Blood and pee test

I had a blood and pee test. I get these done now and then. I do this because I learn from the results.

When I saw the kidney doctor he said that if my anemia drops under 10, he will put me on a hormone pharma pill. Of course, I have no intention of taking a pharma pill that I have not heard good things about. However, severe anemia will cause bone deterioration.

I took action. I have added to my regimen B-12 and Folic Acid. I drink rosehips tea. I eat lots of garlic. I take Rehmannia daily. My hemoglobin count has risen to 10.8.

I had a thyroid test, too. My TSH is way off. I had to switch brands of natural thyroid and this tells me I need a much, much higher dose. With this stuff, if you go to high with it you’ll notice and it’ll be unpleasant. I’ve raised the dose considerably and will have my thyroid level re-tested.

My cholesterol is sky-high. Good, bad, and otherwise. This is from kidney disease but also because my thyroid is off. I refuse to take cholesterol drugs. I have added to my regimen increased Niacin, more garlic, and psyllium fiber. But really what will make the difference will be getting my thyroid back in order.

The doctor told me to take baking soda, but instead, I created my own natural salad dressing that keeps my body more alkaline to avoid acidosis. I eat salad daily and I have been very careful when it comes to animal products. As a result, in the test, my carbon dioxide level isn’t only normal, it’s on the low end of normal.  All other electrolytes are fine, except the phosphorus is still high. Sodium is normal and also, because I very rarely have salty anything, it is on the low end of the normal range.

Vitamin D is deficient, not markedly so. I doubled my Vitamin D dose. Maybe in the afternoon when the sun in intense and I am walking from the school where I work to the bus stop, I shouldn’t wear a hat, because I need more sunlight. I’m kinda attached to the baseball cap I wear, though.

Everything in my urine is normal except it has low specific gravity (expected) and there’s a little trace of protein in it, from the kidney disease.

My creatinine is over 3 now for the first time. It’s like 3.03. I don’t feel any different. Last time it was like 2.99. GFR is hanging at 16. I ran 5k the other day without any issues.

I may be anemic and my thyroid may be working at half-mast, but I really do feel quite fine. I have plenty of energy. I have a cold. I picked it up from the kids yesterday. This is really inevitable because I am exposed to germs I was generally not exposed to before. I expect to increase immunity eventually.

And…life goes on.

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