The alkaline diet: Debunked? Or not?

I know from first-hand experience what acidosis feels like. Most people are not at risk for it, but if your kidneys are compromised, or if you have diabetes, it’s something worth thinking about.

I have read in so many publications that the “alkaline diet” is hogwash. But then, these articles will go on to say it won’t help with weight loss. This is true.  But just because it’s called a diet doesn’t mean it’s a weight-loss diet.

It is very true that eating too much meat, for some people, will indeed cause acidosis. This is also caused by too much aspirin or certain other drugs. If you follow a vegan diet, or at least reduce your meat consumption, you will likely solve the acidosis. If it is severe, take a small amount of baking soda and that will fix it fast.

The “alkaline diet” isn’t hogwash if you use it for the right purpose. I suspect that it’s only called hogwash because it’s touted to do more than it really does. I don’t think it’s useful unless you’re at risk for acidosis, which means some of us, not all of us.

Once I saw first-hand what too much meat would do to me, I never wanted to eat it again! It’s really true that diet does change your various blood levels. I wish I hadn’t found out the hard way.

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