Word to the wise about meat and animal products

According to my naturopath, who is for sure an expert on this topic, “Range Free” and other similar wording you see on packages containing animal products is only a marketing ploy.

He states that these terms, along with “Natural,” are not indicators that the meat or other animal product is organic. He states that the animals might roam free (or might not) but this label alone won’t guarantee the meat doesn’t have hormones, steroids, and antibiotics in it.

I do not trust supposed “organic” meat from Walmart. If you see it at all. I do trust their organic eggs. I have seen organic meat at ALDI and I’d say that ALDI’s fish, furthermore, is decidedly better-tasting.

Do not buy frozen or canned fish! It is loaded with chemicals or added salt. I have yet to see frozen fish unadulterated, though you may see it in a higher-end store.

I can only afford fresh fish once a week or less often, as the cost is prohibitive. I see it as a treat and not a regular thing. I don’t eat canned fish as the salt content is insane. Puzzle can’t handle it, either. There’s only one place around here that sells unadulterated local chicken. I wish I could afford it unadulterated for Puzzle all the time, at an affordable price. I suspect that feeding her people food is ultimately less expensive than feeding her Grade B food, namely, dog food. The cost is about the same but since I switched her in 2012, vet bills and necessary visits have gone down to very few. She no longer gets dry skin or unexplained scratching.

Eat well and live!

Solved a medical emergency without an ER (and laughing)

This is what happened….

Yesterday while I was working I suddenly felt dizzy out of the blue. I told my supervisor I needed a short break due to not feeling well. I went and ate some food and drank some water. I was okay after a while. I went back and finished the shift.

Today, close to the end of my shift the exact same thing happened, only this time it was much worse. I was struggling to concentrate. I didn’t feel close to passing out the way I did yesterday but I felt incredibly woozy.

Now if I were still a mental patient I would have called 911. I know better now. Do not call. Do not call. Do not call.

I had to think about this to the best of my ability at the moment. I checked my blood pressure which read a little low but was not too scary-looking and was inconsistent also. I guessed that the monitor was wacko, maybe low on batteries. Then, I decided to test my blood sugar, and here’s what happened next….

I had three back-to-back phone calls that took up some time but I felt okay to talk.

Then, I took out my sugar kit which I have barely used. I stared at it for a bit. I have the instructions in there but I couldn’t make sense of them. I asked myself why I needed to check it when it made more sense to try eating and then, see what happens. I had a piece of whole wheat bread with ghee on it. I felt less hungry but even after ten minutes I didn’t feel relief.

I asked myself if it was even possible to be low on sodium. Is it, if your kidneys cannot process it? I have been sweating intensely. I knew that it was highly unlikely but I decided to eat two salted peanuts to see if that made a difference. I did. I didn’t notice feeling any better.

Then, I decided if this is “it” and I’m about to have a heart attack or something horrible is about to happen, then what should I do? I realized that there is a solution to that. Cayenne. And maybe Lobelia.

I drank a half glass of water and about a half teaspoon of Cayenne mixed with that. That and a minute amount of Lobelia extract. You bet it will give you a jolt if you need one!

Now, I knew right away I was dehydrated. I was dehydrated to the extreme. I realized I’d been subconsciously fulfilling my need for water while talking on the phone. I had been sipping on it. I was thirsty, thirstier than I realized.

The total amount I drank during that phone conversation, plus the rest I had once I realized what the problem was must have been three liters or more, likely over a gallon actually.

Don’t try this one at home as most of you will be in serious trouble if you drink that much, even in the summer. Due to a rare condition I have called diabetes insipidus, I really needed that much.

I feel considerably better! A trip to the ER would have led to their spending three hours not listening and not believing me, denying me the water I need, and possibly harming me.

I don’t notice any signs of electrolye issues currently but later today I might see a drop in potassium. Oddly, that happens. I had a half of a banana in a smoothie just now, just in anticipation. With ice, just to cool off.

I can’t keep a bottle of water near me while working as I have spilled it too many times. I can, however, take a ten second break now and then and chug it down. I am distracted by my work demands but body demands “trump” anything else, do they not? Maybe set an alarm to remind myself.

