Private, church-run colleges that discriminate against LGBTQ students

I applied for a job teaching writing at one of these “Christian” colleges. Given the job description, I was fairly sure I qualified. I proceeded to fill out the application. Then, the page turned and the application verbiage stated, “You must agree to our principles.”

The bit about following Christ’s teachings was hard enough to swallow, given that I am not a Christian. I continued to read, though.

Then it said that in their college bylaws, they do not allow any “homosexual activity” on their campus and any student caught will be immediately expelled. They even justified this with a Bible verse, which in my opinion is seriously perverting the Bible and using it as an excuse.

I immediately stopped filling out the application. Then, I got an email “reminding” me to finish it. I went back and wrote in an open-ended question space that I refused to work for a college that discriminated according to sexual orientation.

Let’s say you are a student there. You are 18, and you are looking forward to a great education and a great future. One day, or shall I say, over a period of time, you discover you are gay, or you might be. You and another student fall in love. Now what? You’re already enrolled. What can you do? How will you keep it quiet, under wraps? Or do you speak out and try to buck authority?

I feel for the students, even those that think they’re straight, because they all live under an oppressive regime with constant scare tactics. The college wants to know all about your private sex life. The college criminalizes your sexual thoughts.

You would hope such a college would not receive government funding. I’m still trying to find out. However, students can get federal loans to go there, which is a form of federal funding. If you are a college administrator, you know as soon as a student gets a federal loan, it’s money in your pocket. It’ll go straight to the college.

Do you think the government should stop this funding? I do. For those students that want to support discrimination, they can fund their education themselves.

These colleges make the same statements as other colleges, claiming they don’t discriminate. Any time you see this, don’t take it at face value. Look further, and I’ll bet you’ll see an awful lot of hypocrisy.

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