Interview of me! All the way from the UK!

Here I am, interviewed by Daryl in the UK!

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I love the way the activists in the UK use the term “diagnonsense.” Now that is soooooo cool! We need to catch up with our pals over there on the other side of the Atlantic. Thanks, Daryl!

If THEY are paid, THEIR language should be policed, not ours.

The language used by paid staff, including “paid peers,” should be policed. Language used by “patients” should not be policed nor should patients be called out for “triggering” other patients as this is merely a tactic used to silence certain troublemakers.

Obviously, the dual world of “staff” and “patients” shouldn’t exist at all. But that’s not going to happen right away so I am suggesting this intermediate change. Instead of censoring patients, the way it is now, censor the staff.

From now on, they can’t use language of hopelessness. They can’t discriminate. They can’t assume anyone won’t get better, nor is permanently disabled nor disordered.

Do you think this will work?

Recovery-oriented language as requirement (as starters)

I have this idea. What if EVERY SINGLE PERSON who worked in a mental facility was required to use recovery-oriented language. They would have to undergo training to use this language, and not use other, negative language that destroyed hope in patients.

When a patient leaves a facility, remarks such as, “There he goes! He’ll be back in a week!” will no longer be tolerated. Not to the patient, nor in the presence of other patients.

Remarks such as, “You’re back, eh? That figures.” will no longer be tolerated.

Staff will be trained and must agree to this upon hiring, must have good communication skills, and any reports FROM PATIENTS will be taken seriously. Patients will report to outside agency, not to the institution. Any effort made by the institution to cut off access to this reporting ability (via cutting the phone line, or taking away patients’ ability to report, or any other “loophole”) will be immediately detected.

No diagnosis of “psychosis” or any other diagnosis, psychiatric or any other, will be deemed reason to discredit a patient for any reason, as these diagnoses are given to patients haphazardly, due to laziness, lack of insight, greed, or grandiosity on the part of the diagnosing professional.

A panel of outside decision-makers will decide if the report is credible. The panel will not be from inside the institution (not “human rights office”), nor will be hired by the state, due to conflict of interest.

I’m just developing this idea.

Yes, we want to end the very existence of such facilities. This would be a start, right?

My idea is to start small. Start in one locale, then spread the idea.

I am well aware that my blog readership has dropped, as I had to stop linking my blog to searches, but those of you who have made it to the very bottom of this article, please tell me what you think of this idea.

Bum knee report number negative one

Ten days or so I fell in the mud. Such is bound to happen on a rainy day. However, I wanted to let you all’s in on the latest dirt on my muddy knee experience. Yes, while I was indeed a bit sidelined, this did not put me in the disabled box for very long. I’m back on the field now. Not hitting home runs, as you can well guess. I was NEVER able to hit one! Nothing new there.

Today I went out for a run for the first time since the tumble in the mud. I did NOT go running in the mud. No, I went to visit my pals at the gymnsio. I ran on a treadmill. Not very fast. Of course, I’ve NEVER been able to run fast. I’m short, and have these short legs that have to run at a fast pace to keep up with you taller folks. So, that’s about what I did.

I’d say I walked, kinda slowly, for about 2km. Then I decided to TRY running. It wasn’t bad. Except I wasn’t running any faster than the average walker! I didn’t have any desire to run faster. Suddenly, though, I heard a VOICE IN MY HEAD. It said,

“Hey, Julie, run a little faster. Just try.”

Oh my god. Am I hearing things? Really. Oh dear…..

Well, gee….

I thought, maybe the shrinks were right. I think I’ll go running to the nearest HOSPITAL MENTAL immediately. But I can’t see very well. I ran off the treadmill, saying a quick “Ciao” to my buddies, and then, ran out into the street, now, of course, much much faster than I had been before.

Now, I must tell you, the voice was saying,


Only it was not speaking in español. You’d think it would be, no? In fact, this was speaking to me in HEBREW! It was the voice of GOD! Of course, God would speak in Hebrew!

Go back!

Thank goodness, though, God blessed me with bad eyesight. I couldn’t for the life of me find my way to the psych ward! Oh no, I got lost! Oh dear, oh my! I must have gone the WRONG WAY. (May you all’s get just as lost as I did, too….)

