Hmmm…..Is it even possible to contradict your doctor?

On Friday I went to see the nephrologist. This was my second time seeing him, and likely will be the last. This is why:

Last July I ended up in the ER because of acidosis, which came from eating too much meat. I had too much carbon dioxide in my blood, which caused me to have breathing problems. The breathing problems, unfortunately, mimicked a panic attack. I knew I was not having a panic attack, though. My body was desperately trying to lower the CO2 in my blood.

There are a number of ways to solve acidosis. One way is to take baking soda. It comes in tablets you can buy in the drugstore, or you can use the kitchen variety. The other way is to stop eating meat. I stopped eating meat and I invented a salad dressing that I use daily to combat acidosis.

As a result, my carbon dioxide level, as last measured, was in the normal range, but on the low end. I have no worries about acidosis now.

The doctor must have been very tired on Friday, or just not paying attention. He saw my level and demanded that I take baking soda. If I do, my carbon dioxide will drop under the normal range.

I think I won’t see him again.

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