Article in my feed that validates the invalidity of psych diagnoses, and also makes a statement about ageism

Here’s the article:

Now I have been negatively criticized for looking like a latter-day hippie. I’ve also been complimented on my hippie-like look. I don’t want to change it. What do you expect? Go to the hairdresser once a week and get a wash, cut, and set, and dyed blue? Talk about my medical condition all day long and complain about every ache and pain, and spend most of my life (and money) in the doctor’s office?

I know people in their 30s and 40s who act like that, and they also tell me they feel like old men and women. I do not feel like an old woman. I feel way too much like a kid. I even wear kids’ clothes since they fit short people and are cheaper and better quality than the adult stuff.

Yes, I do listen to Classic Rock. It’s great to run to. If I’m going to talk about TV, I’ll tell you about Gilligan’s Island or Lost in Space.

I refuse to act elderly. I just refuse. I won’t accept “help” from anyone, mainly because the very idea of “help” scares the heck out of me. I rarely even accept a ride, even in lousy weather. It was the “help” that harmed, remember? No more!

As for the idea that you make yourself, I only partially agree. If you are incarcerated in a nuthouse, you do not choose how they treat you. They WILL treat you like a sicko, like a diagnosis, and that will wear on you. You won’t be able to choose much at all when they have taken away all your rights. Same with nursing home inmates. And sadly, if you have lost years or decades of your life to this baloney, you can’t undo that.

You can, though, choose, once you are free or a little bit free of all that, to not act like a diagnosis. You can choose to rise in competence in the eyes of others just by acting responsible. You can be that person, or, you can choose to shirk responsibility, adopt more illnesses and excuses, and likely, die of one of them.

I do not agree that any of this has to do with “mindfulness.” By choosing, you are not accepting, you may, in fact, refuse to accept the fate that others assign to you. You may choose to shed off the old identity. That, though, is not an easy feat, and I doubt any amount of saying “om” will get you there. Wishing something, and being that person, that is, truly taking action, are not the same thing.

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