Is healthcare a right or a privilege?

This question is often debated between liberals, conservatives, and those that may call themselves libertarian.

Is healthcare a right or a privilege? I say neither.

Most of healthcare involves an authority figure who lies to patients about their condition, then, imposes fake treatments, overtreatment, or completely wrong treatment.

As far as rights go, in my opinion, people have the right to the following:

An honest explanation of what the problem is, if they ask for one, in language that is understandable but not so dumbed down as to be demeaning.

Patients shouldn’t have to go through mazes and jump hoops just to get this explanation. The bill should be for services rendered, and not for the hoops.

Patients have the right to choose what to do, instead of being pushed into what the doctor thinks is the right course of action.

Patients have a right to an explanation of the consequences of the “treatment.” All of them, not just some consequences.

Patients have the right to be billed fairly for what they received. Jacking up of the price is not okay. They should be informed of what the bill will be ahead of time. After the provider and patient have agreed on a price, the provider should not then add more hidden charges or send a surprise extra bill.

Whenever patients are asked to sign something, they should be told upfront what they’re signing.

Appointments should be on nights and weekends so patients don’t have to miss work or school. Why are doctors so much above everyone that they get to force people to take time off? (The result is that mostly, the medical system takes advantage of retirees and those who aren’t in the workforce, using public insurance, a funnel of funds for the medical establishment.)

If the treatment harms a person, that person has a right to compensation and shouldn’t have to pay for it. The harmed patient has a right to a resolution regardless of ability to pay an attorney.

“But the providers have to make a living” is no excuse for overcharging. I have to make a living, too, and I don’t do it by charging a fortune to innocent people.

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