The high school I attended ranks top in Massachusetts……

According to Niche dot com, Lexington High School was #1 this year. Well, it all follows the money, they say.

Dear fucking asshole shrinks….

My Life Matters. My brain, which you tried to destroy because you claimed it was “defective,” matters. I did indeed have a great high school education and I was one helluva smart kid. You didn’t like it. Well, screw you. Screw your System that thought that dumbing me down was an “improvement” to get me to “fit in.” Screw your System that silences people like me. Screw your drugs and your therapy that forces thousands of smart kids like us to “conform.” Fuck you all.

No, I will not “take a deep breath.” Certainly not when asked to do so by some two-bit “staff” who is half my age. I been breathing twice as long and ten times better! I’m alive to prove it, too. You didn’t kill me with your drugs and tortures, and you won’t.

I won’t be silent till you let out everyone. I won’t be silent till you stop torturing, stop diagnosing, stop imprisoning, stop killing. I won’t be silent and I won’t back down.

You said i lacked insight and rolled your eyes. Go to fucking hell. I was right all along, assholes, and you’ll probably find that out, if you haven’t already.

Dear Dr. X,

I am writing to you in reflection on our recent session. In considering whether to continue as planned and scheduled, I have to think about a few aspects of this thing “trauma.” What is “trauma” and why should a person seek “help” from a person who practices a certain type of “therapy” for trauma, and why would a person seek a professional of that type, say, instead of simply letting the passage of time heal that trauma?

They say that time heals grief better than any other remedy.  That the best thing to do is to do nothing at all, to let oneself grieve in the way that one might naturally do, and that there isn’t one right nor wrong way to do this, nor formula, nor cure. Each culture has its rituals. Interestingly enough, I have read that some cultures have rituals for victims of rape, ways that communities embrace, rather than witch-hunt those that have been harmed.

I am thinking of the story Sasha Menu Courey, who committed suicide because she was socially othered, made into a mental diagnosis by the University of Missouri’s counseling center instead of embraced by her college community. I am thinking of Toni Morrison’s amazing first novel, The Bluest Eye. And yet rape in itself is not an uncommon event in a woman’s life.  Many are raped. It is how those around her react after the rape that matters more.

Most people experience trauma in their lives, even horrific traumatic events. You can reframe just about anything and using the right suggestions, a person might interpret an event as “unusual traumatic event.” You might also add the suggestion that the brain gets “stuck” in trauma. Then, the person might start noticing that they need “fixing” by a trauma expert.

Here’s where I object to the trauma claim about “stuck in fight or flight mode.” I do not agree with the claims. I don’t care how many studies and how many statistics you can throw at me. I don’t care how many degrees you have on your wall and how many “experts” back up these claims. I do know that YOU and a few others are profiting off of telling people they’re stuck and that ONLY experts such as yourself and your “methods” can get us unfortunate souls “unstuck.”

Now this looks like an amazing selling point, doesn’t it? Given the number of people out there who have had traumatic events in their lives, you’ve got quite the market. If you were to truly advertise just a bit more, you could rake in the profits to the psych survivor community and have a line going out the door and all the way across the continent.

I don’t think folks buy it, though. And I think that’s why the lines aren’t out the door. I suspect that folks are healing from trauma via the passage of time anyway.

As I spoke to you the other day about how I was horribly abused in the hospital in 2011, I noticed a few things.  Back in 2011, and certainly 2012, I couldn’t have spoken to anyone in the relatively calm way I did while in your presence. In fact, while trying to explain it all to attorneys over the first few years following the abuse, I found my speaking rate was so fast that my words became too garbled for them to understand.  This tells me that surely my “condition” has vastly improved. It also tells me that by all means, a person is capable of improvement, entirely on her own. I don’t think I’m “stuck” in fight or flight at all! In fact, I’m in much better shape than I was before.

Because I was abused in a hospital I became short of temper and could not converse very easily with other people. This was because I was reminded of the abuse in my everyday life very frequently. However, just a day prior to my meeting with you, Dr. X, I conversed over the phone with three “customer service” type representatives and navigated through these conversations just as well as I had done prior to the abuse. I was amazed that I stayed on the phone with them for a full half hour dealing with financial “red tape” and didn’t lose my cool.

If I believe the trauma experts’ claim of stuckness, I’ll stay stuck. If I throw off the claim and make the choice to refuse to believe that the brain and body really do get stuck, I can heal. Either way, making this choice isn’t even necessary as I already have healed. I can choose to see the obvious staring me in the face, or I can choose to ignore my own improvement, and see an “expert” to “cure” what doesn’t need curing.

