

Doesn’t this little explanation make a lotta sense? They’re PROFITING when people get hooked. Never mind that massive amounts of people die. They do not give a shit.


Gathering Leaves

Gathering Leaves by Robert Frost

Spades take up leaves
No better than spoons,
And bags full of leaves
Are light as balloons.
I make a great noise
Of rustling all day
Like rabbit and deer
Running away.
But the mountains I raise
Elude my embrace,
Flowing over my arms
And into my face.
I may load and unload
Again and again
Till I fill the whole shed,
And what have I then?
Next to nothing for weight,
And since they grew duller
From contact with earth,
Next to nothing for color.
Next to nothing for use.
But a crop is a crop,
And who’s to say where
The harvest shall stop?


I remember this poem from when I was a kid, don’t you? Yesterday I did many errands, more than seemed even possible, then, I did the yard.

When I say “did the yard,” I mean I raked it. I did my neighbor’s also, just to be “nice.” Not his entire yard, which would have been too much, but his entire back yard, which is next to my yard without any dividing point so I just do the whole thing.

This chore (which I see as a joy) was overdue because of my trip to Denver, which took up over a week of my life away from Yard Work. So the yard had become raggedy and ungroomed. According to my lease I’m supposed to keep the yard civilized-looking.

I suppose coming home from an exhausting trip to find your yard entirely covered with a blanket of leaves is one thing. Coming home to find your house got broken into while you were gone and a window was smashed is another. The latter did not occur, thankfully. Standing there with my suitcase, knapsack, and Amtrak-appropriate blanket flopping out of a worn shopping bag, I laughed out loud at my crusty yard, and breathed a sigh of relief…My House is Fine.

I spent the first day kinda sleeping it off, bashing psychiatry Friday the 13th at night (check out my radio show!) and yesterday, running errands I cannot do on a Sunday. Saturdays are like that, crammed with two days’ worth of stuff due to lack of buses on Sundays.

First I went southward (free bus transfer!) to a medical clinic to get a TB test done for work. Then I stopped in a department store before the bus arrived to pick up a few household items. I picked up the bus, transfered and headed northward, past my house. By now, I was nodding off on the bus. (I let myself do this.) I knew I wouldn’t miss my stop. I got off at another store to pick up something I had on order. I rushed in, got it, ran out, and managed to catch the southbound bus.  I had to carry a lot back onto the bus, but I managed.  Twenty minutes later I was home.

Okay, now…Time to rake the leaves.

But first, I want to talk a bit about adult responsibility. I talk about this a lot. We are robbed of this opportunity as “patients.” We are robbed of the opportunity to contribute to society, to give to others, to raise children (or have any contact with kids), to do meaningful work, to pull our own weight, to take care of ourselves, to transport ourselves, to make our own decisions, both big and small.

How does this happen? We get handouts. We have stuff done for us. This is called supervision, care, management, whatever, and it slowly wrecks our lives. They provide transportation and then, we forget how to do for ourselves. They provide housekeeping and then, we forget how to clean up our own messes. They put our pills in pill boxes (how insulting!) and then, we forget which ones we’re on and become medically helpless and dependent.

To end your mental patient status you have to undo all this. Take back your right to be a giving and productive human being. Take back your sense of responsibility that adults rightfully have.

In 2012 when I was trying to move I wrote to a place in a faraway city that I turned down because I was going to have to do YARD WORK. Oh dear. Why did I think I couldn’t do it? Because the System had taught me helplessness.

I love raking leaves! I love the pleasure of taking the responsibility of caring for a yard instead of having someone else do it. I noticed these weed-like things (not brambles) around the side of the house. I plan to chop all that down with my lawnmover, maybe today. I don’t have clippers but I don’t need them. For the “close up” work I can just use a big pair of scissors.

I learned a few “technique” things about raking, time-saving methods such as turning the rake upside-down and using it as a shovel. Yesterday I gathered maybe ten bags of leaves and crap from the yard but I didn’t have to bag it all this time. My neighbor told me the trash people take the leaves if you put them in a certain spot.

I wiped my brow. I looked back on my transformed yard. All that work. I called it good. Plenty good enough. A day’s work for sure. And headed back in.


Oh no, I’m going to turn into a yo-yo……

This is really funny. Is it really true that “If you hang out with yo-yos, you become one?”

I’ve been hanging out with Puzzle for 11 years now (Happy Birthday Puzzle, coming up) and she isn’t yet human. Eleven years, folks, and she is STILL hairy. This is not proof, of course, but….

I’m not a dog yet. I don’t have that super-duper nose that dogs have, and I”m not crawling on all fours. Oh dear, what to do? Shall I hang with Puzzle another year? I hope so! I think I’ll cuddle more and see if tomorrow I wake up and find out I’m a Cream-colored Schnoodle.

Ah, no responsibilities, no more paying rent, just sleep all day, bark now and then, and eat off the floor.

Just sayin’.

Keep it up, folks.

Mannitol: Is it useful? Only for some people, not others

I have read various articles on Mannitol, some which seem dubious and others which seem valid. Mannitol stalls Parkinsons, even reversing it.

Will Mannitol help Tardive Dyskinesia? I bet it will! Has it ever been tried? If it helps Parkinson’s, definitely, then I think people who have TD can’t lose by trying Mannitol! The worst thing that could happen would be that you’d get diarrhea. Please be aware that this might happen and proceed with caution. Don’t take boatloads of mannitol, then, go on a boat trip wearing only shorts with no bathroom nearby, with your fiancee’s parents. Hey folks, common sense!

That said, kindly pass this along to anyone suffering with TD……

Me, I am not, but I heard this stuff was good for kidney disease. Is it? I don’t know yet but after a few days of taking it I noticed it knocks me out. Not all day long, but at the right time of day, at bedtime. You know, circadian rhythm, etc. Say what?!!! It must be doing some good if it helps me sleep. I am not getting diarrhea from it, so I am continuing with it. No, not boatloads, just a small amount, dissolved in water, periodically. I am drinking some right now.

I am wondering if it will help post-ECT. Any of you who are suffering if you have tried it, let me know if it helps. And kindly be aware that for most people it CAN cause diarrhea so please please be careful and don’t overdo it.