Please read this if you are considering using Serpina for sleep!

Here’s the article:


Summary of warnings: Please note….The dose I have been taking is higher than the dose recommended by this particular physician and likewise, I have been thinking I need to cut back. He states that half of what I am taking would be the max. I know my insomnia was severe. I am going to try to take three tablets tonight.

I also note that “convulsions” were observed as possible result of long-term (a month or more) of heavy use. I do not see sodium drop as being a part of this, since the mechanism of lowering blood pressure isn’t sodium-related. It doesn’t lower blood volume. It works via the nervous system, and CROSSES the blood-brain barrier, which is why it works well for sleep.

I do not agree that all anxious people also have high blood pressure and vice versa. That’s a stereotype.

So also, I imagine “prolactin raise” is downplayed here. If you are still menstruating, and notice your periods stop, STOP TAKING THIS STUFF. Also, this means MALE BREASTS. However, read carefully. Long term use. If you are male and you notice breasts. Stop. Stop before you end up with really big breasts. Okay? Don’t stay on. No doctor is forcing you to stay on, and this stuff has no withdrawal effects…… I have not noticed breast enlargement from this. If I do, I will stop it. Why? I don’t want lower estrogen, that means thinner bones. It IS serious.

Okay….Let’s see what else. Low pulse. Not serious! I run, so my pulse is bound to be slow anyway. You really do not get postural hypotension from this. Meaning you don’t get dizzy! You just seriously want to sleep.

I don’t notice any problems from it. Nor nasal congestion nor nightmares. I notice I sleep. Hmm…..

why should kids HAVE to get the MMR vaccine?

I don’t get it. i can see the meningitis one. That’s a horrible disease that will most likely kill you. Mumps, measles, and rubella should be a CHOICE. Most kids will only be a little sick. They will definitely miss school, but NO MORE THAN WHEN THEY GET STREP or a bad flu. I think mumps kept me out a week, if that, and for sure german measles, a full week, chicken pox was like…NOTHING. But yeah, we stayed out of school and we looked very funny. Dad got mumps and was sicker than us kids, I recall. My brothers didn’t get German measles, but I did. No one understood why I was the only one in the family to get that dreaded disease, which wasn’t so bad. You just have a fever and turn RED. You only get it once, then you don’t get it again. In my opinion, MONO is ten times worse, since you miss far more school. Only I’d like that kissing part of it, wouldn’t you?

Why be vaccinated against a disease that rarely kills? I bet many parents are going to object to this MMR. If I were a parent I would go along with the polio one, and not the flu shot, which that I know of, isn’t very effective, and gives people the flu anyway. I don’t think they give that one to children, do they? I hope not!

I’m not antivac, but I see no point in forcing the MMR on children.

Kids who need money badly.

What do kids do when they need money, a lot of money, very badly? Sometimes, they steal from their employers. That could be in the form of embezzlement, depending on the kid’s position in the workplace. Tax documents can be fudged. A desperate employee may pilfer a warehouse or storefront.

Let’s say a kid, an older kid, stands to inherit tons of money, but the old geezer just won’t die. What now?

This has been done. Recently I read an article about certain locales where the elderly congregate (think Florida) and you see lots of this. Elders, BEWARE because lawyers are out there out to snag a deal between your kids and local judges. Even if you know you are not mentally incompetent. That doesn’t matter. You kid doesn’t care. He wants the money.

It’s a sweet deal. The kid gets most. The judge gets a good chunk, and the lawyer cleans up. Judges often hide the money away in real estate.

Think it ain’t happening. I know it’s happening.

A person who has had a seizure should not drive, swim, nor climb ladders…but what else?

I feel LOUSY. What else? Please tell me this is NOT the recommended “treatment” similar to Electroshock. Or I will laugh in your face!  I feel like I just had ECT! And this was NOT therapy! In any way! I feel rotten! Dear Shock Docs EVERYWHERE, stop torturing people! Do not give people seizures, this is not fun.

