Miscellaneous boring facts about tonsillitis

Strep is only one form of tonsillitis and it generally requires treatment. You usually have to take antibiotics for it because strep is bacterial. It can turn into something much more serious, including kidney disease. Mostly kids get strep but adults can get it, too.

Tonsillitis can also be viral which is the kind I get. So it does not respond to anti-b drugs and will go away on its own. There are many viruses that can end up inflaming your tonsils.

Symptom-wise, tonsillitis resembles strep and may in fact be strep, but if it goes away by itself it likely wasn’t bacterial. It also resembles the flu because you don’t get cold symptoms. Just a little bit and not all runny and sneezy.

Did I catch this at school? Possibly. I noticed it starting yesterday but I pushed it into the back of my mind. Then I woke up and knew I couldn’t go in. I feel terrible about canceling.

Otherwise, I’m not sure why it keeps coming back. It’s annoying.

My blog was offline briefly

I don’t think it was particularly earth shattering but I missed a payment with my hosting people They really need to send more reminders because email gets lost so easily. I paid them and my blog is back up. I have no clue how long it was down for

I have tonsillitis again. I didn’t have a fever when I woke up but I have one now. I won’t be working tomorrow. Okay now I have extra excuses to hug Puzzle and snuggle with her in bed. Sicko Mom needs lotsa doggie kisses from furry creature. I am just doing it for her attention, right? The sore throat is just anxiety and the fever means I have an incurable personally disorder so you all better watch out. Instead of one head, I got two.

The latest excitement

My life is getting suspenseful! Here I am at my new job, meanwhile doing retail on weekends only. The new job is going well. Friday, someone called me during my lunch break. I was surprised since I keep the phone in Airplane Mode almost all day. Who was it?

It was the agency that hired me to work at Agora School. Remember my article? Here it is, in case you “forgot”: https://www.madinamerica.com/2019/07/inside-online-charter-school-labeling-kids-disabled-for-profit/

Now this person said I violated HIPAA and violated my contract. Who the hell cares about my contract? They can’t do anything except fire me and I don’t work there anymore. Furthermore, nothing I did there was medical and I am not breaking HIPAA. They said I was, since I mentioned the name of the school.

They are wrong. The name of the school is not PHI, which stands for Private Health Information. The school itself (and the agency) are not protected by HIPAA. The school is not even protected by FERPA. They claimed if I didn’t take the article down they’d get their lawyers. Clearly, they did this to scare the pants off of me, but I think they have more reason to be scared. If they dare take this one to court that article will blow off the roof with views. This is NOT what they want, as I figure.

I did what I did to protect children against these school policies. My aim was to expose the corruption I witnessed. I think I did a good job of it, enough to scare them, but it’s taken them a while to find my article.

Both Miranda Spencer and Robert Whitaker wholeheartedly agree that there was no violation at all. Prior to the article going up, they combed through it to see if anything wasn’t quite Kosher. They tell me I have nothing to worry about. Oh, except illegal retaliation.

I did indeed contact a lawyer. I don’t think I’ll need one, but I figure I might as well. Most of these attorneys don’t write back and don’t call back…but we will see. If they continue to call then it is harassment. I think they know that, too.

Please stay tuned because I’m doing a TV show on HIPAA! I’ll put up the link after I am done.

Apologies to Netflix customers

I found out that my show can’t be accessed via Netflix. Ninety networks, yes, but  oddly, Netflix isn’t one of them. I have to go back to all my websites and various posts and take off Netflix from the list. I can’t believe it.

Anyone can find my show at: https://www.bingenetworks.tv/channel/13073 You can purchase shows directly off the website. They do not cost much, just 99 cents.

Fake loan officers claiming to be from One Main Financial and other companies

I got a call just now, several in fact, from some call center (likely abroad) with a lady on the line telling me she’s from One Main Financial and I have been approved. I asked her why I was not getting a call from the local office. The lady said, “We’re calling you from the office in Washington, DC.” Really? That might be where my area code is, but I do not live there. She said, “You applied online so we’re responding.” I told her if One Main Financial was contacting me (really) they’d call from the local office. She insisted, “But I’m calling from Washington DC.” See, they don’t know where I live and they’re not who they claim to be. I told her, “Please send me this in writing.” She said, “Oh, okay,” and hung up. Ha ha.

Last week I had call from a fake officer claiming to be from a different company offering me a loan. I did not hear call center background noise. I wasn’t sure the whole time until…get this…he asked for my online banking password. I told him I’d never heard of such a thing. He got very pushy and claimed there would be extra charges if I refused. I hung up on him.

I should make a business of this.