The room was too cold

One day last week I was teaching in a room that was too cold. All the students complained. I figured since the assignment was a “worksheet” it was only the humane thing to do to allow them to work quietly out in the hall, where it was warmer.

Later, when I was signing out, it so happened that the teacher who taught next door was in the school office with me at the same time. She verified that my room and her room were unbelievably cold.

I noticed that my statement about this being unfair and inhumane to the students went ignored and unheard. In fact, the teacher said, “They can deal with it. It’s better than the alternative, which is way too hot.”

Now wait a minute. It’s okay to freeze students out, because something else is worse. Huh? That’s not even logical.

It’s okay to force mental patients into halfway houses, because jailing them is worse and more costly.

It’s okay to discriminate. After all, lynching would be worse.

Global warming is fine. It’s better than the world exploding.

I keep noticing this. I use this non-logic myself to excuse away some of life’s discomforts. However, it takes me a bit, but I realize that taking action is often the better choice.

Having rats in my apartment might have been a step up from psych oppression. But that didn’t mean I had to passively accept that that was my life.

See the difference?

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