I bumped my head and it seems more than once. I have no clue what on earth head injuries I have. Never mind internal, I got a mass of ickiness under my hair. No, it’s not “goo,” it’s dried blood….. Never mind that, I feel nauseous and I really don’t want more Goldfish crackers, please. My teeth are fine. No cracked ones except the ones that were already cracked. Puzzle is acting normal. And I have the door open. But….Please don’t have a seizure. You will feel lousy afterward.

Ah, more unfolds…..CARBON MONOXIDE!

Learning more about Carbon Monoxide, abbreviated CO

Carbon Monoxide Facts

….Wow, this accounts for why I have felt odd lately, probably accounts for the diarrhea as well. As fot the seizure, that could have been caused by carbon monoxide, too. Or from the sodium from fluid loss.

After our alarm went off last night (around 10pm until we got it to turn off) I had my door open all night long, as this stopped the alarms, and I still have a window cracked and sound-alarmed to prevent a break-in.

I am wondering if I should call the vet and have my doggie checked out. The extent that she is affected will indicate to me how much I have been affected. And if she has been affected she needs vet care. If she is not feeling well, she cannot tell me. However, I see no reason to believe she isn’t. I hear that animals can be affected sooner, and usually are, since CO is on the lowest level of the home.


Information about Serpina and other Aryurvedic remedies for insomnia

First of all, I want to say that I did NOT do an incredible amount of research to find out about this remedy. It’s a crapshoot. I simply decided to TRY it. That’s all. No careful research, no detailed tests, no consultation with “experts.” Because I am the expert on myself, and you are the expert on you. No doctor can do any better than YOU can. Seriously! “How do you feel?” That’s about how they do it. Go ahead, experiment!

So here’s how I found Serpina. I found it on a list, where it was listed accidentally with pharmaceuticals. I clicked on the link, but found that it’s not a pharma drug. Apparently the webmaster or whoever had goofed and put Serpina there, but it was misplaced. Thanks to a red tape error, i found Serpina.

Red tape errors are as common as people leaving the e off the end of my last name, so…..

This is precisely how psychiatry works. YES, it’s a crapshoot. Only I deserve NO credit for this except to sigh in relief. Your psychiatrist does NOT EVEN DESERVE HIS FUCKING PAYCHECK. For what? For turning over the 8-ball, and saying, “I think we’ll try Imipramine…” Geez.

So here’s the brand I ordered:

Here’s another product on Amazon I would recommend:

I would not recommend Himalaya brand products as some seem to contain lead. I think that not all do, but I hesitate…..I am not sure if there’s a problem with the packaging, or what the problem is.

There are TONS others. Here’s a link to a listing of Aryurvedic remedies to try. The list here is quite comprehensive! Remember, there are many different brands (compounders) of these herbs. None should be costly! As you can see from the Amazon links, the “miracle cure” right around the corner costs pennies, not a fortune. and it’s not from the EXPERTS, it’s from YOU, it was right there inside, all along! You know about it, just tap into your inner wisdom.

Complete List Of Ayurvedic Home Remedies + Herbs For Insomnia


Who made this salty soup?

I made salty soup for myself tonight. This very well may be overkill, but I am SCARED of having another seizure.

Dear Shock Doc from Way Back When, Dr. Michael Henry, MD, I want to know what on earth made you think having a seizure makes people feel better. Because right now, I FEEL LIKE DAMN CRAP. My head hurts because I banged it last night and I feel woozy and out of it. Why on earth would you do this to people in the name of “HELP”?

Mostly, it’s inconvenienced me. I’ve had to cancel tonight’s event. And I hope I make it to my events tomorrow. I have something scheduled for 10:30 and then, at 1:30. And no, these are not “doctor appointments.” I do not see doctors anymore. I’ve wised up! One event is a writing group and the other is an interview.

