Debt forever

I divide the debt into categories….

1. Money I paid but goods not delivered
2. Money I paid but wrong goods delivered
3. Inflated current bills, classified as emergency medical
4. Bills already paid but company claims I did not pay and continues to harass me
5. Debt that goes back to 2015 when I was broke.

Some of #3 might get taken care of by Medicaid. I applied yesterday.

I have called the Attorney General about #4, but the company is continuing to harass me and is making it impossible for me to end the account.

#1 and #2 are money down the drain.

Has anyone out there declared bankruptcy? What happens? Are you sorry that you declared? Or did it help? Was it time-consuming or exhausting, or did it relieve you of time and energy spent on bills?


Feedback and comments welcome!