Although I am grateful that after telling you about the hospital abuse, you didn’t say, “The abuse didn’t happen,” nor did you say, “The hospital must have been right,” I feel that trauma therapy isn’t quite necessary at this point in my life. I fear furthermore that to go to therapy could potentially do more harm than good. The very act of being a “patient” again even for one more appointment will re-traumatize me. I cannot afford to take that risk.

Nonetheless it was nice meeting you.

The Narcissist-Hating Movement is wrought with Eugenics and Racism.

Google the term Narcissist and you’ll come up with all sorts of blogs out there. You can even find books on Amazon and YouTubes galore talking about “I was abused by narc husband.” These are probably more plentiful than “I was abused in a nuthouse.” This is scary business and this is why….

It is scary because it’s eugenics. The same people who are complaining about the behavior of so-called “narcs” are also saying they’re hopelessly “damaged” by these “narcs.” They say they’re somehow “victims” of “narcs.” They warn others to avoid “narcs” on all costs, to stay away so that you too, will not fall prey to another scary “narc.” Oh dear! One is coming after you right now! Duck or something!

Wow, you’d think that monsters were roaming the earth, subhumans of sorts. Do you hear the separation, that somehow “narcs” aren’t human, and the rest of us, non-narcs, somehow are? Yet non-narcs are warned to stay away from the monsters. And told just how to spot one. This one is, and this one is not. A falsie here, and here’s a genuine one. Are you an expert at spotting a “narc”? Hone up y0ur skills! It’ll come down to that, since the “narcs” are taking over the earth!

What to do? Round ’em up? Kill ’em! Imprison them! Surely, those “damaged” by such subhumans will tell you again and again that a “narc” can’t change anyway. So why not? Lock ’em up and gas ’em. These folks are so damaged and so pissed. And so racist.

Look closely at what they are saying. The decision, to call a person a “narc” is based purely on how pissed you are. I, too, was treated terribly by another person whose behavior was classic “narc.” I do not associate with that person anymore, and have not for many years. I would not recommend that you associate with that person, either, but that’s purely your business. I do not recommend mass slaughter nor mass imprisonment of any class of people nor labeling of “narcs” EVER nor do I see it as a disease, communicable or otherwise. I simply see it as part of my past. Done and over with. A part I do not ever want to repeat.

I am not downplaying anyone’s abuse experience. It happened to me, too. In fact, by the time you’re my age, I’d be surprised if you don’t run into such characters!  I’m only saying, please, please, please, lay off the eugenics. If you don’t want to be called a “victim,” which could possibly also be called a disease, then don’t call a “narc” a disease, either.

According to Szasz

This is so, so true! An obstetrician  who refuses to perform abortions is not called an anti-obstetrician . A surgeon who won’t perform a sex change surgical procedure is not called an anti-surgeon.  Yet because psychiatrists are married to our legal system, should a psychiatrist refuse to perform commitments, he is called an antipsychiatrist. 

Thanks to fellow blogger to point this out….

Kindly note that despite the fact that this treatment center (can we even call it that?) obviously couldn’t possibly have “cured” anyone, they still managed to bribe, or threaten, or somehow manipulate people into stating the place “helped” them. This is just how it works. The average “rehab” may, or may not be as bad as the one we see in this link, however, they all rack up “success stories,” don’t they? They all puff up their success rates and make them look larger than life. That’s my point. How on earth could anyone leave this place and say it cured them?

And yet supposedly a few did. If this place can somehow invent such claims, then clearly, so can every single rehab out there. So can every treatment center you’ve ever heard of. They ALL inflate their statistics about how great they are. If it means making money, of course they do.

And if they all do, and we all know it, their data isn’t worth much, is it?

There is no such thing as “victim mentality,” and here’s why

There’s no such thing as victim mentality. If you have ever been told “it’s your attitude,” this is a lie, a myth, completely untrue. If you have ever been told you were made into a victim due to personal weakness, this, too, is untrue, completely false. This is why some people end up victimized more than once:

First of all, why do some people commit crimes? I read in an article by a crimnologist that people commit crimes because they can get away with these crimes. Or think they can. Or are under the illusion of safety from prosecution. They think they won’t get caught. They might drive a car that isn’t registered simply because they think no one will notice that there’s no license plate affixed either in front nor in back, or that no one will notice that the license plate is fake. They might cheat on their taxes because they know the IRS is slow to catch up on paperwork. They might cheat on their wives, knowing their wives won’t find out. What’s a little dishonesty here and there? These are relatively minor things.

What about medical error, that truly harms another person? Doctors are human. To err is human. If the doctor admits he made a mistake, and apologizes, then this is not medical malpractice. It is a medical error and even if there is harm, the patient agreed to the procedure knowing there were risks. On the other hand, if the doctor makes a mistake, then refuses to admit it, and instead claims there was an underlying illness, an illness that didn’t even exist prior to the procedure and is only using this fake diagnosis to cover up the read harm done, then it is indeed malpractice.