So here I am, having “salty soup” for dinner. No, I’m not suffering, just inconvenienced by this. Annoyed that I was suckered into believing I had a make believe mental illness when I didn’t. And wondering why on earth “they” (the medical/psych establishment) insist seizures make people “feel better.” How would “they” know? They don’t put electrodes on their own heads, do they?

I beg to differ with anyone who claims a seizure makes you feel great. Ask any epileptic, actually. Most hate having seizures! After last night’s experience, I can say for sure that I do not want another one, ever again!

Shock doc, why don’t you go stick your tongue into a light bulb fixture and be done with it?

Uh oh, I was “too religious” about that low sodium diet….

I have been following a low-sodium diet because I know it’s “good for you” if you have damaged kidneys. Every now and then, I “cheated” and ate something salty. However, lately, I didn’t “cheat.” I should have!

The human body needs salt, even very little, because you sweat it out during exercise. And if you ever lose fluids by eating something yucky that gives you the runs you will lose sodium, so you need to replenish. This is a good reason to “cheat.” Ah, but I didn’t let myself do that. That was not good.

I think it’s ironic that for about a decade I was misdiagnosed with a seizure disorder, temporal lobe ones. i never had a seizure disorder (so saith another neuro) and the original neuro was diagnosis-happy! I see no evidence for temporal lobe seizures except inside the wallet of the original neuro.

So I never needed all that bullshit. Many were falsely diagnosed with epilepsy. I was only one of them. Many were coerced into sterilization, but that’s another story.

When a person has a seizure, they have no memory of it. I don’t! I do recall suddenly noticing urine on my floor! Oh no, Puzzle! I TRIED to clean it up. In the morning, I wondered why she peed on the floor. I also noticed I had a terrible headache. Then, I noticed it was human urine. I took my wet rug, my wet blanket, my wet clothes, the works, into the bathroom to wash everything, and there, all that stuff is sitting, on the way to getting laundered.

Finally, I dragged myself into the shower, feeling woozy still. I noticed a big bruise on the side of my hip. How did I fall? i didn’t recall falling. Then, also, on my elbow. In the shower I noticed two big bumps on my head. I really did hit my head hard! But I am sure it’s not a concussion.

I don’t recall landing. However, as far as I know, I was not wearing my glasses, or had put them down, and also, I landed partially on Puzzle’s bed. Somehow, a t-shirt of mine got totally soaked but it wasn’t on me when I “came to.” I didn’t go to sleep with it on, but honestly I don’t recall what on earth I was wearing to bed last night. It’s possible that I removed whatever I had on, given that it must have been soaked afterward. However, my memory is completely spotty.

Given that I just had a gran mal seizure, I had ECT last night! Whoop de doo! Without the shock. Except I’m shocked. Today I am eating salty crackers and salted peanuts to get my sodium up. I don’t need a doctor for this, and I don’t have any disease. This is FROM WHAT THE DOCTORS DID, so trust me on this one. I am staying far, far away from the medical profession. I don’t need them.

Pray that lithium survivors do not end up in long term care facitlities

The nursing staff will have their hands full if anyone with DI ends up in a long-term care facility. Never mind constantly having to hydrate the patient. Imagine what will happen if the patient becomes incontinent.

Well, dear ASSHOLES, YOU and your brilliant medicine gave these people, mostly women I imagine, Lithium, and now, you can clean up the half gallon of pee each time they let loose.

As for the patients, I hope they’re laughing.


Hi, I just had a flashback to abuse that was done to me by the unnecessary “sitters.” “Sitters” (this is somewhat of a slang term) means 1:1 people who “sit” next to a patient to “watch” the patient to make sure the person does not fall, or does not do an act of self-harm. In 2009 it was determined that these “sitters” were TRAUMATIZING patients and that only in very rare situations would they be used. However, the law was not heeded to, and unnecessary sitter use has continued.

