Local news of interest

Antonio Brown, who was a member of the Steelers for a time, is back in the news. This time, he’s accused of rape. He denies the charges. I suspect the woman will stand her ground. His ex accused him of assault (pushing her over among other things) but then she ended up not pursuing it and in fact, retracted it. He also threw a huge object out a window a while back which came close to injuring a toddler. That suit is pending in FL. I feel sorry for him because Trouble seems to follow him everywhere. Trouble got him kicked off the Bengals. Why is that?

What else? Pine-Richland schools (middle and high) are closed following a bomb scare. They have to get the bomb-sniffing dogs in the buildings to determine all’s A-Okay.

Also in football, former Steelers linebacker Sam Davis was found dead at 75. It looks like he was at a elder facility in Monroeville and walked away. He was missing for 14 hours and they found him, finally, in a search. So far they haven’t found anything suspicious so I assume he got lost, and maybe, dehydrated. 75 is too young to die.

Just another day in Pittsburgh Paradise, folks.


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