Ah, a day in the life, and once more, saved from the possible clutches of the ER. Sitting here thumbing my nose at Western Med and and its psychiatry gods.

Health freedom rocks.

Call for Submissions for an Anthology on Forced Psychiatry

Please help spread the word!


I am asking readers to actively share this site. Please help out! I have no money to pay for a publicist. Without publicizing there will be no submissions (that actually has happened to classmates of mine and they had to abort the project!). I am not profiting off of this and in no way does the project constitute self-promotion. I will likely take a financial loss, in fact. This is a service I am offering to the community, and will take time, money and effort on my part. Please help out by contributing and spreading the word.

Article on self-employment and my commentary


Let me know if the link works….

While much of what I see in the article is true, I cringe when I hear “psychiatric disabilities.” In the USA, if a person can work, they aren’t entitled to disability payments. In other words, you are supposed to get the payments only if you really can’t work. These payments are not designed for people who merely don’t want to work.

The gray area happens due to coercion. A person who is capable of working will be told he or she has an “illness” called a psychiatric disability. The people who determine this are authority figures. This determination may happen when the patient is a child or young adult.

This generally happens to patients after psychiatry has kept them out of the workforce for a while, long enough to get the patient worried about where the income is going to come from. Unemployment benefits have likely expired. The family may also be worried about the patient’s lack of earned income. The SSDI and similar checks offer the patient a Way Out. This happened to me when I was 26. It felt like relief, relief for me and for my parents, too.

This is how financially vulnerable, and often young patients end up on the disability roles. Once you are on those checks, fewer than 1/2 of a percent ever make it off the payments.

The relief is deceptive. While many are legitimately unable to work, I have personally seen far too many people who should have been working kept out of the workforce indefinitely.

It is possible to find employment even after being on the disability rolls for over a decade, but the struggle described in this article is very real. Here are a few things I have tried….

I got a college education even while on the disability payments. I did stellar work in my studies without using any accommodations. This caused me to question my status as “disabled.”

One day, after I’d graduated with honors and a few years later was doing fine in graduate school, I asked my therapist if I was still entitled to disability payments. I will never forget what she said…

“Don’t worry about it. Dr. Pearson and I agree that there’s no question you should stay on the disability payments indefinitely.” Still, I should let you guys know that SSDI asks on its forms whether you’ve been attending college and if you have (during the time of your reconsideration), the continuation of your disability payments will be questioned.

College didn’t get me a job. When I finally started applying for jobs, I tried lying on my resume by extending the dates of past employment to cover the “gaps.” My object was to get my foot into the door.

You can indeed lie, though it’s generally not the best practice. Some companies will catch you at it and others will not. I did indeed get my foot into the door and that was all I needed, though the first job was low-paying and not very rewarding.

You can apply for a job where you are sure they either don’t care about your work history or you’re sure they won’t check on you.  Or where your work history isn’t relevant.

Nowadays many places employ people as trial workers and then, weed them out after hiring. Trials last maybe 90 days, or as short as two weeks. It is easier to get hired at such places, then, “prove” that you will be a valuable asset to the company via your good work habits.

Getting my foot in the door helped me sort out what type of job would suit me best. I realized that the power structure of most workplaces was not a good environment for me. I didn’t like having a boss! I have heard of “nice” bosses from friends of mine who work at such places, but I suspect it follows the money.

Having a boss was traumatic for me. The power structure of the office setting reminded me of lockup. While I was there I recall I was triggered often by the ways the bosses and supervisors acted.

The bosses have the power to toss you out of there in an instant. I hated having that hang over my head.

I still hate it, hate the feeling that I could be disposed of on anyone’s whim.  Even if I am fired unjustifiably I would have no recourse, no ability to get my job back. Many companies are aware that if they dismiss you, your likelihood of challenging what they do in the courts is next to nil. They know you will simply move on. And I did.

I have now been employed for two months, working full time at this point. I am working as an independent contractor. This is not really boss-free but there are certain freedoms one has if employed this way.

I am wary of socializing on the job. But I am finding that schmoozing with my fellow workers is helpful. We share info such as tips and tricks, and clear up any work-related questions by butting our heads together.

