Eating Disorder Rescue Lesson One is finally finished and up on the site

I finished Lesson One at last.  Of course, all the writing part was done ages ago, and the filming I did all at once in one evening, but the editing took so darned long.  But tonight, or, rather should I say last night (I was up all night doing this, I must admit) I finally finished Lesson One.

Oh boy oh boy, I did not want to wait you guys.  I was dying to get this up on Vimeo.  But as you know or may not know, uploading takes ages.

Yes, a watched pot does boil, and I watched the darned pot from beginning to end.  I enjoyed watching it boil, and yeah, seeing that 100% on Vimeo is great.  But then Vimeo had the nerve to tell me I had to wait some 45 minutes for the darned thing to queue and then “convert.”  Huh?

Well, I suppose I should not act like a spoiled child.  You can’t always get what you want right away.  However, it was something like 4am,  or maybe later, maybe 5am by then.  And then, you know, I guess you could say the night had rolled over for me.

So before you know it, the video had “converted” and all was fine and dandy in all-nighter land.  I was determined to do everything just right.  So I figured out how to do html and get the Vimeo embedded into my site,  And yeah, it’s there all right.  Lesson One is right here.

I love you folks.  I worked so hard to get this right.  Take care.