Nano update on Day Four

I have nearly 15,000 words.  I am writing about a 40-day, 40-night journey.  I am actually writing about 41 days.  I am on day 5 of the journey, but so far I haven’t quite finished that day.   So I’m a little behind with the story, unless you count the fact that a few of the days I’m going to skim over, as my records are too sparse to get into too much detail.  However, I’m way ahead on word count.  I’m more than a quarter of the way to the 50,000-word goal, which I need to reach by November 30.  So I say simply, “Write on!”

Extra thanks to Nita Sweeney for getting me and a bunch of other Goddard people started on this.  Nita has done Nano twice before!  Amazing!

The book is panning out in an interesting way.  Already, there are things I tell myself I wish I’d done differently.  Writing fast is interesting.  This is turning out to be an incredible learning experience, and I’m so happy that I’m doing it.  More on this later.

I’m also burning out.  And not eating.  But I’m not going to worry about that yet.  Everything will fall into place in time.  Everything.  Just wait.