Wow, my site julie greene dot name looks really great with google chrome

I was working on it using my usual firefox and found that it kept freezing.  I got rather frustrated and decided to check my browser to see if I had the latest version.  I decided to clear the cache.  Finally, when all else failed, I asked myself, “I wonder if Chrome will work any faster?”  Wow.  It does!  Chrome is great.   I like the stuff I could do with my Favorites, and the website builder stopped having all its silly quirks that it had before.

So now, julie greene dot name is much more spiffy than it was before!  Oh, by the way, I put up a page of all my videos on the site.  So you can see all my Amazon video reviews on one  page.  Me and Puzzle!

Bound for North Carolina!

Yes, Puzzle and I are going to be in North Carolina in November!  We are flying on November 3rd.  And yes, I am doing Nano.  More on Nano coming up.

I will be near Boone, NC.  Boone is quite mountainous.  We will be there for the month, working, living, sharing, healing, discovering, and writing.

Today I did a little planning for my writing, that is, Nano, National Novel Writing Month, and made a little movie for the general public.  I’m practicing up my movie making skills and playing around at generally being a ham so that I can make a really good movie for MindFreedom International’s I Got Better campaign.

Anyone can make a movie who has a webcam.  Really!  You do have the software if…okay, okay, you may or may not already have it in your computer but you probably do.  I think at this point all PC’s have it and many Mac computers have their kind of movie editing software as well.  I used Windows Movie Maker and it is very user friendly.  I have not once needed to search the “help” database…it’s super self-explanatory.  Of course, I’ve only done very rudimentary stuff with it.

We have our outbound flight all set for November 3rd to Charlotte, NC.  And I contacted the airline and spoke with the disabilities person, who said it would be best if Puzzle traveled in a carrier, since she is so small.  I agree totally, for safety’s sake.  They said I could bring Puzzle out of the carrier anytime, but it’s going to be a short flight and Puzzle really likes her carrier and might just feel safer staying put.

Here’s my video review of the Sherpa carrier we purchased:

Can’t you see I’m having a blast?