Do you have Seasonal Affective Disorder?

I ask this kind of tongue-in-cheek. Do you have______ (fill in the blanks)! Pick your disorder, whatever’s convenient!

Back in the 1980s, my mom made up her mind I had SAD. I do not, not anymore than anyone else has it. I could tell, even then, back in my drugged and brainwashed state, that she was just trying to put me into a mold. She was only trying to be helpful. I knew this.

I recall thinking that other factors were at play, not just sunlight. I think mental health professionals shouldn’t be too hasty to hand out this diagnosis, and that they, too, should consider the “other factors.”

Summer is traditionally a school vacation time. So if your summer vacations were happy typically, then in adulthood, you might make the association with these happy memories during summer.

You may also have memories of not being able to afford to heat your home, or, in some cases, having no heat at all. That sounds miserable!

Never mind winter is a nuisance! I do not like putting on what amounts to war gear every time I go outside. Especially when winter gets so nasty that I have to wear very heavy winter boots. It is a nuisance changing into them and it’s an additional nuisance cleaning up the sand and salt. If you drive, you can expect even worse nuisance, cleaning the snow off your car of having it fail to start.

Now, can you see why so many people get depressed in winter? Unless these “other factors” are taken into account, what business do these so-called “professionals” have to proclaim you have one more disorder? Maybe it’s okay to hate the slush and the heating bills. Maybe it’s okay to find the whole season to be inconvenient. Maybe those haughty professionals need to realize that this is part of life, like it or not.

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