The scammers are pushing back, claiming they provided the services I paid for. This is untrue, but I do not have the financial means to hire someone else to prove it. I’ve already paid an attorney to help me out. The credit card companies expect me to find some other company to compare to, and get a statement from that company. On letterhead. Ridiculous. Today I am calling the credit card company and tell them that this is an unreasonable demand. I’m not a corporation. I’m a human being, an elder with a terminal medical condition, working two jobs to make ends meet. I have no employees, own no property and own no vehicle, and because of this scam, I’m broke.

This was not right. None of it. I’m not sure where I can turn now, but this is a very bad situation.

2 thoughts on “Scammed”

  1. This is terrible and I think is happening to a lot of people. I would call you but my phone service provider has stopped permitting me to make or receive phone calls (though I still get text messages. They have stopped, according to a desk staff at their store because they “no longer support 2 g phones, and I will need to buy a new device and plan. I am searching for another provider.

    1. You can get an updated phone for very little money. I got a good iphone for $20. The devices are so superior that it’s worth it.

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