Do you, too, trust your search engine more than you trust a doctor?

The medical profession has such a bad track record with me that I trust a search engine more.

Agreeably, you can come up with a lot of wildly overblown health claims, but you come up with stuff that is true, too.

For instance, if your doctor says a drug is safe and effective, and you go to a forum where ten people said they had horrible effects and would never take it again, you might think twice.

Remember my Trileptal story? It said right on the listed side effects, “Ataxia.” My doctor claimed it wasn’t a side effect and that I was imagining things. I had experienced a “swaying” feeling from the drug. I went to a forum and found out that this is a common complaint. People feel like they’re swaying because Trileptal causes ankle weakness.

Nowadays, you can look up the studies yourself. I have found that a lot of significant discoveries ended up as obscure studies that got forgotten.

Of course, a lot of bogus products are out there, but I think it helps to see who is selling them. We need to closely examine their claims. If it sounds too good to be true, I’m sure it is.

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