Ready for this? “Insane and lying”

That was Bonnie Bruderer’s argument against the validity of my case against her. Are you laughing as hard as I am?

Who did the lying?

I could rest my case right there. However, “insane,” that, too? Never mind unprofessional…was that exactly necessary?

I wonder where the proof is of that. Has anyone taken me to court and proven that I’m incapacitated? Has any doctor found any lesions or damage in my brain? What about a blood test that proves I’m insane? I suppose Bonnie has explicit access to all this.

I really hope I am a little bit insane. Insane enough to dare to tell the truth. Insane enough to speak up when I know something is wrong. Insane enough to spend a lot of time and energy making art. Insane enough to fight these scammers. Insane enough to live.

After all, the world is very insane. What do we do? Keep up with it? That might lead to a lot of running, which is good for you…so maybe so.

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