Likewise, don’t complain to MH professionals about……

Don’t complain to one mental health professional about another. You know where that will get you. Don’t complain to your therapist about your psych, and vice-versa. Don’t tell your therapist it was “like prison” in there or you might end up called psychotic. Don’t go to them to complain about them. Nothing worthwhile happens “in house.” You have to go over their heads, to the licensing boards and hospital safety boards. Not that that’s a guarantee. Talk to THEIR supervisor, or go straight THEIR HR. Tee hee hee.

Article in Washington Post supporting victims of sexual assault

I would love to forward this to the Watertown Police Department. In 2012, in either early July or late June, I reported to them that I had been raped by my neighbor, Bob Cahill, but it had occurred four years previously, in 2008. The police listened to me, but they had no plans, from the beginning, to proceed with any sort of investigation. They sat there with me a full hour, doing little but humoring me, and in the end offered me a ride to the nuthouse.

Their claim? That my account was not credible because Bob and I had been friends. Do they not realize that most rapes are done by people known the victim? Even husbands rape their wives. This is the most common form of rape, and the most insidious because it is next to impossible to prove. In fact, these abusive husbands, and sometimes even wives, are often repeat offenders.

They also stated that my story was “fabricated” because I had a detailed written account of what happened that night (something like the 23rd of March). Do they not know that writing things down was my way of processing the incident and putting it to rest?

Well….someday I will figure out how to complain about a police department! Of course, if I still lived there, complaining in any way would get them to come to my door and haul me off.

One day, when I was safely in Uruguay, I got brave and tweeted to the head of police department. What I said wasn’t threatening but it challenged their authority. No, they didn’t fly to Uruguay to arrest me. How much can you say in a tweet?

If I could complain about them I would have a laundry list of ways they were disrespectful, not only of me but of my neighbors, too. Here is an article on how to do that:

I wonder how long you have to file one of these. Apparently the worst thing you can do is file with the police department!

Globe article on the consequences of church whistleblowing, and my commentary

Here is the article:

Church whistleblowing gets messy because invariably the government stays out, claiming separation of church and state. Maybe this is in part why the delay before many clergy get nailed for sex abuse. Whistleblowers get no protection at all, as we see in this example.

I was a church whistleblower, too. I saw bigotry in my church, done by the church  minister, Mark Harris. I heard him say disparaging remarks about two people in the church known to have MI diagnoses. I was semi-friends with both of them. Once he made a insulting remark toward one of them in the presence of about five parishioners including me. He also insulted ex-church members and even a former ministerial intern, one he clearly hadn’t liked, right in his sermons. Once he mentioned that a former churchgoer had had a “tummy tuck” and he went on and on about her apparent lack of morality. Later I saw these things edited out of the printed, online versions of the sermons. (Since I left I saw his remarks about me in sermons, too. They were not complimentary.)

All this was included in my email to the church higherup. I didn’t expect her to write back, but she did. I didn’t expect it because back then, I rarely got a response to my emails. That was over New Year’s. She stated there was nothing that could be done and this had to be solved internally. I wrote back a two or three-sentence email telling her I was okay with that and would handle it myself.

Days later the cops came to my door accusing me of plotting to kill Mark Harris. There was one cop and two church members, higher-ups. They told me their little visit was totally “off the record.” They terrorized me, then, when they realized they had no evidence for their accusations, they left. I wasn’t arrested. I was really scared, though. That was January and I worked my butt off at that point to get myself the hell out of Massachusetts.

This is what happens to whistleblowers. The target of the whistleblowing gets in trouble, or close to it. I know that letter I wrote did indeed get back to the church. Mark was apparently affected by the letter, and I know he was challenged by someone in the church administration. Possibly at that time his job was in jeopardy,  or on the line somehow. His aim in sending the cops and those two church higherups was to silence me. It was blatant retaliation.

I did see him posting in the church newsletter that he was going to change his ways.  When I read just how, I knew then that my letter had had some effect after all. I wasn’t going to church anymore, of course, and had no intentions of returning, so this wasn’t going to impact me personally.

I’m sure he still badmouths me in his sermons, just to make sure I am never believed by the parishioners ever again. For his own sake.


Back to the track

A week ago I made the decision that my foot brace was more of an inconvenience than it was helpful. I removed it and then went to the local gym. I enjoyed using the elliptical machine, which I used most vigorously. I also walked on the treadmill. I did this two days. The third day at the gym I tried running on the treadmill. I was able to run a mile without issue.

I have since returned to the track and run 5k each time. I no longer have any issues with my foot.

I have no clue why I beat the eight-week prediction, that is, I was supposed to wear the brace eight weeks and not run the whole time. Instead, I was only handicapped by the brace for ten days. I have no pain and no indication that the tendinitis is still there.

Nailed that one, too.   Added to the list.

Article in Beaver County TimesOnline: Clearly advertising for a nephrologist

I am not supplying a link because unless you are a subscriber you likely cannot access the article. In it you can see on the top a full-size, full-screen professional photo of the nephrologist who is featured. Looks like his practice is spread around in several local towns, that is, he juggles between office sites.