I found me a great friend, though. She is really nice and sweet, and listens well to anything I want to tell her. She even lets me hug her! And wants more. Wow, she’s the sweetest, kindest soul. I would wish such a great listener for everyone out there. (So long as I feed her.)


Gender-bender issue getting to be more than funny

Good morning everyone. I have a question for anyone out there in Cyberspace who happens to be reading this. A while back I moved to a new neighborhood where by all means, no one had ever met me. They did not know my name nor know who I was.

I should add that last year on Fathers Day it so happened that my watch broke and a local store was selling them, “para los padres.” I was quite happy since the ONLY watch face I can see are men’s watches. I cannot possibly see those tiny watches they make for women. So I purchase men’s watches. Does this make logical sense? The price is the same, and you get MORE features and nice big numeros!

So I was quite happy. This supposedly being para mi padre, I am sure the salesperson thought it was weird that I wanted to see the wristband. Of course, the reason was that I wanted to ensure that the teensy holes continue so that I can make the watch small enough for my OWN wrist. Tee hee hee.  I didn’t say anything about that. I bought the watch. The mercado people were happy with me. Plastico Americano (con nuevo chip).

Anyway, since then, complete strangers in my nueva casa who have never met me before have mistaken me for a señor, not a señora! uh oh!

What do you say when people do this? I have gotten a number of suggestions. One time, when I was inquiring about a bicycle, a lady didn’t know what I was, and, as she recognized where I was from she addressed me en inglés, she asked me “For what?”

Of course, she was asking this to avoid saying, “Hey, person, I have no clue if you are male of female so I want to know who you want the bike for.”

I told her, with humor, that the bike was “para mi” and that I was going to have to take a kids’ size. That took the pressure off the poor lady. What do you do if you’re a salesperson and you have no clue whether to send a customer to ladies’ or men’s? I am glad I am not in the sales business!

But back to these neighbors. I guess they were upset that the “hombre” next door moved in. And all these months, have been bitching about it, quite audibly. I had NO CLUE! I could hear them complaining and I didn’t know because they were complaining about a man!

They must have thought the man was quite effeminate, had breasts, was very short for a man, and a few other things as well, but never mind that. Never mind my name…..

Over the past month they have been saying audible swear words at the hombre next door. Audible enough that I can hear what they are saying. Why? Well, these folks next door run yard tools, loudly, yapping away, paparilla tools, hammering etc, and then, clunk clunk clunk, FINALLY, Puzzle lets out ONE bark, and then, they swear. So when Puzzle barks one time after their repeated clunking, they now add to THEIR noise by swearing. At HER.

What noise have I made? None. Ever. I never make a peep. Puzzle does not repeatedly bark like the other dogs in the neighborhood. Such as the dogs two doors over.

Furthermore, the neighbors in question own dogs. There are two dogs there, a big one and a little one. These poor dogs NEVER GET WALKED. The two dogs also bark, actually more than Puzzle ever does. So why are they swearing at Puzzle?

Don’t get me wrong, I love their dogs, from what I have seen of them. The dogs are sweet as pie and I always say “hola” to them. Especially that big one, he is at that “awkward” stage. I think the unfriendly neighbors are the renters who own the smaller dog, the teensy one. I have no clue why neither of these neighbors, the owners and the renters, do not walk their dogs, but that’s their business! And I don’t know why the renters say swear words about Puzzle since they own dogs themselves, and as far as barking goes, the ones on the other side bark much more than Puzzle ever does. Why do they swear like that, and what should I do?

The swear words are getting worse. Like they are annoyed at my very existence. I pay rent. I have a right to be here and enjoy my life. And the fact that I do nothing to impose on them, have never asked them to do anything (such as move their cars or asked them for any favors) then why are they swearing at me so audibly? Once I even brought over the mail that was sent here by accident (they were not home and never knew). What truly funny remark can I say to get them to stop?

“Hola, this is the guy next door you’ve mistaken for a woman. If you ever need any favors, or want to borrow lingerie, bras, or tampons, let me know.”

Ha ha.

Why I rarely use the word “declutter”

I just cleaned my tiny apartment. I cleaned up the small amount of “stuff” that had accumulated in one corner (that in fact, I had barely noticed was there for several months since I can’t see well). I found old, long-emptied envelopes, which I tossed out, Puzzle’s container of kibble dog food that has been missing for a week, and also some old sales slips I should have tossed out. But didn’t. All that I put into more appropriate locations. I did not call this activity “decluttering,” however.