The more you get your feet wet, the better. I don’t think anyone can just start up a business from scratch without some kind of financial backing or wide social support (like hundreds of people willing to help advertise).

Likelihood of getting a loan while on disability is next to nil unless your credit is very good. You are likely to succeed if you have a willing co-signer, though.

I suppose certain skilled workers might be able to start up from scratch. You could ask your neighbors if they want their grass cut, for instance. I am not sure you could make enough money going that route. Likely it depends on the neighborhood.

I gave up on EBay very quickly, realizing that the venue is flooded with big sellers who bump out the little guys. I couldn’t sell anything on there! I took my items off after a month. I had no views, no visibility, no chance of getting noticed by buyers at all. I doubt too many people actually make good money on Etsy, either, though you hear of some that do. Knitting, for me, isn’t profitable because of the time it takes to knit and the cost of materials. I would actually lose money if I made and sold dog sweaters.  Selling baked goods would also lead to the same issue (remember, baked goods aren’t durable!). My region is so impoverished that I would be better off just giving the stuff away. People cannot even spare 50 cents.

As a patient, I had no clue of this. I thought I could “sell stuff” or write a book and make money off of it. I had unrealistic ideas about making money simply because I had been kept from earning anything for decades. I had such limited exposure that it wasn’t possible, while I was still a patient, to set the bar at the right place.

Take, for instance, the average yard sale. People pull in hundreds in a day. However, doing a yard sale is exhausting! If you have ever done one you learn this. My mom put on a yard sale ages ago. I helped out and sold some of my stuff there. You need a yard or driveway, first of all. Many don’t have that. You need helpers such as a spouse, neighbors, or family. It is an all-day affair and exhausting to advertise, deal with early birds, and later, clean up. We made hundreds of dollars, which we split between us. Some of our stuff got stolen right out of the yard. Mom said she really never wanted to do it again. We hadn’t realized the work that would have to go into it. When you figure how much we made, and figure in the several days it took to organize and pull it off, I believe we didn’t make that much after all.

I know people who cut hair for money, providing a skill that requires training or extensive learning. You might make pocket change that way, but getting a business off the ground to the point where you are pulling in enough profit to live on is a totally different story. Patients are clueless about taxes and zoning laws! Had I continued to do life coaching I suspect it would have been similar. It was not a viable career for the grads of my class, despite the hype. They have either incorporated the training into a business they already have, or they’ve given up. The class taught us unrealistic expectations which I had to scrap after a while.

It took time for me to learn these things. It took time for me to see employment realistically. I am kinda sorry I shelled out the bucks for the life coaching class, and sorry that I believed the school’s promise of an instant career. I don’t know a single grad who ended up with an instant career. Not one. Pocket change for a few, total loss for many.

I have learned of a few well-paying careers that don’t require extensive work history. A few do not require a background check. I am not sure about Uber. Has anyone had experience with them? I have heard there is a demand for truck drivers and many of these jobs provide training for the license. You can hook into something like TaskRabbit, but it’s just about all yard work. If you are skilled and experienced at yard work, it might work out for you. There are classes in medical coding but you don’t actually need to take a class in it if you can teach yourself how. Most employers give you the training on the job because they want it done a certain way. Real Estate training is also short-term. If you can set yourself up it’s a lucrative way to earn money.

Most patients I know have unrealistic expectations. They think they’ll get a job in an instant, or that finding one is easy. This simply isn’t true. The market for decent employment is tough out there.

Inability to find work isn’t a disability, by the way…..It is a reflection of the job market, not a reflection on you.

Keep trying and don’t give up.



Email I sent off today

Hi [MIA editor],

I have not done the article yet. I am confused over the logic of putting the announcement of Call for Submissions for the anthology I am creating into the Around the Web section rather than in the main blog section. You’re essentially saying I am excluded, not only me, but any effort I put forth to make real changes in the world.

I notice you have certainly not excluded others who actively advertise (even for profit!) on MIA. You have articles about various treatment centers, some that are expensive to the point of insanity. You regularly let Kelly Brogan advertise her scammy-sounding program on there. Other people’s efforts are also advertised in the blogs section. You’ve advertised your own survey on MIA, which is a totally independent project, as is mine.