I don’t have anything against this practice. However, let’s look behind the scenes here. It costs money every time you acquire office space, either by rental or by purchase. This nephrologist, part of a group practice, has FOUR sites. Four? That’s big money. Think about it.

He does acknowledge that drugs can cause kidney damage. He mentions something you very well may have in your medicine box: Ibuprofen. Thankfully, I knew about that! Don’t take it like candy! I know some athletes who do and they won’t listen to me. If you already have damaged kidneys do not take it at all.

Of course we all know what else causes kidney disease.

He says kidney disease is “hard to detect.” This is not quite true, or rather, worded to sound nice. It isn’t that hard to detect. However, don’t expect your doc to run those tests, and even if these tests are run, your doc very well may overlook the obvious or assume you are of little human value and aren’t capable enough or worthy enough to be informed of the meaning of these test results.

Anyone can get a creatinine test if you live in or can travel to a state that allows independent lab testing. If you are curious. Please be aware that creatinine rises temporarily after vigorous exercise, but the body handles the elevated level and brings it back to baseline. Also, if you eat a large protein meal it will make your creatinine go up, or appear higher.

I saw the article as mostly advertising, though it did include facts about kidney disease. There is no contact information for the writer of the article. I wonder what would happen if I could locate her email address and inform her that natural cures are out there, most validated by medical studies that I have dug up.

If you have kidney disease you don’t have to be sickly! Even if you are in an advanced stage. If you learn natural medicine your health will improve! I can almost guarantee it!

Explosions north of Boston: No, not intentional, not suspicious, but certainly negligence: Columbia Gas

Does this look like negligence to you? It reeks of it to me. Only they can’t say that because “nothing is conclusive.”

Can we expect some Columbia Gas employees, especially those in higher places, to be leaving the country soon, if they have not already? Can we expect some whistleblowers to come out and tell the truth, then, suddenly and most mysteriously drop dead or disappear, or end up in a nuthouse as a way of silencing.

There’s big money at stake and Andover et al are not the only ones who should be concerned. I am positive Columbia Gas runs pipelines through our tiny, impoverished county here. Why not take advantage of a poor community? We already have a new Shell Oil fracking here. They bribed county officials and townspeople with the promise of new jobs. Where are the jobs? Not here in Beaver County from what I can tell. I think they hired out of Ohio to save money!

I have not had any bad experiences with Columbia Gas myself. I have used them for a while and the service has been just as expected. They even came out here when I first moved here because I smelled gas, and they came right away. The person who came even answered some questions for me, going above and beyond her duty. This is the extent of my direct contact with them. However, I don’t know the inner workings of the company, and I expect none of my readers here do, either. I believe we will find out more shortly. Stories are going to come out. That’s what I predict.

Article on lithium and kidney disease

Since the damages caused by lithium are hushed in the media, I found it hard to find any articles that focused on this topic. Here is one comprehensive one, although the study sampling was small:

I found out the name of the type of CKD experienced by those who took lithium. It is called Interstitial Nephropathy. This same type comes from exposure to toxic metals and pharmaceuticals.


I mentioned that the term for lithium-induced kidney disease (CKD) is lithium-induced nephropathy. Which means about the same thing as kidney disease. Not nephritis. Nephritis would mean an infection of the kidneys.

The CKD you end up with is similar to that which you  might get from exposure to heavy metals, even though lithium as a metal is very light.

The various cures I am finding out about are actually right in the literature. These are difficult to find for obvious reasons. There is a lot of denial out there, even in the medical community when the facts are staring us in the face and people are dying. (Oh, maybe it’s just because mental patients or anyone who has had contact with the System aren’t considered fully human.)

Jabari Bird…likely psych drugs! Again!

Check out this Boston Globe article:

Looks like he had panic attacks and had been getting treatment for them. Note my comment on the bottom in the comments section.

In case you cannot access the article, here is my comment:

“If he had sought mental health treatment, which it looks like he has, look no further than psychiatric drugs. Many such pharmaceuticals can cause erratic behavior and even violence. Many of these drugs also can cause seizures. Look on the labels of these drugs, all carry black box warnings issued by the FDA. Maybe Jabari Bird needs to recover from psychiatry, as do thousands of others who were harmed.

“I also agree that MH screenings should never be a requirement in any workplace including an NBA team. Most of these screenings are grossly inaccurate. A person’s thoughts and feelings are private property.”

Jabari Bird: you heard it here first…

Remember I said that athletes and other groups prone to head injuries should be checked for brain injury, that is, TBI. Look here:

Seizure-like? Huh? They’d really better look into this. A person can have seizures after head trauma. Seizures can cause extremely erratic behavior, also.

Four hours? It sounds like something was very, very wrong. They need to give him an MRI or something.

Again, I am not excusing his behavior.  I think all angles should be considered, though.

Who was that football player who killed someone and ended up suiciding in prison? They found massive brain damage from head trauma. I heard his family is suing, too.