When Darwin “discovered” that humans evolved from the apes, which was actually common sense and not rocket science (i.e. OBVIOUS!) then Darwinism got twisted around into social darwinism.

“Hey, this means we need to start BREEDING PEOPLE.” NO, it doesn’t! See how fucked up it all got? We should not be breeding humans!

While housecleaning is a good idea, social housecleaning is not. It’s twisting an idea that should apply to hygienics and being able to find stuff when you need it, and twisting that nice idea around to apply to human social interaction. But it doesn’t.

Let’s not “purge our friends list,” Why? People aren’t things. Let’s not ditch our unwanted family members the way we might throw out trash. We don’t like that done to us, right?

People change. Things do not change. That old envelope is just going to sit there and stay an old envelope (eventually decompose but I’m too impatient). That old sales receipt is not going to suddenly become un-outdated.  But a grumpy friend who might be grumpy on Tax Day is going to UN-Grump very quickly, the day after Tax Day!

“Hey, wanna come over?”

Welcome back your grumpy friend into your life. Say you’re sorry. Make up. Give hugs.

I happen to enjoy the fact that people change. I also enjoy tossing out actual things I don’t need, or giving away things to others as gifts. I appreciate that there’s a difference between people and things. Please don’t mix them up!

Cold Turkey, defined

I am stopping my “med.” I am hereby proclaiming myself “going off med.” According to the Withdrawal Scare Tactics Community, I am doing a TERRIBLE NO NO. According to them, anything but a painful crawl is


Sorry, This is in the eye of the beholder. Period. It’s my body and I do whatever the fuck I want.

No doc, no problemo!

What do you all’s think? That I’ll go on a shooting rampage just because I am stopping a pharmaceutical slower than the Scare Tactics Community recommends?

Surviving Antidepressants forum does NOT run my life. I don’t even post there. Ever. I run my life. Nyah nyah. I’ll probably “shoot the bull” with Puzzle later on. That means “talk to Puzzle” for those of you who aren’t familiar with USA expressions.

My main concern, no, my ONLY concern, is sleep. Lots of it. Plenty of it. All night of it. Thanks to my pal in India who compounds Serpina, I’m very very happy. And no, he doesn’t know just how thrilled I am. Please do not bombard me with Dangers of Serpina talk tonight. Hundreds of compounders supply it.

As for Big Pharma, it will be off my roster shortly.

Here is what Cold Turkey is, defined. If you have an eating disorder and you are eating turkey cold right now, I fear for you. If you needed it THAT BADLY that you didn’t even wait to cook it, this is a serious problem. No, they didn’t even talk about this in so-called “treatment” but yes, it’s a problem and it can happen.

I actually did that once. Many years ago when I still had ED. I put a chicken in the oven, but the urge to binge on it superceded my patience. So I ate it before it was fully cooked. Yes it was gross. That was…COLD CHICKEN.

My advice is that this sort of COLD CHICKEN or COLD TURKEY should NEVER be done. I think it’s a serious issue and let’s talk about it if you are suffering from this, okay? Other than that, Dear Scare Tactics forum people, please go whine elsewhere.

Ah, I think I need to hit the sack shortly……It has been a long day.


This is how the miracle pill works

One day, I was a patient on the Ward. The doc asked me how the pill was working. I told him it wasn’t working. He said, “Okay, we’ll try another.” He walked away, then, a few minutes later, came back. He said, “We’re trying a new pill, called ___.”

Dear reader, please fill in the blanks. It could have been anything. Psychiatry is, and was, a crapshoot. What he did was to go look up in the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference) various pictures of pills and various prices, doses, and availability and made a quick, random decision. This was no scientifically based, but based on which pill was easiest. Only he didn’t want to admit that.

Decades later, here I was, picking out an #Aryurvedic remedy on the Internet. Yep, much like the good ole PDR, the Internet serves as our Crapshoot, only YOU DECIDE. The medium is more direct. And YOU PAY. No more taxpayer bullshit. Do you realize that Aryurvedic remedies cost very very little? Who is pocketing? Some poor Indian guy.

You have many to choose from. Is it risky? Yeah, but Pharma was far worse.