This is pretty much the basis of all malpractice, the invention of a fake underlying illness that covers up the real harm. This is how patients are harmed repeatedly, since the harm from the fake, secondary diagnosis (and even treatment for it!) can be greater than the initial harm.

Here are some examples. A patient is given an antidepressant following the death of a close relative. This is a commonplace occurrence nowadays.  A number of my friends have been given anti-d’s after they lost their spouses. Let’s call our patient Rose. Rose was given Effexor. After a few weeks on Effexor (which Rose said “changed her life”) Rose stopped sleeping. She behaved erratically, showing signs of mania. She was hospitalized for “bipolar.” The doctor failed to see that the Effexor caused Rose to become manic. Instead, he claimed she had an “underlying bipolar.” After that, Rose was put on many cocktails, drugged to a stupor.

Here is another example. After many years in the mental health system, a female patient named Lily is given shock treatments. The doctor fails to listen to her family after they beg and plead to have the shock stopped. The doctor continues the shock even after Lily can barely put a sentence together. Finally, he stops the shock because he can see that any further shock will literally kill her. Now, it seems that the shock was not curative. Lily goes to many doctors and gets brain scans showing brain damage. The shock doc claims that Lily had “poor lifestyle” that caused brain deterioration, that it would have happened anyway. He suggests “coping skills” for her “bad lifestyle,” and because she refuses to be silent about it, he then recommends “more ECT.”

A third example. After decades in the System, a patient says, “ENOUGH!” The docs wonder why she is saying this. The patient says, “I believe in human rights, not this diagnosis hogwash.” The doctors look at her quizzitively. Human rights? Uh oh. This patient is on to us. Quick. Get out all the artillery! They diagnose her with paranoia. There. That will do it. “Any time she mentions human rights, call her paranoid. Rediagnosing person as paranoid is the best way to discredit a person, and the best way to get us off the hook.”

This is how it happens. No, it isn’t you. It’s because they saw they got away with it once, so they think they can get away with it another time. Don’t let them. Sue the crap out of them, or just say no.

The Keeping-You-Hanging Method of Job Discrimination

It’s so simple, and everyone’s doing it, so we can, too! Here’s how it is done:

We don’t want to hire certain people. We only want certain types and not other types.  We don’t want to admit we’re discriminatory, so we don’t want to send out “We’re sorry…” letters. This would give us away. The best thing would be to remain silent. The Silent Treatment is our way of staying out of trouble, out of the limelight, away from the risk of leaving a quotable trail for the attorneys to pick up on.

So here is the plan. Say nothing. Do nothing. Now we have our employees hired, and left out the ones we didn’t want. But as for the undesirables we did not hire, we aren’t sending out “We’re sorry….” letters. Instead, we’re leaving them hanging. They’ll never know. Months from now, they’ll still be wondering. A few have written to inquire, but we have not answered. Too bad! The Silent Treatment will work wonders!

Still they are wondering whether they are hired, yet we were finished hiring months ago. We’ve kept them hanging. And hanging. And hanging. They don’t realize we didn’t hire them due to discrimination. Our silence didn’t give that nasty fact away. Our silence protected us. Our silence makes us look golden. We hope we never see them again, and that they forget.

Now, six months have passed. We’ve sent out notices again. “Hey, we’re hiring! Come apply!” Problem is, those we have discriminated against have noticed, and are wondering what the heck we’re up to.

The Sound of the Siren

The piece below is part of a dramatic narrative presentation titled Behind Locked Doors, written and performed by writer, speaker, and psychiatric survivor Julie Greene. This is pre-recorded. Julie also performs her spoken word pieces before live audiences.

Sweet Evening Breeze, a love story….Oral narration about ECT and aftermath by Julie Greene

I wrote and recorded this in 2015.

I will be inserting this into my ECT pages so that it can be accessed right here.

My Marathon in Five Parts (audio piece by Julie Greene)

I’ve managed to obtain a WordPress plugin that enables me to embed audio right into my blog here. I no longer need to rely on Spreaker for audio podcasts, though it was nice to have the venue. However, I am planning more and more audio, so I figure I am less limited by being able to post my pieces here. If this plugin works out I will be making a PAGE of audio material. I have quite a bit of it to share with you all.

I did this piece early in 2014. I was dismayed that it was overlooked, barely noticed in fact. I had worked very hard on it. Then again, all my works that I did back then were underappreciated, deliberately ignored. I was not even recognized as a professional writer. I was only seen as a mental patient, a person people loathed.

To listen to my piece of spoken word art, please click “PLAY.” It’s as easy as that. No links to click on, no excuses now. I know who my friends are, and dear friends, I sure love you very much and appreciate you, whoever you are, wherever you are in the world.