I am NOT a person who was abused in early childhoode. In fact, I had very good parents. They were not alcoholic nor cruel. They were not psychotic, they were not moody, they were not distant, they were not mushy nor clingy. They were not perfect nor too demanding on us kids, either. They engaged us in many unique activities that other families weren’t doing back then, such as climbing mountains, camping, canoeing, and skiing.

My mom was proud of me because she saw me as not easily giving in to trendiness. She said it was “okay” for me to be “offbeat.” We liked paving our own trails. My dad said that’s called “bush-whacking.” So when I made the decision to become a music composer, my parents were proud of me.

They were proud of me even when I staunchly told them I was not going to marry nor bear children, that they weren’t going to have grandchildren from my womb. They were proud of me even though my college education ended up delayed by coerced psychiatry. They were proud of me when I stood up to the doctors who had harmed me with shock treatments, even though, for a long time, I could barely make sense of what had happened.

When I was 53 years old I was abused at Massachusetts General Hospital. I was shocked that this occurred. After that, I was so overwhelmed, my personality changed even! I was abused again at age 55 at Mount Auburn Hospital. I feel that the Mount Auburn Hospital abuse was worse on many levels, and this is why.

For one thing, I was EXPENDABLE. The administration of Mount Auburn knew that MGH had been in the wrong, dreadfully wrong. (I could have DIED of dehydration at their hands had it all gone on much longer, since I have diabetes INSIPIDUS, look it up!).  They also knew that I was not cooperating with them, refusing to be silent on the matter. In that sense, I was an inconvenience. THEY needed to be rid of me. Fast.

I know in my heart that they were trying to INDUCE SUICIDE. This was a deliberate attempt on their part to get me to off myself. They were abusing that badly.

Gaslighting, bullying, verbal abuse, denying anything I said, eye-rolling, bullying me while I sat on the toilet, not allowing me enough clothing to cover myself, invasion of privacy, teasing, mimicking, stealing from me, denying they had done it, nosing into my business, infantalizing, jeering, putting me down any way they can, gross insulting, denying me basic needs, telling me I am “dangerous” when I wasn’t, dehumanizing, calling me a liar, other name-calling, giving me wrong pills repeatedly, refusing to apologize for mistakes, sexual inuendos, threatening to hospitalize indefinitely, not allowing me to leave, sitters presence in too close physical proximity, threats to force-drug, forcing zyprexa and other pills, changing the rules, denial of basic truths, calling me psychotic over pretty much everything, and just plain taunting nonstop.

This happened at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge Massachusetts in August 2013. I have my records, which OF COURSE were fudged.

This abuse was DELIBERATELY done, and any attempt I made to complain was silenced and ignored with further accusations of psychosis and attempts to drug me.

Regarding the flashback I just had. I was at an ATM. I have been to this ATM before. It’s an indoor one, monitored by cameras and has walls on three sides. There are mercadito personnel nearby, giving the illusion of safety.

I stood at the ATM counting the money I had received, thinking no one would show up. A woman rushed me, though, demanding, en inglés, “Are you done?” She said this aggressively, trying to hurry me.

I played the disability card…Hey, it’s okay…I needed help at that moment and that’s what the store employees are there for. I asked them to help count the dinero. They did. Within the next minute, though, I was shaking and crying.

“Are you done?” And those three walls. The sitter named Marie said the same damn thing to me, demanding to know when I was done on the FUCKING TOILET. The three walls of the bathroom surrounding me. And there she was. She was the fourth wall.

No escape.

“Are you done?”

Something just snapped in me. I realized the severity of the hospital abuse. I realized another thing.

Weeks later, around September 2013 I phoned my Primary Care Doctor (PCP), begging her to write an order I could use for the future. NO SITTERS due to past sitter trauma. She refused to write the paper. I was so upset. I argued…no use. I didn’t want to ever speak with her again.

“Are you done?”

Sometimes, I just need to cry over this.