The likes of Sudoku, the Rubik’s CUBE, Crosswords…

Puzzle asleep 1_3_07

Here are some more photos of Puzzle and her family:

Puzzle lap 1 1_3_07

Puzzle 1_3_07 #1

Puzzle 1_3_07 #2

this is another one of the puppies:

Puppy #3 1_3_07

Puppy #3 2 1_3_07

Puppies 1_3_07 #1
Looking for Dad 1_3_07
Isa 1_3_07

I have more to tell you about, lots more,¬†plus I need to scan a photo of Captain, the dad of the litter, that Elaine, the breeder, kindly gave me, but it’s getting late and I’m tired.¬† I hope you enjoyed the puppy photos.