Working while on disability: what they don’t tell you

They will tell you you can make x amount of dollars and “keep your benefits.” This is crazy because it means people are going to work up to the limit, and then, not work because they want to stay disabled.

In 2018, you could make up to $1,180 per month and still “collect.” This seems ridiculous because you could be working a minimum wage job full time, or almost so, and still not make that much.

In my opinion, if a person can work 40 hours a week, where’s the disability?

I think it depends on which definition of “disabled” you use. According to SSA, if you can work a reasonable amount, then you aren’t disabled. If you can only work part-time because a disability holds you back, then you’re disabled.

Here is what I have never seen in the SSA articles, but it’s true! If you work while you are on disability, and report your earnings, you will get a bigger check, either next year, or when you retire.

If you work under the table, you won’t get a bigger check. They won’t know you’re working unless they catch you at it.

Which should you do? I don’t know. They don’t leave us with much choice. We gotta stay alive somehow, hopefully have a home or find one very soon.

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