I took the crapshoot route about two or three weeks ago, and IT SAVED MY LIFE. I now take Serpina, which has SUCCESSFULLY ENDED THE WORST EVER INSOMNIA I HAVE EVER HEARD OF. COLD. I now sleep eight hours a night. I am no longer exhausted and I have my life back because of an inexpensive herb that isn’t patented and can be purchased from a number of compounders.

Do you want someone else, some shrink, to do a crapshoot and charge your insurance, claiming he’s a doctor, or why don’t you do your own crapshoot? Seriously! These psychiatrists do NOT know what they are doing.

So back then, the doc gave me the pill, more crapshoot, and maybe it “worked,” (for what? I didn’t have “bipolar”!) and maybe it did nothing, but if it worked as a diet pill I probably told him I “liked it” and stayed on it. Jeez, so much for the crapshoot.

Do you want that, or do want control over your life and control over what goes into your body? I vote for staying away from chemicals in the first place, avoiding them, staying away from pushy doctors who claim they know better and don’t.

However, if you goofed, like I did, and took their drugs and got damaged from them, TRY these aryurvedic remedies. Try AnYTHING amd just listen to your body! Don’t give up hope please. Just don’t give up. I was so exhausted and I really felt that my doctors had so seriously harmed me and that my life was down the tubes, but now my whole life turned around very quickly.

Do you need a work-at-home job (to supplement your SSI or SSDI?)

How about this?

Licensed Tele-Psychiatrist – Contracted, Part-Time

Licensed Tele-Psychiatrist – Contracted, Part-Time
Blair Family Solutions, LLC – Pittsburgh, PA
Part-time, Contract

Blair Family Solutions is seeking a licensed psychiatrist to see clients, via teleconference, on a part-time basis for approximately 12 hours a week.

Agency info:

Blair Family Solutions is a small, locally owned agency providing a variety of behavioral health services to the residents in Blair and Bedford County. Our new Outpatient clinic is the next step in our continued and steady growth since 2005. We offer innovative programming to our clientele and work collaboratively with many community partners. Our top priority is always providing high quality, individualized clinical care. EOE


  • Diagnose and monitor the psychiatric needs of both children (14 and under) and adults in an Outpatient setting
  • Prescribing and monitoring medications
  • Oversee the development and implementation of treatment plans
  • Collaborate with clinicians, nurse, program director and support staff
  • Ensure compliance with all legal, professional and ethical regulations, policies and procedures
  • Provide high quality clinical services
  • Maintain planned schedule


  • Valid PA medical license with the completion of a 3 year residency in psychiatry
  • Medical degree from an accredited college/university
  • Malpractice insurance (Get the GOLD PLAN!)
  • Child abuse clearances

Job Type: Contract

So let me get this straight. You get to work at home. 12 hours a week. To look up kiddie behavior problems in a textbook and arbitrarily “diagnose.” Anyone who has attended “group” can do the job since you know the “lingo.” It’s nothing but a bunch of important-sounding Greek words that have no scientific validity!  Does anyone want to apply? Go grab your faked malpractice insurance paperwork and go at it! Just don’t get caught and prescribe away! You’ll even get “perks” from Big Pharma, which is good for folks who want “under the table” money! And of course, we NEED shit like that BAD, BAD, BAD. You know they do not pay us DIS-abled folks enuf. So please, apply, now!  (and make more kiddies dis-abled like us, so in a decade, they can apply, too!)

And the seasons, they go round and round, and the painted ponies…. They call it the revolving door for a reason, you know….

They tell me I am losing my vision, yet I see EVERYTHING so clearly now

They tell me I am losing my vision, yet I see everything so clearly now.
I see better because I don’t need so many THINGS. I have tossed off the world. I am enjoying a good laugh.
The doctor asked me if I could see television.
I laughed. “Doc, I have not watched TV in decades. How about you? All those stations? I don’t need channeling. Why don’t YOU see a psychic!” (or is that word psychiatrist? Did I mispronounce?)

The doc asked me to stop driving. “But doc, what are you referring to? Driving a car? I don’t own one, nor I have I driven one for decades. I am happily car-free, how about you! As to driving others crazy, I don’t need eyesight to do that.”

The doc ran away. Fast. I am still laughing, watching his butt wiggle back and forth, just like my dog’s does when she gets a little uppity.