I have been an active participant in MIA since 2013. I have finally discovered a project I can do that will not only change lives and have an impact, but is practical and possible.

Where is the logic in exclusion?


Do it without a doctor

Did you know you can get a blood test without a prescription? Try doing a search for “blood test without a prescription” and see how much you discover. I don’t see the point of seeing an MD if you already know what tests the MD is going to prescribe.  If you are concerned about a health issue you likely have read up on what you need done. In fact, you’re probably frustrated that your doctor won’t listen, or for whatever reason isn’t doing the tests you want.

Some labs will even let you do these tests anonymously. This is a concern not only for pregnancy and STD tests, but for those of us who don’t want the prescriber to urge us to go to a hospital/prison, or even forcing us. That I know of, you get the results without the insurance company finding out since you do not use insurance.

That I know of, getting a test on your own is less costly than seeing a doctor, paying for the visit, and then, paying so he can read the numbers on the test.

I have not seen one single blood test for schiz, for depression, nor for bipolar. Interestingly, there are none!  No surprises there!

You wanna know if you’re depressed? Ask yourself. Simple. Or the alternative, see a therapist for ten months until they finally conclude whether you are depressed…or not. Take your pick.

Awesome powerpoint by Pamela Spiro Wagner (link)

Check this out:


My reaction: I hear many stories now about the Relocation Method, which I now call it. Relocating has saved lives for many stuck in the System. This is not a “geographical cure” nor is it “running away from issues.” Hardly!

Many survivors find they cannot remain in their communities where they have a record. This psych record isn’t just a medical record. It is a social record. If all around you see you as a sicko, you are boxed into that role by the expectations of others. You are literally trapped.

My answer, and the answer many have found is to remove ourselves from the oppressive situation where all around you see you as a nutcase. Just start over!

And don’t just do that! Don’t re-establish yourself as a nutcase all over again!

As you can see, Pamela worked out a way to resolve her issues without psychiatry’s fake help. Clearly, they’d done a poor job of “curing” her and actually their “care” made her worse off, sustaining her as “schiz.” This is the trap, but while we’re in that trap we don’t recognize it as such. As Pamela said, she didn’t realize that the inhumane treatment she got was actually abuse.  This is very common among “patients.” You can see that she recognizes it now. Isn’t it amazing that so many patients can’t see the forest through the trees, even for decades?

We trust these doctors. They betray us.

I love how this piece resolves and I love the solutions that Pamela worked out for herself.


Fair weather friends

I have a few friends who are fair weather friends. They don’t want to stick around when the going gets rough but they come back when things are improved. That I know of, they check my blog to see how I am doing, which they have every right to do as this stuff is public (what I make public, that is). Then they come back to take from me.

I wonder what would happen if I announced I had a car. I don’t. But what if I did? Would those who wanted a ride come begging? What if I mention on here that I am working and making money? I am! Will I start getting appeals for funds from friends who just happened to show up?

I wonder how I will react when they come back. They are bound to.  I can see it now…..

“I just got divorced. Can you  help me out?”

“Our home is in foreclosure. Can you put us up?”

I don’t know how I will react. A part of me wants to say, “Hey, where were you when I needed a place to stay?” You ran away and refused to speak to me. But that is cruel, isn’t it?

Believe it or not, someone recently told me not to speak to homeless people “because they want money.”

I am no longer friends with that person but I am friends with people who have homes and many who do not.

I don’t believe that associating with people who are worse off than you are is “lowering your standards.” That is about the most bigoted thing I have ever heard.

What if….

“I wrote a book. Will you help by purchasing it and publicizing?” Wait. Did they? They turned their backs and did not help out. So how am I to react?

I do not believe in turning my back on anyone.

I don’t believe a good turn deserves another and I don’t believe a bad turn deserves another either. We don’t owe anyone a damn thing. I believe in doing what is right. I believe in living well and setting a good example for others.

When they come around, which of course they will, as all fair weather friends will do, how will I react? Will old resentments creep up? Or will I just forget about all that, and go on as if the hard feelings didn’t exist?

It will have to be a case by case matter. It is not about how down and out you are, it’s about the quality of our friendship. I will react if it seems like it might be worth it. Otherwise, life is just too short to bother.